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Praja in the city influentials list

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"It is not just a social network for people concerned about these issues, nor does it restrict itself to remaining a platform for intellectual discussions"

Yet another feather in the cap, Praja has been rated the 28th most influential in Bangalore by DNA. For more on this click here

"The potential for such a platform is immense as it can connect people from all over the country"


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Congrats! Worthy mention I must say. Folks who contribute regularly and take forward the intellectual discussions to on ground action are the heroes. This should inspire more people to know, care & participate.

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Absolutely, cheers!

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Three cheers to everyone here who indulges in talk, analysis or action - Anything and everything helps! Keep at it please as much as your time permits

As IDS says, select few who hit the ground to take the good talk forward from here to govt etc are the real heroes. Here is to them, a special mention.

And last but not the least, thank you DNA for the encouragement.

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Well Deserved

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Great news. Congratulations Praja!

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Good News and Congratulations to Team Praja

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To all those who regularly interact here and confidently submit and discuss issues and see to it that it get highlighted to the best way. It also shows confidence and symbolic representation that is getting to talk and accepted, where it needs to be.


Visit, bookmark and read: 

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Well Deserved!

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Wonderful news & Congratulations to Praja !

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its recogination for the healthy discussion in Praja

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Congrats to Praja Community

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Congrats, Praja!

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Congratulations to Praja community. Praja continues to make headlines.

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My hearty Congrats to the praja team i am sure there are more accolades  to come.......!!!!!!!


There shoud be a new section as PRAJA IMPACT / PRAJA DHAWNI to highlight the actions that have been taken by the authorities due to the initiatives of praja or to propagate the programmes of praja.



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 Congratulations and a big

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 Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone who have spent their time and energy for the greater good.


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Definitely another feather in the cap

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 It really feels good to get noticed. It is a great going folks.


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Congratulations Praja

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congrates ... good news indeed.

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Love India Serve India

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admirer's admirer

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But, isn't that Deepika Padukone's picture?

Muralidhar Rao
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Cheers to All Praja

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 Cheers to All Praja. This is indeed great news.

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the challenge

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While, perhaps as the most vocal and visible members of the 4500 strong (and, rapidly growing - latest member being Deepika Padukone?) community (having collected the highest PRAJA points), Pranav and I were invited to represent the lot, the credit for the achievement should go equally to one and all.

And now the challenge is to eventually become the voice of the 'city upper house', quite as Mr Manivannan had envisaged the role for us. I trust the recognition will now make us all work towards achieving that goal, and better quality of life for all citizens, therewith.        


Muralidhar Rao

Landmark Recognition

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I'm glad to know praja is to be the "city upper house" - and big cheers to Pranav for taking time to set up and manage such a system. comment guidelines

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