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How combined ticketing system works

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How combined ticketing system works
One who wishes to use any public transport may buy a Card, which has an embedded symbol on it, against advance payment, linked to the Bank Account.  Name of the card differ from country to country.  Wherever these cards are accepted, the symbol that appears on the card is displayed and automated touch systems are enabled. In case of a bus it will be at  the entrance near the Driver.  Just like how without conductor buses are being operated here. Usually bus fare is on a single stage system.  
In case of metro, underground, over ground, tube, tram, etc, symbols are displayed at the entrance and as well as at the exit of the terminals. The fare is calculated form the entry of the terminal to the exit of the terminal besides taking time count basis.  Once the contact is made with the card against the symbol, journey fare is deducted from the card automatically.  
When the credit available in the card falls below the minimum balance, the charge account is automatically debited and recharged to the Card.  It is similar to a bank account debit card. These cards are transferable. By using the card one can save up 40% of the normal fare.   To start with,  this system may be tried in combination with NAMMA METRO and Jnnurm. comment guidelines

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