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Bus Priority System may or may not be BRTS, but if you agree that the Bus needs some speeding up, and want BRTS or good enough half-measures for Bangalore, we need you. Bus Priority System (BPS) may seem like castles in thin air right now, but it will remain that way a bit longer if you decide to keep away. To your question - what help does the project need? Here:

  1. Help find experts who may be willing to lend a helping hand. Since we may get technical in the "demand report", endorsement from experts will help
  2. Help find and close sponsors who can pitch in if and when we require paying for things like data, field work, or technical advice.
  3. If you know the subject of BRTS and Bangalore's corridors well, help in writing the demand report.
  4. If you know any technocrats, or have sarkaari contacts who you think can help, we will need to tap into that.
  5. Have media contacts, or are a mediaperson yourself, project will require some mass media in due course of time

BPS G1-pilot project needs some people for either of above. You have been reading here long enough, it is time to turn yourself in :)


bharatm, dvsquare, das - more

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Paging you guys. mostly online and analysis work, 2-3 of us will run around for meetings etc. Time for Bus PT backers to step up. More the people on project, less the work for everyone.

Happy to help

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Sign me up.

Unfortunately, since I am not in India cannot do anything that requires my physical presence there. Although, I do intend to return to Bangalore in the 2-3 year horizon.

Let me know how I can pitch in.

thanks amit, need more

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Online is okay, sketching, proof reading, compiling summaries etc should come up soon.

Need 2-3 more people, 1-2 in Bangalore, and that should be it to take the project forward.

My two pennies

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I may be able to do some proof reading.


I am new to Praja, but would love to help!

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Greetings, I am (young) GIS technical person with experience in field work. I would like to start exploring ways to improve transportation in Bangalore. If you need any maps produced or any surveys done for this bus priority project, please feel free to contact me. (albertk@gmx.com)

All the best,

Albert K

Excellent work!

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This is really excellent work. I definitely want to help to the extent possible.

yes to BPS

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I am in too, as long as it is "Bus Priority System" and and not BRT.

And, most welcome Karthik, aka 'ilihct' (whatever that is) - good to have you on board.

Muralidhar Rao

Welcome Karthik

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Now that Murali has mentioned your name, I assume you are okay revealing your name. Welcome to the project, great to have someone who is actually studying/researching the subject!!

Thanks, Pranav and Mr. Rao.

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Thanks, Pranav and Mr. Rao. I have no problems revealing my name - though, by way of explanation, ilihct stands for "India lives in her cities too", which is the title of my blog. I wanted something mysterious, so I chose that as my alias. Anyway, I look forward to working on this project.

Need to talk to any of the moderators

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I handle the transport beat for the New Indian Express. The BPS project interests me both  as a media person as well as a citizen. Would like to speak to any of the moderators or organizers of the project for a few details for a story. Kindly get in touch with me at 9986646059 or avinash.bhat@newindianexpress.com




Avinash Bhat

Avinash, sorry for the delay, just emailed you

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Look forward to speaking with you and your support to help spread the Bus message to Bengaluru.