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Tramway for CBD

I came across an article today regarding a tramway system being adopted by Dubai city, especially for the CBD. Can we discuss this relating to;

What is a tramway exactly?
Is this something we can think about for Bangalore CBD
What are the costs and is it viable?
Along with development shouldn’t we also create legacy infrastructure?
Any other related comments and suggestions regarding a tramway for our beloved "traffic clogged" city?

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at grade LRT variants

I think Suhas ran a really long and interesting thread on at-grade LRT options. Blrsri too is a fan of these.

Some conslusions I remember were like this

The advantage over elevated is cost.

Advantage over BRT is narrower channel - you can design tight tolerances for guided rail based rolling stock, unlike for buses which are not guided at all. I have read that some cities (Adelaide ?) have bus on guided rail like tracks as BRT solution.

Disadvantage over BRT is- buses can get off dedicated lanes and go deeper into residential areas if thats required.

Disadvantage over elevated of course is breaks due to at grade traffic.

I don't remember the cost figures. I would be curious to know the difference of at grade LRT/tram type thing compared to elevated light rail (mono). I have read arguments that say that extra cost acquiring land for LRT gets offset by building the pillars for Mono. But then, is there that much diffeence between 'real' footprints of mono and LRT? You don't really have road running under mono spans - isn't that space gone anway?

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 There is one thread here

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more on LRT..


LRT/Trams needs a lot of dicipline by road users..old airport road is a good candidate.. comment guidelines

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