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Driving - what are the chances ...

What are the chances of you reaching the destination in time and alive if you are driving and followed all traffic rules?

The answer to that is quite simply no.
Time and again we have discussed about the insane traffic and traffic ethics of our bangaloreans.
I've heard many of my colleges say that they break traffic rules every single day to get in time to office.
Its like one breaks the law and forces everyone to follow suit. So where is the solution and how to control it?
If we did make a start, its a tedious and time consuming process and may sound impossible to most of us. I personally feel that its almost impossible, as its gone beyond repair.

For a start I don't drive, and I am glad that i don't. I use public transport. Its just not worth driving, there have been numerous occasions where people have died for no fault of theirs.

yesterday I was crossing the NH near Electronic city. I was looking at the oncoming traffic and slowly making my move, and suddenly felt something hit my legs, i turned in pain and anger and found a Rider and pillion in a bike starring right at me, as if I have committed a crime.
I shouted back telling him that he was on the wrong side of the road and he yelled back telling that i should have been watchful.
I never uttered a word after that and i knew i would be arguing and enlightening a rock about traffic ethics.
Quite simply this is what has become of bangalorean who drive.
I wish i could have taken him to a locked room with his hands tied with traffic signs and ethics scribbled on every inch of the wall, which would drive him to madness and hope he somehow manages to forget driving or follow every single rule there is to be followed.

I so much wished that I had power/Backing to bring this man to justice, but i know i would be fighting a loosing cause.

I can stand and fight, but harassment and physical abuse worries me. I don't like indulging in physical fights, because quite simply nature has not blessed me with the physic.

Will be writing in more, and three cheers to's picture


Im going to take pictures of law breaking drivers and post it on net.

It could be a BMTC driver or a bike rider or any other driver for that matter.

Im sick and tired of this....

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Bangalore has some of the worst traffic behaviour


I share your frustration.  Compared to Madras and Hyderabad, Bangalore has the most indisciplined traffic.  I visit both those cities often.

People here ride on pavements, on the wrong side of the road and then get aggressive if you point out that they should not be doing it.  You get yelled at when you wait at a traffic light.  And these are educated people doing this. 

Senior citizens and children dont stand a chance in our city which was once called a pensioner's paradise.  Pedestrians have to run for their lives as if they are in a battlefield.

There is no (at least not easy) solution to this mess.  This is because there is no political will to allow the police to crack the whip.  If people are put behind bars for 3 days for drunken driving and for riding on footpaths it will stop in a week. 

My own advice to you (which I try hard to follow myself with limited success) is to not get frustrated.  If you get frustrated and angry at others' behaviour in Bangalore traffic then you are going to be one very angry person all the time.  It is not worth it.

I personally follow all the rules and am not worse off for it.  It might take me 10 mins more to finish a journey and I am okay with it. 

I don't know how many people will have to die every day for the police to act.










Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.'s picture

yeah!!! bangalore is the worst of them all!!!

Yes im frstrated, many like you and me are getting tired of this.

Can we bundle this anger into something more productive?

Its not that it hasnt been tried before. Weve had responsible citizens hold rallies, distribute pamphlets hold banners to enlighten the unruly drivers. But that hasnt helped much. Most of the times, the rallies are held at the nicest of places like MG road and surronding areas.

What we need is a million dollar project to tackle this and build traffic sense right from scratch. Buildng more roads and flyovers and under pass is not going to help, if people dont know how to use it.

I think it starts right from the RTO office, who issue driving licenses without much driving tests/skill for a few bucks more.

I know I can get killed for my anger. Appreciate your insightful thoughts.

Working smart is the mantra, but that hasnt brought any changes?

Miss those glorious yesteryears of bangalore!!

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I lived in Chennai for 10 years. I also lived in Delhi ,bomabay and Ahmedabad. I dont find any difference. I like Ahamadabad because no body expects you to follow traffic rules. Bengaluru  people have a problem because before the influx of people in recent years traffic enforcement was a bit better.

Unless the road users are made to pay for the voilations any amount of infra development is of no use. WE have more than bad roads bad users in all metros.

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I have heard that Delhi is a much improved place now


I beg to differ on this one.  I have not heard the same level of honking in Hyderabad or Madras.  One night when I was going to Central station at 10:00 p.m, all the traffic stopped on Mount Road for a pedestrian crossing.  It says something.  Here in broad daylight no one would stop at the pedestrian operated light on Residency Road. 

Bombay - CBD is very disciplined.  Delhi - after the fines have been made a minmium of Rs.1000 - have heard that things have improved.  Big difference in Bombay, Delhi and Madras is that there is still the fear of traffic cops.  Even Hyderabad which was a hell-hole in 1999 as far as traffic rules go has improved. 

Bangalore car horns and the green light  seem to be connected by bluetooth.  And the red light and accelerator seem to be connected by infra-red.  We take out our frustration on other road users from behind the security of a helmet or a steering wheel.




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Traffic vows

Dear Mr Yajaman,

Its nice to here contrarian view.

Then here is  a story I heard While working for USAID.

A googd samritan died of old age and as was expected taken to heaven. As per the procedure Angel took him to visit hell first . He was taken on a tour of hell in  a BMW shown the nice gardens pathaways . He was impressed. But alas he was destined to heaven. He was dismayed. The roads were bad There was minimum law enforcement Residents were making merry on side walks, water supply was once in two days. Weather was nice but Power was intermittent. Public transport was not up to mark. he then asked Angel he would prfer hell. He was sent back. He was astonished. Hell wa stinking. There was no drainage; water was not supplied. NO metered autos are Taxis. He was told all transport is owned by law enforcers and ruling party cadres. There was no drainage except where the Hell,s officials stayed. It was 44degrees hot. The samaritan asked why is hell like this now? When I came last It was so nice. Angel told him look here " last time you were here on a tourist VISA now You have a resident PERMIT. comment guidelines

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