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Elements of Discipline and Safe Driving!

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I must confess that for long as millions like others, I too had considered the Knowledge of signs would suffice to instill a sense of driving discipline on roads. Having come to US, where apart from the rudimentary knowledge of road signs, there are other important skills that one needs to acquire and practice it for a true discipline driver.

Taking a cue from recent IDS post on just concluded TAC meeting, here is something we all can review this information and collate the additional driving knowledge that each driver must have to practice discipline driving.

The below information is based on USA's Maryland State Driving Manual, which comprehensively covers all aspects of driver's licensing.

Photo Courtesy - Maryland MVA.

  1. Basic Driving - Drive Defensively, Right of Way, Understanding vehicle speed, Safe Distances, Lane Driving, Turns, Passing, Parking
  2. Signals, Signs and Pavement Marking - Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs, Road Pavement Markings
  3. Driving Situations and Conditions - Visibility, Driving in Night/Fog, Skidding, Railroad Crossings, Work Zones, Roundabout
  4. Dangerous Driving Behavior - DUI, Aggressive Driving, Distracted Driving, Drowsy Driving
  5. Sharing the Road - Right of Way, Pedestrians, Emergency Vehicles, Large trucks, School Zones, Motor Cycles/Mopeds, Bicycles
  6. Crashes and Traffic Stops

Note: Looking at the Karnataka Transport website I get a feeling that #1 and #2 are taken care by the licensing process.

The task for us to find those 10-20 safety tips or rules from remaining sections in #3, #4, #5 and #6, that would shape the lane discipline on roads of Bengaluru. comment guidelines

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