Pedestrian PIL - How can you participate/help?

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

1. Look at the affidavit and find if your road is a part of the list of roads BBMP wants to make walkable.

2. Take pictures of the footpath/sidewalk which are unwalkable/have obstructions. Make sure to put date & time on the pictures.

3. Click here & plot them on the map. Write to talkthewalkBLR[AT]googlegroups[DOT]com with your email id so you can be added to the mapping group and you will be sent instructions on how to map.

4. Write a letter to your corporator who is your ward committee chairman seeking information on the steps the ward committee has taken to address the problems. To the letter attach the pictures you have taken and paste the map on the side. If you have any questions write to talkthewalkBLR[AT]googlegroups[DOT]com. Click here to get the address of your ward corporator. You can use the below format to write the letter


The chairman, ward committee

[insert ward number & name]

[insert corporator/councillors Address]

Dear sir/madam

With regards to PIL no.  WP 13731/2013 filed in the High Court Karnataka, pursuant to the orders of  The Honorable Court, the BBMP  has filed an affidavit undertaking to repair /restore footpaths and make them scientific and safe for pedestrians. The BBMP has filed an affidavit identifying the roads and thereafter the Honorable Court has directed that the said works be carried out within a period of 3 months 


In order to help the BBMP, i have enclosed pictures of footpaths on  XX and YY road that are still unwalkable and unscientific.


Kindly let me know by when these will be repaired, and i request you to discuss this in the next ward committee meeting. Please notify me about the next ward commmittee meeting so that i can be personally present.


Thanking you


5. Send a copy of all communication to talkthewalkBLR[AT]googlegroups[DOT]com or bring physical copies to 2nd floor, Sunrise Chambers , Usoor Road. where the PIL committee meets every Thursday 4PM. We need this to show to the court.


Click here for HC Affidavit on the list of roads taken up for improving walkability

Click here for HC orders passed on this WP till 22/9/2014

Click here to view all Current Obstructions on a map and add yours as well


thanks sathya! may i add that

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thanks sathya!

may i add that the next hearing of the PIL is on october 21 in court hall 1 at 10.30 am. all are welcome.

it would be very helpful to have some letters and photographs,  by october 17.

a photocpy of the registered post receipt would also help.

thank you all.


lightness of being

Access to the affidavit

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I am probably asking a question the answer to which may be staring at me but I will ask any way.

Is a soft copy of the affidavit posted somewhere? I want to get started on the photo survey expedition as soon as possible.



Affidavit BBMP - 1st list of roads

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Here you go the affaidavit. A more detailed on with maps was submitted which is being scanned and will be uploaded soon.


Affidavit BBMP

First affidavit that BBMP submitted

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This document has a list of roads that BBMP chose to survey and clean up. Please search your inbox for the original message from Jenny on July 24 where she attached this document
Now, I am not sure if the second affidavit presented by BBMP is any different. I figured that if there is any difference, it would be on the number of obstacles removed.

Court orders as of 22 Sep 2014

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HC Orders as of 22Sep2014 by Sathya Sankaran

PIL team meeting tomorrow Thursday Oct 23 @ 11:00 AM

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Meeting will be held at AKS Law Associates' office at W-202, Sunrise Chambers, 22 Ulsoor Road. Please call VVR at 99808 35297 if you need more information.

Silk Board Area Footpaths

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Please take a look at what is being proposed here

Can mean only one thing - footpaths will be destroyed.

From the article:

CSB nine-point improvement programme
1. Half a kilometre of -widening from BTM layout 29th main to CSB
2. Footpaths to be remodelled so that one more lane can be added
3. Bus stops to be shifted further down HSR and Hosur roads
4. U-turn for vehicles coming from Bommanahalli so that they can turn without entering CSB
5. BMTC buses banned from stopping on the road
6. Grills to be erected all across the road so that pedestrian movement is restricted.
7. CSB Junction and median remodelling.
8. CSB flyover asphalting
9. Police umbrella to be shifted with clear marking for pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian PIL - How can you participate/help?

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We really want BBMP Officials & High Court Officials to come and visit Basavangudi - DVG Road, Police Station Road and East Anjaneya Temple Street (EAT) to understand how the footpaths have been encroached.  DVG Road foothpath is full of hawkers and Police Station Road and EAT Street footpath is occupied by Hotel/Eateries.  The customers of hotels stand on the footpath and block the way of residents and other pedestrians who want to walk on the footpath.  The hotel use the footpath for keeping the drinking water and other stuff and also block the footpath.   You can see this done by Hotel By 2 Coffee which incidentally had a closure order given 2 years back and a stay obtained for the same.  There is no progress in the case till date.  Would requsest the PRAJA Team to take up the issue for B'gudi Residents and also suggest any Lawyers who can help them.

@apsfriends - You are Praja !

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@apsfriends - It is the same story all over Bengaluru and other cities. The some blame should go to we the citizens. How many of us would oppose or stand up for having a clear footpath in front of our houses or businesses?

The PIL, it is better late than never story. Citizens like you should come forward and presents their neighborhood cases and help build the case. The PIL stands for whole city not just where the Praja Volunteers resides.

FYI, Praja as such do not have a large resource pool that can be put to take up requests like yours. In fact you are part of Praja, so pitch in and do your bit.

Read the main post and see what & how much you can support the PIL efforts by taking pictures, writing to ward committees, attending PIL meetings and court hearings.


@apsfriends, as syed told rightly, we need to stand up for the

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Send a copy of all communication to or bring physical copies to 2nd floor, Sunrise Chambers , Usoor Road. where the PIL committee meets every Thursday 4PM. We need this to show to the court.

We need more inputs for this PIL with actual photos or coe for the weekly meeting.  Is it possible to send mail or get in touch with  Jenny / Sathya / Sanjeev.

final order

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The following is the text of the mail sent out by the petitioner, following the hearing on 24th Feb, 2016:

The BBMP filed a memo, in response to the last interim order, stating that tendersure footpaths and guidelines are in place so that basically covers their responsibility. They do state that it covers only 12 roads in the CBD (which is about 100 kms); but they don't say how they will maintain or repair the rest of bangalore's 12900 kms of abysmal roads that kill on an average of 2 pedestrians a day. The judge accepted it and then closed (not sure of the legal word here)  the case.

The final order may be accessed here.

Muralidhar Rao