Pay & display parking system for Bengaluru

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 200 crore for vehicle parking in the BBMP budget and not a mention of charging for the same? @ 5 lakhs per parking meter (Brigade road type)  installed every 100 meters one can get 4000 meters & paid parking on 400 kms of roads in Bengaluru for this amount. I am hoping that should cover the CBD and more.

if you assume 10 rupees per hour and the slots are occupied 20 hours a day, there will be around 14 lots per 100 mtrs. So the possible collection amount per day becomes 1.12 crores which translates to a break even in 6 months(non discounted). 20 rupees per hour should get you 200 crores of meter expense alone in 3 months. BBMP can make a killing here. I am sure the cost of the meter will come down if we are looking at 4000 meters instead of the 8 bought for brigade road.

If a parking inspector covers 4km an hour a 2 shift 20 hour schedule will need around 10 inspectors to cover 400 kms. Tow trucks & other ticketing equipment makes up for non recurring cost.

Leave parking buildings to private parties, if there is business sense they will invest. Put that 200 crores on parking ticket machines for CBD, it will mean the first step towards congestion charging. Second step will be corridor/perimeter pricing.

Here is a case study of how other cities have profited from this. Some quotes from the linked case study

Without the income provided by parking, city taxes would have to rise by about 4% or 5%. 

People pay 99% of the time

 Citizens who work downtown are being urged to take the bus or subway.


Parking rates across the world

Us and Them

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So Vietnam, ranked 146 on the per capita GDP scale (source: Wikipedia), is willing to charge 6-9 times ($ 10.00 for daily parking) what we are willing to charge our richest cities ($1.28 for Delhi, $1.09 for Mumbai and $1.50 in Namma Bengaluru) for daily parking.

And yes they are rich cities. PricewaterhouseCoopers notes that Delhi (ranked 37th), Mumbai (ranked 29th) and Bengaluru (ranked 84th) are richer (in some cases way richer) than Ho-Chi Minh City (ranked 95th). In fact Mumbai is ahead of ALL European cities but Madrid (source: Wikipedia).  

"Survey only includes covered or under-ground parking garages located in prime CBDs. Parking rate data was collected during the month of June 2010 and includes all relevant taxes." 

Wonder where we stand when it comes to good ole' street parking 




Why no paid parking?

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Transport minister R Ashok, who also handles city affairs, on Saturday said the pay-and-park system would not be introduced in Bangalore. “The tenders invited by BBMP to implement the pay-and-park system at various roads in the city, especially in Central Business District, will be called off,” said Ashok. BBMP had recently invited tenders to introduce automated pay-and-park scheme at 37 roads including MG Road, Brigade Road and Jayanagar.

 “The BJP fought tooth and nail to ban pay-and-park in Bangalore when it was sitting in opposition and we will stick to it even now,” said Ashok.

Hazards of taking an uninformed opposing stand, sometimes due to pressure from lobbyists. Now he has to put his foot firmly in the mouth and reverse this decision.

On parking lots

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Interview with Praveen Sood, Addl CP, Traffic Police

Are you being strict about parking violations also?

 Parking spaces in Bengaluru for vehicles is not even 10,000 to 20,000. Where are the parking lots? Maybe 10,000-20,000 vehicles are parked in parking lots. Another couple of lakhs maybe parked in places without obstructing traffic. But lakhs of vehicles are parked in places where it obstructs traffic. You can't tow lakhs of vehicles. We only monitor the arterial roads. We don't do parking enforcement in residential areas and streets.

Towing one vehicle takes half an hour. In a day, a vehicle can tow 20-25 vehicles. You can't tow lakhs of vehicles. Towing is done just to give a flavour to people that this (illegal parking) is wrong. We do parking enforcement in main roads; that too not to the full extend, it's not possible.

But it may not be fair to the motorists as there are not enough parking spaces.

