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City station visit - report

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Though it was a bit disappointing to see no-show / last minute drop-out from at least 5 guys, we enjoyed strolling around an almost empty city station on Sunday morning. Sanjeev (our resident Railways expert), Sathya, Srivatsava, Murali sir, dvsquare and myself walked end to end. Took some pics as well, here are some:

Quick take


  • Car parking area is chaotic, wonder of parking lot is enough
  • Didn't any BMTC buses entering the station (there is that shuttle, must be around somewhere)
  • Despite the shuttle, I am guessing most people who come to majestic to catch the train, would have to lug their baggage through the subway, which is not stroller friendly (have to lift your bag, when climbing up on station side)


  • Clean platforms, as has been the case for some years now
  • Escalators are badly needed. Saw people struggling to carry their baggage up and down
  • Yes, there is a lift near the subway, but one lift just won't cut it during rush hours.
  • Most passengers use "stroller" type luggage these days, and even on the walkway to cross the platforms, there are small steps where you have to "lift" your bags.
  • Need stroller friendly ramps everywhere, like at the station entrance - there are steps. How much effort would it take to have wider ramps for people to stroll their luggage in?
  • Nice clean restaurant on platform #1, but I am sure the capacity isn't enough for peak hours.
  • No comments on station toilets, its a touchy subject, gets into talks of socialism, elitism etc

Other observations

  • Station seems short on space to "park" the trains/rakes. Couple of platforms were blocked with "parked" trains. And there are parking tracks right besides the platform.
  • Is the station short on space - they probably need Binny Mill land real badly. Or they could extend terminating trains to Stations like Kengeri / Yeswantpur so that instead of wasting tracks parking trains, there could be platforms made for "commuter rail" !!
  • Sanjeev was wondering if the station can easily be connected to Magadi Road from the other (as in North) side.

By the way, do some numbers

  • Estimating 50 arrivals and departures = total 100 train events each day, and each event involving 1200 people, 1.4 Lakh people would be using the station everyday.
  • That is 4.2 million people per month, or 50 million people per year.
  • Compare that to the airport, which handles about 10 million passengers, add overhead of visitors etc, max 15 million people per year.
  • 15 mill vs 50 mill, 3x more people to handle, but with 3x less space, and 9x lesser amenities. Why? I thought ours is a socialist republic :)


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Only single EMU Rake for Bangalore standing

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Thanks for updating the visit to city station.   Some improvements are done but  still long way to go as world class station. 

Their r two platforms next to PF-1 near to main entrance, but used for ENgine pit, this can accomodate 9  coaches rake for  SBC - Bangarpet EMU,

Station was looking like Train parking yard and hardly few trains moved during 2 hrs visit, shows,  tracks are not the real culprits, its Rakes parking issue which SWR / IR should come out with multiple solutions like extending all passenger trains to other  end of the city and do not terminate the passenger trains at city center. Binny Mill land & NGEF land should be acquired by SWR to expand the station at Bangalore city & Bayyippanahalli  ( decongestion is not the issue here as peak load  is only between  6 - 9 AM and  1 - 2 PM & 7 - 11 PM ), rest of the time station looks deserted.

As one only EMU rake of SWR Bangalore division was resting ( which does 5 trips between SBC - Bangarpet ),  this can be extended to Kengeri so that connectivity between Bangarpet to Kengeri is  established.

On the Okalipuam entrance side ie PF-8,  SWR is building Multilevel Car Parking whcih is at  50%  level progess, so can expect some relief after one year for car parking. 

Rajdhani, Kacheguda  Express parked on the platforms  8 & 2  even at 11 AM since 6AM,  shows City Station is not congested,  culprit is parking of Rakes when they arrive during different time  at city. As 90% of the trains are terminated  at City Station and extended either side like to Yelahanka,  Biyyappanahalli, Kengeri, Yesvantpur.

Over all spent quality time at the center of the city to see the station & thanks to others for making it.



