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BBMP election - candidate information

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The election for the bbmp is around the corner, at this point of time giving ideas is late,but atleast the future elctions can take up these actions.

Election commision should also go into latest technology by promoting a website,saving paper, allowing every candidate some particular byte space to write about himself, this accessible to all citizens. We citizens have never heard of the candidate who contests and the busy professionals dont take time to find out about the candidate.

 I suggest that all the candidates contesting,

1)  mention the ward he is contesting,born and eduated place and institution. with his family details and  his motto.

 2) the party he is representing

 3) Brief history when he enterd the politics, year to year which party he was in, his position from which party he held, reason for leaving the party to join the next party,

 4) disclosure of his assets, what is his business, what is his income, what are the servces he has achieved during his tenure.

5) what are his administration skills,

 6) what are the cases pending on him.

All this has to be approved by the election commission and be put in the web site so every citizen will have a knoweledge of the candidate before voting.I know this might not take place immediately, but if we citizens push , atleast there will be a begining.



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duplicat voters id card

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people working for the election commitee had a real concern of lot of duplicates prevailing,

If those are deleted , there will be fair election.

Mrs.uthara would be pleased if we can help identify and give her information.

she tells if even  10 is identified in each locality , it will be a great change in the election results.let us put our efforts. comment guidelines

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