But that is not my problem. Our mandate is to keep the traffic moving, so we will tow vehicles away. So people can't argue that ‘give me the parking space'. When you bought the car, you didn't ask me. So we are not there to give any parking space, BBMP does.


We are in multi authority mode for this. Creation of parking spaces (marking out the lots and making the parking lanes) & installing the meters needs to be done by BBMP. Enforcement is currently done by traffic police. Need to have a meeting with Praveen Sood to find out the ideal model for making the creation & enforcement work together. Need to confirm, but currently all fines including parking collected by police go to the state govt coffers not to the traffic police directly.  


The area inside the ORR

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The area inside the ORR is around 320 Sq Kms administered by BBMP. It can be considered to be the core City area and be managed like a CBD for provisioning of facilities and congestion charging purposes

For 740SqKm city, Arterial and sub-arterial network — 450 km of roads & Roads (inclusive of bylanes) — 3,500 km. Assuming 50 % of that is within ORR we should have 2000Kms of roads. If we leave out the residential areas we can narrow down to 400Kms of Arterial, Sub arterial & Collector streets for parking enforcement using automated meters.

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Are parking meters reqd everywhere ?

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The investment on parking meters all over the city will be considerable & even after installing them, enforcement is likely to be lapse with many not paying parking costs. The 'automatic' parking meters at Comm'l st. hence had attendants, who also monitored vehicles & collected cash. The parking meters on every street at short intervals are also likely to add to the woes of pedestrians, who are already struggling to negotiate various obstacles on the sidewalks.

The only way parking can be best enforced is by auctioning rights to collect parking charges on streets or in parking lots for certain fixed periods along select roads per party, & employ attendants to collect charges, as it was being done previously.

Though this slightly dips revenues for the govt (by bringing in middlemen), it results in more disciplined parking & keeps an efficient check on private traffic, whilst generating lot of additional revenue.

I don't know why govt after govt isn't waking up to this loss, even though most that own vehicles (particularly cars) are non-voters !

 Parking mafia kills

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Parking mafia kills automated system

Brigade Road Shops and Establishments’ Association, says it is the fear of mafia that prevents the government from permitting pay-and-park to function. 

“The government had problems with the contractors who took up the facility earlier. I heard that a contractor had a personal issue on the subject. But still, the government should bring back pay-and-park system to prevent chaos,” said Suhail Yusuff, secretary of the association. 

The mafia had created problems for the government more than once, sources said. While some stopped paying the government as per the deal after taking the contract, others started charging additional money. The state of affairs at the parking lot at Public Utility Building is a fine example.  K Jayaram, a contractor, had to pay Rs 22.26 lakh when he applied for the next tender. “It is to avoid such cases that the government is not giving consent,” he said. 

Yusuff observed that automation won’t allow corruption to creep into the system. 

Automation is the answer, there is lot of pilferage and fights for the parking ticket with manual system. It still happens in non automated private lots or exhibitions where they dont issue tickets and pocket the money. Manual system is just not worth it, in our country.

These meters dont need wiring even. they can transmit data wirelessly with inbuilt modems allowing for remote monitoring.  The foot print of these are very small and the pole can double up as signboard indicating parking etc. Some can even host cameras to monitor the movements. They can be placed on the edge where the street & sidewalk meet thus being quite unintrusive and not in the middle of the sidewalk.

Regarding which streets qualify for a meter I am gathering some more data will post soon. 

coin parking meters?

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 Most cities in US and other countries use coin parking meters as shown below

Is this not feasible in bangalore..why the costly machines like the one on brigade road?

These may come cheaper if manufactured in bulk..guess it can take in 5 Rs coins..2 for an hour parking..

Coin parking meters

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 Coin parking meters are being replaced world over because of their lack of scalability and limitations of one per parking lot. For every kilometer you will need 140 of coin ones (cars only) vs maximum of 10 of the digital ones (all types of vehicles). The digital ones can accomodate 2 wheelers as well, since they only have to dispense tickets against the coin ones which are one per lot however small the lot is. Also coin operated ones need coins (duh), 4 of them at 20 rupees and then lots of them, as we make it more expensive in the long run. The ticket printing ones can take cards and notes as well. So you dont need to create a shortage of coins once implemented all over. We can even implement ones which can take parking cards which can be topped up on the internet. 

