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why metro needs alternate roads on Vidhana Veedhi?

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"A 300-metre stretch has been cleared from the lawn on the Vidhana Soudha premises, right at the entrance. Work is progressing at a steady pace within the barricaded area to lay one of the alternative roads that will make way for the underground stretch of Bangalore Metro here.."

More here

werent we told that as metro goes underground..there would be no need to disturb traffic on road? If that is the case, why are the alternate roads been carved out?

Had a look at the roads beeing put on Vidhana soudha does look good..the facade is all spoilt now and also it could pose serious security threats for both the HC and Vidhana Soudha!


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Cut and Cover

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werent we told that as metro goes underground..there would be no need to disturb traffic on road? 

They are probably using cut and cover method where a trench is excavated and roofed over. In this case more working space is required and also they can use this space as a entry point for the rest of the tunnel in more congested areas. We can probably get a confirmation from BMRC. They should put it back to normal after construction is over.

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Cut & Cover Only at Stations

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When we had met BMRCL officials, MD Sivasailam had stated that cut & cover method would be used only for stations along UG sections & not for the rest of the UG lengths (they would be with TBMs).

I think this activity might be for construction of 'Raj Bhavan' station to be built opposite Vidhana Soudha (as indicated on route plans).

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Station is a bigger risk..

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 Do not think its really wise to have  a station in front of vidhana soudha..there is too much security at stake..cosidering it to be the seat of power..

This station would have made more sense if it was just after Gopal Gowda the bulk of public transport come from Vikas Soudha and the multi storey buildings..having all the govt offices with the babu croud sitting there!

Vishveshwarya bldg and the sorrounding offices could have used the police parade grounds stop..

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Station location

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It is not clear (to me) what the precise station location is, as BMRC has not published detailed engineering drawings of the underground stretch like they have for the elevasted ones. I wrote to them on this, but they declined citing security concerns (which will be the subject of my next post).

If the BMLTA map is accurate, the station is indeed between Vikasa Soudha and the multi storey buildings.


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Raj Bhavan Stn - Opp Vidhana Soudha ?

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An extract from BMRC's UG drawings is reproduced below :

It appears that the station is going to be located opposite Raj Bhavan (indicated by bold, red lines). The rectangle probably indicates the commuter entry /exit housing. This also explains why new roads are being built clear of the Metro route /station.

The BMLTA map does not seem accurate at all - many of the known station locations (along elevated tracks) are also in error.

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The underground station

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The underground station drawings are here. Look in sl no 8 you will find all except the raj bhavan station. 

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Underground stations

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All except Raj Bhavan and City Railway stations.

Also, I think the location of the Cricket Stadium station is no longer as shown in the drawings. My inference is that originally it was meant to be an elevation station, which is why it is included in the pdf showing Reach 1 stations (Baiyappanahalli to Cricket Stadium). But subsequently it was tendered for as part of the underground stretch.

Also, the trees on the North West corner only of Police grounds (immediately east of Chinnaswami) have been chopped off. On enquiry with folks supervising the job, we were told it was for the metro and they indicated a route that runs diagonally across Police Grounds from SE to NW. This doesn't gell with the location shown in the diagrams (in front of St. Marks Cathedral).

So lots of missing bits of information regarding the UG stretch.


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Metro & HSRL Integration

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When HSRL was firmed up, it had been announced that Metro & HSRL stations at Police grounds would be integrated to facilitate transfer from one to the other.

Hence, the drawings would have been updated in line with this, but these updated dwgs have not been posted on BMRC webpage.

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Video on NDTV

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CM's reaction borders ignorance of the situation..all he wants to state is completion of the 'pleasure ride' stretch of phase I by dec 2010! 

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metro work

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as many praja members have voiced, I also share the view that there is no need for any metro at all near Vidhana Soudha

in fact there was no need for any metro even on MG Road

all metros could be made underground

the life of a city being a minimum of  500 years or 5000 years or forever, no cost is too high for any city in the long run

even now it is not too late if we praja members join together to salvage and reverse the damage  by doing the following

1   metro can be divide into two organizations

2  overgrund metro can be converted into monorail and separated from underground metro

3 underground metro should be totally underground and should not be physically connected to overground metro which will be monorail

4 sparkling, clean shopping complexes can be opened in underground metro stations and the cost can be recovered in no time

many thanks

Srinath Heragu

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courts competent enough?

