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Pallikaranai Marsh Conservation

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hi guys,

city connect foundation is working on a project for the conservation of pallikaranai marsh in chennai.

fyi: pallikaranai is home to 125 birds, 10 mammals, 21 reptiles, 9 amphibians, 49 species, 9 molluscans, 5 curtaceans, 7 butterflies, 120 plant species.

your thoughts and ideas are welcome. there is a lot of bio-diversity in the area, also when talking to Ms Jayshree of Care Earth, i was told that the region has a bird bio-diversity about 4 times that of vedanthangal!



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Welcome to, edsley - apparently, the first to come on through the "Chennai City Connect" linkage.

When you give those numbers, I presume they pertain to the species, and not the individual count under each of them.

My daughter, Deepti Rao, is studying at the Asian College of Journalism, Taramani, Chennai. They have specific strength in studies on evironmental issues. May be you should get in touch with the faculty there, and get them to include 'Pallikaranai' for their case studies. It will atleast help spread awareness.

On my part, I'll forward this blog to my daughter.

Muralidhar Rao
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thanks mr rao. it is species

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thanks mr rao. it is species variety like you said.

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One basic question

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Why does city connect foundation have to do it? Is Chennai Municipal Corporation not interested in conserving this marsh? Or is city connect working with CMC on the project? Any project details you can share. If you have any files, you can "attach" them to your original blog post by editing it again.

And yes, welcome to Praja !

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pallikkaranai marsh conservation

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Would like to appeal to corporates and residents in the neighborhood to join the movement to ensure that the marshland is not eroded any further.. As one of the few surviving marshlands in the region, we should aim to preserve it. 

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city connect is facilitating the whole initiative. it is the forest department, Corporation of Chennai and others who are working on it, including enviroment non profits like care earth.

but like most projects, it would be effective if more citizens get involved. there is a whole ton of reasons why this project is relevant to chennaites daily lives. like the area holds 16 million tonnes of water and if this holding capacity reduces then it does lead to flooding; some of which most people in the south of chennai would have experienced. comment guidelines

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