It will be penny wise pound foolish to nitpick on 200 crores (or a lot less depending on the final list of roads) of useful investment which can be recovered in 6 months against 100's of crores on infrastructure which may never get you any money back. The larger picture is removing the hold of the Parking mafia and getting an effective Private transport disincentive in place. For all you know the increase in PT usage may just make this worth the while.

Qs abt unmanned parking meters

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The mafia has been causing problems, no doubt, but the big question is will the unruly cab /tempo van //truck /pvt bus drivers & the general public pay up correctly at automated meters ?

Will the short staffed police be able to handle so many likely cases of unauthorized parking & non-payment ?

Already, with meters in high profile streets such as Comml st, we have attendants to ensure that the effort is succesful, & this was being operated by shop-keeper associations on a very small scale. What would happen if this were left to the police for monitoring ?

Even if automated meters were installed, attendants would still be required since the public here has a funny way to cheat & question the system wherever & whenever possible.

I think the mafia has to be tackled & brought back to how the system was before the large scale influx of people into the city.

 Will the short staffed

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 Will the short staffed police be able to handle so many likely cases of unauthorized parking & non-payment ?

Approximately 10 dedicated parking inspectors is all you need to manage upto 400 Kms of road. Fine charges have to be high enough for you not to repeat the offence. In enforcement you only need to make examples frequently enough, not try to catch each and every offence. If the checking for unpaid parking, fine enforcement by towing & issuing challans, fine collection etc was outsourced you may get better realization and the police need not spare bandwidth. 

I think the mafia has to be tackled & brought back to how the system was before the large scale influx of people into the city.

One could run a penitentiary and reform mafia or get a system that can solve problems for good. We have a choice. I dont think any of us have the experience of working with the parking mafia to know how to reform them or work with them. As a user of parking services under the old scheme we know pilferage is the norm.

Allow me to quote from here "China has “satellite vision” whereas we tend to have “in the well” vision. China scans the world to see what is “best” and then sets out to better it." We seem to want to constantly go back in time. And this isnt even sending rockets to the moon. Just a parking meter that has proven working all over the world.

I have a better issue that we should address. How do we display these printed reciepts on 2 wheelers?

How do we display receipts?

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How do we display these printed reciepts on 2 wheelers?

Here is one example: Once you have paid for your parking, the usual procedure is to display the ticket on the dashboard of your vehicles as proof of payment for the space. To assist motorcycle and scooter riders in displaying the ticket, the City of Ottawa has created a courtesy Motorcycle and Scooter Tag, which allows you to secure the ticket to the motorcycle or scooter handlebars. You do not have to use the Motorcycle and Scooter Tag – it is offered as an alternate way to display your ticket.

Another from Chicago: The license plate of the motorcycle or scooter must be written on the receipt. This deters others from stealing or using the receipt. Further, it is unlawful for any vehicle to display a receipt bearing another’s license plate number. Violators may be fined. Follow the directions on the receipt. The receipt has an adhesive backing. This backing should be removed and used to post the receipt to the head lamp of the motorcycle or scooter. Make sure to apply the adhesive and the receipt to a dry and clean surface. To ensure proper display and to avoid a ticket, please be certain to wipe the headlamp off prior to posting if it is dirty or wet.

One more solution: has been implemented by Birmingham City Council, who provide a secure box into which motorcyclists post their Pay and Display ticket, having written their registration number on it.


Read here a very good writeup on addressing 2 wheeler parking and the challenges post automation. Plastic sleeves, with the parking meter printing out the license plate number, seems to the best option. Like someone said "I keep a luggage tag in my saddlebag, slide the receipt inside and hang it securely from my handlebar".