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"The proposed Metro station work at Vidhana Soudha should go on. But it is also important that nothing should happen to the Cubbon Park...

The petitioner’s advocate MG Kumar had earlier argued that the underground station near the high court could be dangerous for the heritage building. He also said that a station at the Minsk Square and at KR Circle is enough which could be 1km in distance. Passengers can walk up to these stations while there is absolutely no requirement for the station opposite the Vidhana Soudha."

more here

So what happened to the above argument..the courts have heard it but looks like they have not understood it..all they are talking of is not affecting the cubbon park..which is good but doesnt answer all the questions being raised on weather we need a metro station in front of vidhana soudha!

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VS UG station type..

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Thanks to folks on SSC who zealously have been tracking metro..I found a picture of VS station

Never had seen the detailed plans for the station before it was constructed..but the above image makes it clear that the tunnels being apart from each other that there will be platforms on both sides of each it will be a situation like 'doors will open on both sides'

In the US, I have seen this kind of station design at interchanges and stops which have very high passenger traffic...was it the same reason here at VS too?  Wonder why MG road or trinity stns were considered otherwise..

Bigger station means more cost and more space I understand space was not a constraint, since the Cobbon Park lawns were there to be exploited..cost too was not  a problem I guess since it was afterall the seat of power..but was this design really warranted is a different question..

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Another convenient assumption?

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'doors will open on both sides' - has this been confirmed or is it just an assumption like all others to continue lamblasting?

" space was not a constraint, since the Cobbon Park lawns were there to be exploited.." - tunnels were routed around Cubbon park under Cubbon rd & Ambedkar Veedhi just to avoid damage to Cubbon park greenery, covering extra distance. Strange that all the greens are silent, but there are allegations such as this only on praja lately!

Here is a general description for all u/g stations:

"The work area of each underground station is 270 m X 50 m while the station box measures 270 m X 25 m, the official said. The station’s roof would be 3 m to 6 m below the road. The roof slabs and walls are about 1 m thick, to bear load from all sides, the official explained".


So, Width of Vidhana Soudha station seems similar (24m) to all others. Wonder how they will manage 'doors will open on both sides' within the same width. If so, then it must be the same for all u/g stations - which seems improbable.

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about other tunnels..

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Heres one pic of Krishna TBM..again pic courtesy SSC

looking at the 3-4 ft gap btw the tunnels(not a station) here and abt 20-25 ft gap with the VS station.. makes a case for having 'doors open on both sides' scenario..

And what I said was not 'lamblasting' or 'allegation' and not even about 'greens' was just a plain question..afterall it also could be that the tracks would run at the corners and the platform gap between is the only space which makes the stations like 'doors open on the left or right!




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Vidhana Soudha Station will have an island platform

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Vidhana Soudha Stations is going to have island platform common for both Upbound and Down bound trains. There will be no side platforms. Most of th UG stations, they are constructing island platforms. This also reduces the cost of lifts, escalators and stair cases.

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Disappointing Praja

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I also thought that all ug stations would have island platforms after I saw the models - much better & more functional than having narrow strips on the edges like it is with almost all the vintage subways + space saving & cost reduction.

"makes it clear that the tunnels being apart from each other that there will be platforms on both sides of each train"

"Bigger station means more cost and more space I understand space was not a constraint, since the Cobbon Park lawns were there to be exploited..cost too was not  a problem I guess since it was afterall the seat of power..but was this design really warranted is a different question"

These are not "just a plain question" & are nothing short of making false claims, allegations & lamblasting without any investigation or analysis, like all your other arguments have been.

Very sad to see praja turned into an anti-metro blog now after the many well informed, investigative research & objective analyses of the past.

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canary wharf stn

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@Vasanth:  Thanks for clarifying on this.

I also had this suggestion on the UG metro station exits/entrance. It would be very useful if the stations could have a transparent covers so that lot of natural light is let inside the station. This will also conserve power during the day..

The canary wharf station is a very good example of such a design where there is a good use of natural light.. comment guidelines

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