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Party HQ building without required permissions!

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Bangalore Mirror carried a news item that the newly inaugurated BJP headquarter in Malleswaram is put to use without obtaining the necessary permissions - Occupancy and Fire Safety certificates.

"...The new headquarters, which Advani inaugurated amidst much fanfare, neither has an occupancy certificate from the BBMP, nor does it have a no-objection certificate from the fire services department. It’s clearly a case of the ruling party not practicing what it preaches..."

Seems when newsmen started making inquiries, the 'party with difference' has come up with the answer

"...BJP spokesperson S Prakash said on Friday: “Work in the new building is still not complete. We only held a house-warming ceremony on Thursday. It is estimated to be completed in a month’s time. It will be more than a month before we move our activities to the new premises.”

Why, then, was the BJP in such a tearing hurry to get Advani to inaugurate an incomplete building? Prakash replied, “We conducted the office building pooja as it was auspicious"..."

Is it case of misuse of official resources or high handedness or a simple case of party's faith in sciences of Vastu and auspicious time?


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Inauguration is not Occupying

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The BJP has not yet applied for occupancy certificate. However it has got a sanctioned plan, as per the Bangalore Mirror report:-.  

However, a senior official in BBMP’s town planning department, said: “We have not received an application for occupancy certificate from the BJP. However, they have a sanctioned plan (LP No 153/07-08) issued in the name of president-BJP for stilt and G+3 floors.”

The state BJP office has also not obtained clearance from the fire department. An official of the department told Bangalore Mirror: “We have not received an application from the state BJP office, so there’s no question of issuing fire safety clearances.” 

If the BBMP has sanctioned the plan have they ensured that the plan includes measures for enough fire safety? Fire safety is an essential part of the building at its planning stage itself as important as structural safety etc. The fire department clearance should have been in place before the plan sanction.    

BJP cannot occupy till both occupency certificate and fire safety clearences are Obtained. So what is the issue if they have symbolically inaugurated the building? I talked to Atul briefly. He wanted me to read his article more carefully though. comment guidelines

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