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Airport City at BIAL

Just about a month since opening BIAL announces plans for an ‘Airport City’ within the premises of BIA.

Excerpts from a report in the Deccan Herald by Praveen Dhaneshkar

The new announcement comes close on the heels of the BIA going public with its move to immediately construct a separate terminal for budget airlines, besides a second runway and terminal building later.

The Airport City, meanwhile, will be spread over 215 acres and witness over a million people live and work in BIA. “What a passenger sees on the airport premises today is only phase one — the tip of the iceberg! The future vision of this airport is on the lines of building an aerotropolis. An aerotropolis is a city in which the layout, infrastructure and economy are centred around a major airport,” according to officials of the BIA.

BIAL envisages the Airport City to be a flourishing destination in itself, wherein people will not only board/alight from flights but also relax, do business and shop.

The City will have more hotels complimenting one another, along with destination retail, serviced apartments, office park and a software campus.

Connectivity & Transport Infrastructure
It can be accessed by a ringed network transport system consisting wide three lane roads, dedicated perimeter bus lanes with bus stands located at strategic points with overbridge/underpass pedestrian connections.  It will have space to park over 40,000 cars.

The Airport City will be connected to the proposed high-speed rail link and the road expressway from the central business district, M G Road.

Three zones
It will comprise three prime zones of development viz, Downtown, Business Unit and Technology Centre. Each area is positioned differently.

Downtown: Closest to the terminal building, Downtown will be positioned as a typical urban entertainment hub spread over approximately 39 acres of land. It will house a shopping area with various retail formats, entertainment facilities, offices and hospitality facilities. An ‘Airport Visitor Centre’ is also planned opposite the Downtown area.

Business Unit: Lying between the Downtown area on the east and the middle area on the west, Business Unit will be built on approximately 46 acres of land. It will house a business-park for premium office space and consist of support retail, a 3 star and 4 star hotel.

Technology Centre: To promote the concept of ‘Bengaluru International Airport’ as a business address, the Technology Centre spread over 90 acres and situated just a few minutes drive from the airport terminal building, is expected to be a hub for global multinational conglomerates that will have the option of establishing high-end research campuses for highly qualified personnel engaged in cutting edge development.

The Technology Centre is part of a multi-product SEZ, which has recently been formally approved by the government of India.

Airport Hotel:  Avoiding gridlocking the central business district of Bangalore, the busy traveller and the executive will have easy access to a hotel at the BIA.

Constructed by a consortium of Larsen and Toubro and the Oberoi Group under the ‘Trident’ brand at a cost of Rs 250 crore, the hotel will be within walking distance from the terminal building.

The Airport City will create one lakh jobs for qualified people. It will strengthen and foster the economic growth of the City and the State.

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Why is BIAL going slow on commercial development ?

The idea behind the grant of extra land to BIAL, was for their commercial exploitation to offset investment in the airport, and to keep UDF to the barest minimum.

I remember seeing an ad in the Deccan Herald two days ago for a HUGE private commercial development right next to the airport.

So why is BIAL dithering on the "airport city". How do we push BIAL to speed this up and not charge UDF.



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