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my observations

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Nice clean restaurant on platform #1, but I am sure the capacity isn't enough for peak hours.

The price charged wasn't exactly low. And, for that, the idli/ vada I had was just about average, and not served hot. Idli was kind of rubbery.

No comments on station toilets, its a touchy subject, gets into talks of socialism, elitism etc

I generally make it a point to check out the toilets in public places. And so, Sanjeev and I did get into the 'pay toilet' on platform 1 (charges Re1/- for no 1; Rs 2/- for no 2). Ok - fairly clean; can't complain; water flowed out when you opened the taps. But, I don't know if I'll see the day when our railway station and bus stop toilets become comparable with say BIAL toilets.

Station was looking like Train parking yard and hardly few trains moved during 2 hrs visit.

In fact, the nondescript Marikuppam express rake occupied the platform1 for almost the entire 2 hrs we were there.


Muralidhar Rao
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pictures from station meeting

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Here some pics from our morning trip cum meeting to City station

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In the entire station these two platforms seems to be totally neglected.  Luggages are piled up near the entrance which hinders the free movement of people.

Both the entrance to Foot Over Bridge and Subway are narrow.  New comers find it difficult to locate subway.

Some of the stalls overchage for the food items what they are selling.

Platform No. 1 will be slippery  during rainy days.

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world class means slippery tiles

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 Platform No. 1 will be slippery  during rainy days.

This is more so because the roof is not continous and irregular especially near the over head bridge & the extremeties where the rail water seeps in. Roofing work is non-existant in most other platforms, why dont they just double deck the entire area & get more platforms at the first level also? Waste of airspace, what is the affliction with having tracks at ground level only?

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Goods Shed

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We have the Goods Shed located right next to Station and the road next to it is prominently known as Goods Shed Road. If the Goods Shed could be shifted / reduced in size, we could more platforms next to Goods Shed Road.

Also, Kengeri, Nayandahalli, Hejjala stations which are nearby was not expanded. Now it cannot be expanded due to lack of land space.

Main culprit is the foul smell due to direct dispatching of toilets onto the track. So many budgets announced, still the toilet systems within the train is not being changed.

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My experience today at 12:30 at city railway station

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Today, I visited city railway station, I had to drop my brother there.

First, we parked the car and reached main entrance of the station. I stood by with the luggage and my bro went to look for platform number for the train, but he couldn't get that information on any of the screens or anywhere in the whole station. Also, he couldn't get where to get the platform ticket.

Then I went inside, same experience. But atleast I knew beforehand where I wil get platform ticket counter, I got it, I dropped 3 coins, and then it showed me printing Ticket, but ticket didn't come out. After looking here and there, again dropped 3 coins, no ticket again after pressin all the buttons. Then one of the vendor or some person there told me that its not working, the paper roll got exhausted. Now, see the kind of machines they have and the maintainence they have, I lost all the 6 coins I had and I am still without platform ticket. Also, people have erased whatever written on the ticket vending machine, I mean, you have no idea, what to do, where to press, what to press for what kind of requirement.

Then, I came out, I found 2 more vending machines, but this time, I had no coins left, and no shop was ready to give me change in the railway counter. Time was running out, and I had no platform ticket as well as we have no idea, which platform we have to go to catch the train.

Finally, I got to know that one counter exists in reservation office where I can get platform ticket as well, I ran there and after 10 minutes of standing in queue, I got the ticket. Thanks to my time calculation and habbit of keeping buffer while driving in bangalore and goign to station when starting from home, I had just enough time to do all these.

Then, we asked a coolie, he told platform no 6, and we hired him to get our luggage to reach on the platform faster.

Also, while returning, I saw that there was no strict checking for the people coming out, yes there was a checker, but he was just checking randomly for the tickets, there must be more than 1 collectors/checkers at the exit and check for the people without tickets.

I mean, it had flaws in both - while getting the tickets, as well as checking the tickets.

NO wonder why SWR in so pity condition and loss of revenue.

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