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Work on Old Madras/Hope Farm road towards ITPL

Good day everybody!

I have noticed road work in progress from KR Puram bridge (whitefield Honda) right up to Hope Farm. Most of the work however is clearing up of the pavements from weeds and also a clean-up of the divider . There seems to be scanty efforts to rid the sides of the roads from gravel and sand and a few new bus bays. I also noticed very “temporary” hoardings (with banner cloth) announcing something about the repairs but it all being in Kannada was unable to know what exactly is being done. Does anyone know the scope and timeline of this project? Is there going to be any effort on asphalting the roads? I work in GR Tech Park closer to Hope Farm and travel everyday from Kamanahalli, was hoping there is some cheer in the form of a better ride in the near future.


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Part of MLA's work package?

If you recall, a big work package was announced 5-6 months ago for Mahadevapura - CM, local MLA (MR Limbavalli) and few more ministers had come to Brookfields and launched road/drainage/slm upgrade etc works with much fanfare. Don't know if this is part of that package.

I do see that some interior roads in Brookfields, AECS layout etc have been upgraded. Whitefield main road is seeing an upgrade to lighting. There is pavement work around the new Forum Value mall.

I would say a lot of "work" seems to be visible. I don't see much near Hoody village though, hopefuly soon.

and yeah, did you notice Metro soil testing work near ITPL?

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Work is on - quality??

Work is on the Whitefield main road (from KR puram - Hope farm jn) for more than a month now. It is progressing at snail pace though.

Drains are being cleared on either side of the road. Footpaths are being leveled and excess mud on the median is also being removed. 

Yesterday i they had started road tarring work opposite Prestige Shantinikethan.

Sometime late last year, RK Mishra had stated that work this complete stretched would be developed and work was supposed to start early this year. Not sure what was the cause for the delay.

Now that the monsoons are setting in, any rains will badly affect the quality of tar works. 

Also there is enough scope to provide bus bays near bus stands on this stretch - luckily the footpaths are very wide at most places on this stretch. The roads have been widened near busstops at few a places but a lot more can be done with a bit more planning. I wonder why this stretch is gets stepmother treatment compared to the Varthur main road.

At some stretches along the road, the condition of the roads is extremely bad - unless, the roads are completely dug up and relaid with wet mix concrete - simple relaying of the road wont last long. 

Also encroachment of the footpaths is very rampant near the Hoody junction - hopefully they will also be cleared as part of this development work.

Metro works - i noticed metro soil testing work in front ABB office on the Whitefield main road.

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Some pedestrian work visible

Not sure if you all noticed, but some work started last month at the chaos called Marathahalli Airport Road/ORR interchange to make it easy for pedestrians to walk from ORR bus stops to Airport/Vathur Road bus stops.

Will post the observation and pictures in a new thread.

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