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The dry leaves disposal problem.

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As the spring season comes every year there is the dry leaves season preceding it. The street sweepers have hectic work gathering the dry leaves by sweeping them into big mounds. It is really funny that the regular garbage collectors are no way responsible for the leaves final disposal. The sweeper ladies have no other go than to innovate. They lit fire to it. Some times they do it right at the tree trunks and end up burning the trees partially. 

At HAL III stage we have a peculiar problem. I am sure many localities might be facing similar problems. We have a small park named Mahatma Gandhi park at 9th main. There we have beautiful big trees about 20 in number, who contribute to the greenery in ample measures. However during spring they leave behind the dry leaves. Our people collect the dry leaves in a big garbage dump inside the park. The dry leaves are creating a formidable scare of forest fire of sorts in this heavily density residential area. The locals here were at the wits end to solve this dry leaves disposal problem. 

To day I got a pleasant surprise to see one of the BBMP open car truck with a white uniform driver put into work by our association people. The big Kachara van could have done the job in one trip. But this van is doing several trips. Hurray to BBMP and our local residents who have finally succeeded in getting a solution though a temporary?



The heroic effort to solve the dry leaves problem (Fire Hazard)



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A golden ray of hope

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 With the BBMP election fast approaching the local residents and their associations are seen taking keen interest in evaluating the contestants in their own way. There is a hope that things will change for the better as far as garbage collection and other civic matters like the one above. The street dogs population also seems to be on the increase and needs to be controled.

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how to dispose dry leaves in season

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Dry leaves are Carbon. If you are next to a park either dig a pit or just  pile them high. Sprinkle some water. Bacteria are everywhere and get to work. No water no problem. In 16 days time the core (3 ft deep ) gets hot. You can turn it now letting outer ones to go down. Green leaves / flowers / cutting from florist / shredded kitchen waste would help. Cafe Coffee day throws out coffee ground by Kgs / day. This is excellent. Don't worry about proportions. Problem is FIRE. If possible get a wire mesh round it. If it is a pit drop golf ball size cowdung randomly in various layers. Your problems will be over in about 45 to 60 days from start. This is an ongoing process.

Dont lose hope. Tie up with Cafe Coffee Day for Coffee grounds they throw out every day which is then carried across town to be dumped somewhere. You will help save a lot of Diesel on shifting avoidable organic matter.

Dont blame BBMP / contractors. See an oppurtunity - seize it. No one will help you in this role. You know the science behind this. Use it. If there is school nearby maybe they would agree to have a model of this in their campus for their eco class trg.

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Composting methods

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" Growing concerns relating to land degradation, threat to eco-systems from over and inappropriate use of inorganic fertilizers, atmospheric pollution, soil health, soil biodiversity and sanitation have rekindled the global interest in organic recycling practices like composting. The potential of composting to turn on-farm waste materials into a farm resource makes it an attractive proposition. Composting offers several benefits such as enhanced soil fertility and soil health – thereby increased agricultural productivity, improved soil biodiversity, reduced ecological risks and a better environment. " 


I for one believe in not throwing any wet organic material out of my house. I have a pit into which these organic wastes from my house go. I put a layer of cow dung on this. The third layer will be earth. This order will be repeated. This method is age old, well known and can be safely followed. In fact the garbage collection that BBMP is following now is on lines of what was implemented at HAL III stage RWA.  However they are not composting wet garbage as the separation of it from other non degradable house hold waste is beyond there imagination. 

Used wet Coffee powder Tea leaves is no exception. If coffee day does it, the idea is marketed well no doubt. Thanks bikram satpathi for bringing up this point.

I wonder what Praja will think of replacing the cow dung above with ….

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coffee grounds

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coffee day just throws coffee grounds every day in black plastic bags along with all else like paper cups etc. They will not market it anyway. You got to arrange with your locality coffee day to collect now and then. Volume is large for all Bangalore. Most Coffee shops are probably franchicies. Operators will not understand why You may want something from the garbage. Since you know its value just try it out. Worms love it. Where do worms come in from?  Don't  worry they will find their way.

Some items that are thrown away might interest all   - Banana peels You may have seen vendors with Bananas dropping the peels separately. These are excellant value in Potassium. Collect from vendor (pay them for the peels at least).

Sugar cane pulp left after extracting juice is carried home by somr vendors for use as fire wood(it burns bright). Others just throw it away. This is excellent for bacteria. Collect some and try to use it. Most items are almost free.

Praja should try it in their locality

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It has been tried at various RWIs

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 @ bikram satpath

 There is perhaps no need to try any more. There is an agricultural university right in Bangalore where excellent work is going on. One Mrs Kale’s work on earth worm culture (wormy culture) has been acknowledged world over as a viable nature friendly technology. The question is why cant BBMP take on the challenge. As mentioned in one of my comment above, the BBMP has taken up door to door garbage collection from our RWA at HAL III stage. A famous architect of repute in Bangalore, now retired, was responsible for the transfer of technology developed by him. 

It is a well known fact that under the present circumstances it is difficult to expect much from government organizations like BBMP with the existing set up. However the silver lining is the present BBMP elections. Things may start looking up now. 

Your suggestion is however is very valuable indeed and very much appreciated.

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Worms UnivAgSc BMP

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In the nineties (95- 98 ) Danish govt grant was used to start Vermicomposting on BMP land using BMP own green resources. Issue was featured on DISCOVERY channel. Coles Park was the site. All fell though in a few yrs. Various cement tanks made with sheet roofing fell into disuse- not for what they were made. BBMP has a horticulture dept who are very prompt. It is time we asked why the earlier facilities are not being used.

Yelahanka has a new BMP plant for seggregating and composting MSW from the area. This was started by the earlier BMP Commissioner. If any one fr Praja gets achance pl see that ( want to see it myself but have no idea about location).

Those with independant areas can get worms / how to from UAS.HEBBAL.

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There is lot of public park area in Bangalore

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 The HAL III RWA tried wormi culture with wet house hold waste collected by the association efforts at HAL III stage park successfully. Now BBMP has taken over the model. But unfortunately the contract has been given to private parties for garbage collection. We do not know the working of these contracts. But the fact remains that the original model has gone with the wind, you know why! comment guidelines

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