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Water level drop

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This article talks about the dramatic drop in ground water in Northern India. Is there a way we can get reliable trends on the groundwater levels at a more local level, say in Bangalore? What government body would be incharge of tracking this? Also would there be a mapping of which aquifers are replenishable and which ones are fossil aquifers?


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BBC story

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On the same topic

Indeed worrying!


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Ground water in Bangalore

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Here is a recent report  about water level in Bangalore.

It is really an achievement that we can dig 500 feet borewells, but it is also pushing technology in the wrong direction.


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My Take on this issue

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Hi Everyone,

One of the best way to ensure groundwater table is at a healthy level is to ensure proper infiltration of rainwater. At present all storm water is taken to some lake or the other through open drains invariably leading to contamination of the worst kind.

Technology exists to ensure 100% of all rain that falls in any catchment area including roads et al to be infiltrated to recharge ground water table. Not only does it infiltrate properly, but it also infiltrates treated water which means less chemically contaminated water when and if we use borewells to draw water.

This is known as point of source solution and it does not involve any rocket technology. In one stroke our groundwater gets recharged and we stop contaminated water being taken from all over the city to join some lake or the other, contaminating the lake. Most people think lake water gets contaminated only because of sewage water finding an eventual outlet into the lakes. While this may be true a large part of contaminated lake water is also due to simply letting storm water meander through the city, collecting a whole lot of garbage on its way to join the lake.

One by one all loop holes should be plugged for effective groundwater recharge and clean lakes.

My two penny bit!


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