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There goes another parking lot

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I guess this is the end of whatever little parking was available for commercial street. I think it was one of the largest street parking in the CBD. Knowing how the area is served by public transport forget about visiting commercial street.

Army bans parking on Kamaraj Road

The Army was forced to ban parking of public vehicles adjacent to its school campus on Kamaraj Road from Tuesday as the repeated requests to the BBMP and Traffic police fell on deaf ears, Army officials said here on Wednesday.


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This necessity can become the trigger for, you know what...

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Hope for HOHO?

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Let us wish that this is the begining of good (for the PT supportive group) things to come. Have a bad feeling though, that BBMP or someone will decide to compensate by reducing another two lane road to a single lane by allowing parking elsewhere.


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Kamraj rd Parking Ban - I'm happy too

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The infestation of automobiles in the CBDs has reached epic proportions & this might well be the catalyst for more dependence on PT. When BMTC is providing convenient HoHo buses, people have ignored it & still insist on using cars.

The army & BMTC appear to be working "hand in hand", atleast & hopefully, the HoHos will soon see more users.

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Hopping about

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But if the HOHO doesnt behave by stopping and picking up passengers and arrive on time there will be nobody to HO and HO. So the CBD will be free of traffic and people as well.


Kamraj Rd Parking Ban

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This is bad news for the roads. Parking will be done on the busy Kamaraj road itself and many of the side streets..
So what is the BBMP doing? They talked about making multi-level parking available about 10 years ago and even today we have not heard of any project getting off the ground! With nano bookings taking off, we are in for a lot of parking trouble. It is better to avoid commercial street totally!  
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The silver lining...

169 users have liked. that the KS / HO-HO buses will now get better patronage. BMTC must take advantage of this and swing into action.



Manish, Nagarbhavi.


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