Mobilicity - transportation 'unconference' for Bangalore

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Public Transport
21 Nov 2009 09:30
21 Nov 2009 17:00

Please refer to other announcements about this big event being organized by volunteer members of Praja with help and support from CiSTUP. There is a project in progress to work on this event, project teams will certainly appreciate more members to join them.

Date: Nov 21, 2009.
Time: 9:30am - 5pm
Venue: CiSTUP, IISc

This is a serous effort to take our discussions off the website to physical seminars, along with other public transport or sustainable transportation enthusiasts of our dear Garden City of Bengaluru.


We are on, all must come.

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The unconference is on. A dozen of us have been working behind the scenes to plan the day, sessions and sepakers.

  • Have planned 5 anchor sessions
  • And one half of the event is pure unconferece - open to anyone who has a goal or solution oriented material to present on locally relevant sustainable transportation issues for Bengaluru.

We will start posting final event details from Wednesday onwards on the event site ( All Praja members must come, see this as the biggest Praja meeting so far. almost all the regular members who are based in Bengaluru will be present.

second the motion

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I want to re-iterate what Pranav is saying.  If I am not mistaken, this is the biggest event so far under Praja's banner.  I have dropped all my other activities here temporarily to help out on this. There is a very nice list of planned sessions as well as open unconference sessions to talk about your ideas on sustainable transportation.  Hope everybody will make time to come and participate.

I am a new member

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Do i need to obtain any special pass or permit card to attend this event.If so please give me the details.

with thanks,

B.Deepak Kumar

No pass or Invite required

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This event is free for all. Just land up on the venue. comment guidelines

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