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The day of equality, and confusion!

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One vote, is all you are worth, like everyone else around. That's equality. The word democracy sounds heavy and "elitist" :) So I prefer equality. And this time, there was confusion too. Was confused till the "moment", which party or person to vote for?

The polling station had the nice and festive look. Ended up at a Congress party camp to verify the exact booth number. After verifying the numbers, the worker was so friendly in saying "sir, madam, daivittu, congress this time"! Wondered how he was so sure that we didn't vote Congress last time. But the warmth added to the confusion - one party we were sort of not going to vote for was Congress.

Walked up to our polling station. "BJP, JD-S or Loksatta?", And after the friendly request, "or Congress!?"

Waited outside a bit, the queue wasn't as large. Still unresolved. "Loksatta, hmm. Why not the none-of-them aka 49-O then? Almost the same thing, isn't it!"

Almost there, at the doors, and still not clear. "What wrong has Limbavalli done!? He was active and approachable in the constituency. And he didn't join KJP after all."

Inside the polling station, still not clear! "These guys just wasted last five years, terrible. No second chance I say. JD-S or Loksatta, but not them."

Made up my mind only after the election officer stopped me from taking any more pictures. "Photos generally not allowed sir, please go vote now".

Voted, came out, satisfied that I had voted, and felt "equal". But did not like the fact that the "confusion" was live and unresolved till the very last minute, literally the very last minute. Not good!


SB aka Pranav



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BJP out congress in

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When We went at 8 AM there was no big Que.

The Congress is headed back to power in Karnataka, and the BJP could find itself fighting for a distant second spot with the Janata Dal (Secular), exit polls predicted on Sunday. They also indicate that while the BS Yeddyurappa-led Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP) has severely dented the BJP, from which it broke away, it will have little to show for itself.   Click 1

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best joke..

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My dad is a die hard congress person all his life..and incidentally this time around he was actually trying to bribe my mom with his own money to vote for congress this time..think bribes are now too much in the air..ofcourse he didnt pay up anything since my mom voted otherwise!! 

Btw I voted for a party which will not win for sure..but kinda helped the candidate to get the deposit back..


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On lighter note: I voted to

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On lighter note: I voted to this post as well :)  Check out "Liked" area of this post:)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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@SB, ordinary voters!

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If you  with all the information at your disposal and one who is a well informed and responsible citizen is not sure about whom to 'VOTE' until last minute, certainly can understand the dilemma of the ordinary citizens.

Your story also reveals the personal prejudices, right or wrong, determines the one's choice. Like Sri's dad, my late father was also a life long 'Congress' voter. Nothing would change his loyalty.



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Too much information

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Syed, I am an ordinary citizen only. All voters have a lot of information, just that each has different type of information. However, despite this being the day of equality, I felt unequal on one count. Nobody offered me the money, Rs 1000 or 500 or 250 :) comment guidelines

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