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Basavanagudi Traffic Regulation

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Hi All,

Attached is the letter being sent to BBMP /Traffic Police (South) about streamlining traffic at Basavanagudi. I am also forwarding the map (copy updated) with some captioned pictures about traffic in the area.








Basavanagudi Traffic, Tagore Circle Underpass.pdf24.82 KB


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Objectives fulfilled?

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Naveen, So by this the two objectives: 1.0 Regulate the traffic in Gandhi Bazar. 2.0 Generate Traffic on the flyover. are fulfilled. Only thing we dont agree on is the need of the underpass.(My comment on your blog "Tagore Circle underpass-moving bottlenecks in Basavagudi" dated 09,Nov 2008 4.00 PM) Please let us know what the Government Body replies. nJ



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PIL should target CTTP

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I think we need to target the CTTP in the proposed PIL. If I recall right, at the TRASINNOVA meet, Mr Gaurav Gupta had mentioned a figure of around Rs 55,000 crores as the total value of projects covered under CTTP to be executed over the next 5-year period. Now, what process did they follow while making the plan with such a huge outlay? Shouldn't there have been more intense public consultation, than just the TRANSINNOVA summit, if that was what it was meant to be? And, more importantly, shouldn't making BMLTA a more powerful and inclusive body, than it presently is, preceded the project implementations?

Otherwise, after Tagore Circle, it will be Sony World Junction, and next and next, till all the cement in the world is used up.   

Muralidhar Rao


Muralidhar Rao
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Focus on pedestrians

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EXcellent work, hope you get a positive response.  

The plight of pedestrians in the images is rather sad. This link has images taken this weekend gone to show (its in the context of work being negotiated with Pune Corporation) how in UK pedestrian refuges, especially staggered crossings are in use. The two sets of pictures are 100 meters apart.

Today I have taken pics of pedestrian refuges and crossings at Hammersmith - including closed pedestrian subways which were rendered useless.

Signals are needed for traffic regulation anyway, pedestrians fit in to the equation easily when they are allowed to cross small sections at a time.

Suggest revisiting my compilation on road layouts to see which ones you can use on the different roads.


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Excellent work

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Naveen great work. Hopefully BBMP and Traffic Police will respond positively to your suggestions.


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The Bangalore City Police had a scheme called "Local Traffic Management Committee", which would involve members of public in framing local traffic management rules.

Basavangudi should set up something like that:


IMO, residents of Basavangudi should involve shopkeepers around Tagore Circle area and face this problem head on. Nothing can stand the corrupt official/contractor/consultant nexus which is hell bent on stripping and looting Bangalore.
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Where are the snaps??

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Hi Naveen.. Gr8 work...but iam not able to see the snaps and the map...can u pls guide to find in this site... Also pls confirm any complaint or suggestion number u have recd from them so that we can also follow up with the authorities... Regards, Sreekanth
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Hi Mr. Naveen, Looks good! How will poor citizen from Hanumanthanagar go to Gandhi Bazaar? Go in Bull Temple Road- Vanivilas road-U Turn under Fly Over- RamaKrishna Square-Left Turn and enter. Similarly how will go to Shankara mutt from National college? Do we need to have a relook? Have U observed one thing in Bangalore- Wider and clear the foot paths encourage hawkers and cows?
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Whykayyes - Yr Queries

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Hi whykayyes,

Yr post - thanks.

People from Hanumanthanagar can turn right to Gandhi Bazaar at RK AShram from Bull temple Rd - no problem. What I recommended was that only Exits from Gandhi Bazaar (at both ends) be restricted to Left Turns only. Please read the letter attached with the post in pdf format - it should then be clear to you.

One who is bound for Shankar Mutt from National College can go to RK Ashram & take a U turn & then turn into Shankar Mutt rd as the distance is quite short.

Pedestrians share our footpaths with hawkers, cows, electric transformers, etc. etc. !!

Keeping the sidewalks clear is also a challenge as is monitoring the traffic.

Did the authorities respond?

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 Hello Naveen,

     I am very happy to see the initiative you have taken and the details provided.
     So, I want to know, the results - did the authorities respond/take any actions?

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Basavanagudi - Is No Action Acceptance ?

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The proposed work at Tagore circle has not commenced yet, I think. So, they may be considering options. However, traffic signals necessary there have also not been put up. So, I'm not sure what is cooking.

There had been no response other than acknowledging receipt of the suggestion !

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Tagore Underpass - Still On ?

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The link below opens a pdf file (BBMP Quarterly Progress Report, the last posted on-line) that quotes that the Tagore Circle Underpass (Project Code BLR-018) was planned to be taken up under JNNURM.

Pages 45, 46 & 47 of the report refer to this. Under Remarks (Page-47), the following comments have been made :

Any issues / constraints in project implementation :
• The bids invited earlier were cancelled due to change in scope due to Metro alignment.
• The tenders have been invited as per the revised scope & work awarded.

This being an old & outdated (?) report for the period Apr-June, 2008, the latest is still not known about this - BBMP webpage has no other reference /information about this project.

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Tagore circle underpass - really required ?

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See this link :

Tagore Circle debate continues, but one wonders if there really is a need ?


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BBMP wants Netkalappa circle underpass

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See this link.

Now, BBMP wants to build an underpass at Netkalappa circle. They cannot get traffic to use National college flyover & have made life miserable for all with their Tagore circle adventure, & now they talk of another underpass on the same street.

It's good that residents stand opposed to this. comment guidelines

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