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no official state flag

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Karnataka has no official state flag and the government has no intention of having one. The red and yellow flag that flutters in the state, especially on November 1, the Kannada Rajyotsava day, has no official sanctity.

BJP MLA S R Vishwanath raised the issue in the legislative assembly on Monday and sought a uniform flag for the state. Kannada and culture minister Govind M Karjol said: "The Flag Code does not allow flags for states. Our national flag is the symbol of integrity and sovereignty of our nation. If states have their separate flags, it could diminish the importance of the national flag. Besides, there are possibilities of it leading to narrow-minded regional feelings.''

For the full report in the ToI, click here

Well said, Sir! The matter is settled then.

A debate on the subject had taken place on PRAJA earlier (which may be accessed here), but had to be closed by Admin, since it was getting into contentious areas, which PRAJA would like to avoid. As such, this is published more as an info, and may be closed if the Admin thinks fit to do so.

Muralidhar Rao


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Since I was the person whose

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Since I was the person whose post started the original `flame war' I feel that I should state that I stand vindicated. Unfortunately, I dont think the ruling by the government is going to have any effect and I suppose that the strong arm tactics of the various organizations that proudly fly his flag will continue. And the overnight illegal constuction of flagpoles which do no good will continue. And the harassment of people who dont embrace this flag on certain days will continue. I see very little hope for Bangalore.


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more reason to meet the minister

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And the overnight illegal constuction of flagpoles

This will fit into the hard approaches I had listed here. It was DMK that started this trend in Chennai, and ironically see here what their own leader, Thiru Stalin, did to them. If the matter can be brought to the notice of the likes of Sri Govind Karjol, perhaps he will be emboldened to act - worth giving it a try.

Muralidhar Rao
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rajyotsava on MG rd today

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celebrations are on big time on MG road and Brigade road today..all arrangements replete with flags and horn speakers blaring out kannada numbers real loud..

I sounded pathetic..arent the horn speakers banned?? Dont know who rented out those to these much for prohibhition..

Btw its december and the Nov celebrations are still on!

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check on chauvinism

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City advocate Prakash Shetty had filed a PIL complaining about the misuse of this flag by the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike and other organizations. He had claimed that as per Indian law, only the national flag is supreme.

For the full report in the ToI, click here.

Good to know that there are enough Kannadiga's who bother to keep a check on chauvinism.

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