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Plastic Waste Management at Nandi Hills

For the last year or so, some of us have been involved in a drive to keep litter away from Nandi hills. Here's a brief summary of what's transpired so far. I'm now focusing on collecting the plastic waste from the hilltop and to regularly transport it to a recycling facility. Here's the information that I'm looking for

* Is there a waste management firm that would be willing to collect the plastic waste all the way from the hilltop?

* In order to optimize the trips to the hilltop, is there a solution available to compact the plastic waste to reduce it's volume?

* Where could we buy the big metal containers that store trash?

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Why all this exercise? Ban plastic completely on Hill Top.

Let there be a strict law prohibiting carrying of plastic by irresponsible zombies who want to enjoy the slubrious climate, enjoy and at the same time litter - literally.

Check point at the foot of the hill -  remove all plastic being carried - issue a token - while going back take your litter - whatever people carry must be of eco-friendly and bio-degradable.  Even then, they must carry back waste material, take it home and dispose in a scientific manner.

A few CCTV cameras may be kept at strategic points - this will serve the dual purpose of keeping a watch over unruly behaviors of visitors, rash and negligent driving, criminal acts, etc.  

Let volunteers act as Green Police - Give them ID cards and power to collect littering fee and issue receipt.  Anybody found disposing off waste while coming down the hill caught on CCTV can be hauled up at the check point at the entrance/exit point.

- Prevention is better than cure and it is much cheaper.

- More than anything else, it is we the people who should behave properly and avoid littering.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath



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Stop selling plastic on hilltop

There are shops on the hilltop which sell Lays and soft drinks in PET bottles(at premium prices onlee). If the shops stop selling those things there, it will remove a major source of plastic waste.

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Plastics are here to stay.

Plastics are here to stay. Banning will not help. What is local garbage handling unit doing? Any way KKPlastics showed the way. Plastic  (thin carry bags/ potato chip poly packs / gutka poly packs etc) were all collected ,cleaned dried and  shredded. This was mixed with hot aggregate ( stone chips). This was used with Bitumen to lay roads. Seen Cubbon Road? Bangalore has 1000 kms of Plastic Roads.TN 1500 kms Rural rds ...(Pradhan Mantri Grameen Sadak ..Yojna )..

Point here is to collect the waste plastic and use it. See an opportunity here?

Plastic thin bags (HP) / gutka (Darjeeling) have been banned . If only the state had used the Plastic Rd Tech in their area matter would have saved a lot of money..Very good for cold climate where pot holes are a natural phenomena ( water collection / snow ) Plastic Roads last for 10 yrs and NO  POTHOLES. Walk down Cubbon Rd.. TV tower rd..

In 1998 waste plastic sold at about Rs 3 / kg. KKplastics  increased it to Rs6 / kg. Raw material for proj was almost free. All system engineering follow up is good but who will bell the cat  ? Rd contractors may not like it but  several states are asking for Plastic Rds not for just long life but to get at plastic bags floating all round. Plastic bags below 10/ 20 microns are banned at places. WASTE PLASTIC RD TAKES CARE OF THIN / THICK CARRY BAGS , ALL POLY FOOD PACKAGING, GUTLAPACKS, THERMOCOL. .. WORK ON THIS  Why ban anything ? Find alternate use.. Bangladesh , agency fr ITALY, Pakistan have shown interest.. Our Min Env has cleared it  INNOVATION IS BETTER THAN CURE

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COMPACTING PLASTIC WASTE.   Rlys in Mumbai have set up a Compacting m/c at Mumbai Central to collect and Bale all PET bottles collected from Church Gate stn and others. Baled PET plastics are sold to dealers. Look up ICPE( ICenter  plastics in Env). ICPE also joined in to progress use of Wsate plastics in road laying comment guidelines

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