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A case for better Road surfaces and volume

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 Four companies viz ACC , India cements, Ital Cementi (Zuary) and. Ultratech cement Ltd. Have jointly laid a small stretch of Hosure Road with a normal bitumen toped by a special white cement top. [1] This increases the road life from normal 5 years to 25 years a five fold increase, with just 30% increase in the initial cost. This road top being cement ensures the roads to be free of potholes even during heavy rains, thus easy to maintain too. The best part is the road can last for 25 to 30 years. The cost comparison is 63 Lakhs to 80 Lakhs per km, approximately 30% more. 

With a promised life increase of 500 to 600% it may be worth the extra expenditure of mere 30%. While on the subject of building better long lasting road surfaces it is but natural to think of the road volume too. With cement top roads one can not dig at will like the present. [2]


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Saves $$ for India..

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Apart from all the advantages that concrete 'topped' roads  have..the most important is the one where it saves on imports of coal tar used for asphalt!

We are self sufficient in cement and there are many cement factories in Karnataka will be useful to use local resources anytime!

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cemented roads

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Hai All

many of us in praja have advocated the use of cement roads many times earlier; the news of cemented roads on  an initial basis on arterial roads is a most wlecome one; it should be extended to all the roads eventually;

this will also lead to the utility lines underground like water, drainage and power to be designed & laid properly; further highways carrying heavy traffic should be laid with strong reinforced cemented roads to withstand additional wear & tear

many thanks

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