Around every RTO office you will find a shop selling plastic sleeves to put your license card into while submitting to RTO, like that a market for luggage tag like displays for parking reciepts will evolve.

Automated parking alone ?

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We seem to want to constantly go back in time. And this isnt even sending rockets to the moon. Just a parking meter that has proven working all over the world.

While this is true of India for the whole gammut of public utilities, services & conveniences, pushing ahead with automated parking in isolation when all other aspects, particularly street discipline is possibly one of the worst in the world will not work.

Unless the pathetic enforcement by traffic police, the broken down sidewalks, the deplorable state of water /sewerage system with constant digging on sidewalks, storm water drainage system beside roads that sucks, & electric poles /transformers, etc in the middle of footpaths are all improved in conjunction with planning for automated parking on streets, the system will fail like so many others.

We may have sent rockets to the moon, but this is done from isolated security protected enclaves & by utilizing the best of scientists.

Unless all the above areas improve, & the street /intersection designs, markings, designating appropriate parking areas with proper access, substantial reduction of traffic, etc. have been made, this will become another wasted effort like so many others.

JNNURM was created with the idea of improving our cities. We know that such piece-meal efforts will never work - at the root is the common citizen. Unless, he improves & respects law, change is going to be very hard. China has overcome the very same difficulties that we have based on the assumption that their citizens are not evolved enough for democratic systems yet & with very harsh punishments & use of force to discipline them. This seems to have worked well in their case, whilst our future appears more & more bleak.

Systemic requirements

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 the street /intersection designs, markings, designating appropriate parking areas with proper access

Valid point, I have been looking around to see if an automated parking system needs parking markers on the street. Turns out the only requirement is to indicate the parking start & end zones. This designation can be in the form of whole streets or whole areas. Which means, unlike coin meters which need clear parking markers for each slot, we will be able to implement the pay & display system in our current disorganized system itself.

The pay and display only collects a payment & prints a reciept with or without your license plate number. It only informs the inspector you have paid the city for parking and does not garuntee you a slot nor mention where your vehicle is parked. It assumes you have already parked and you are ready to pay for it. You could even pay in the next street & display the recepit on the vehicle. 

Meanwhile read more and some more on the manual parking loot. BBMP need to revive these 37 roads again. The question is if street specific traders association dont come forward or dont exist what are the options? 

Singapore's coupon system

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 Singapore follows a very simple system for public parking - the parking coupon that one can buy and then display behind the windscreen.  No need for meters and their capital costs and their maintenance costs.

Of course in India there will be a parallel coupon production system.  Essentially we have learnt to beat any system - even to our own detriment.  


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Minimizing counterfeit

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Of course in India there will be a parallel coupon production system.

 By allowing the machine to print at the instant of parking you take the sting out of the counterfeit market. Unless the counterfeit is printed ahead of time and brought to the parking it can be cumbersome to duplicate. If the authorities make it mandatory that the display slip has to come from the closest working machine (whose ID is punched on the ticket) to your parking slot you reduce the chances of getting a preprinted slip made & bought to the location. Any manual system our chaps can beat. Automation is the only way to reduce it.

Automation with attendants

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Automation is the only way to reduce it

Similar to bus ticket machines wherein you still have a bus conductor, parking can be similar to what is already in practice on Comml st & Brigade rd - use the local shop assns or commercial bldgs assns on all main streets to enforce parking fees with orderly parking with attendants. The assns can be given incentives (say a percentage of the collections) to keep vehicles parked on streets around their areas in order. They can be allowed to recruit attendants on their own.

The problem with no attendants & just a sprinkling of cops is that people will cheat whole scale, similar to the single day bus passes which was being grossly misused, even with conductors on buses counter checking them, forcing BMTC to bring in more severe measures.

I'm not sure 10 dedicated parking inspectors can manage 400 Kms of road - that's an average of 40km per attendant. Brigade rd & comml st are less than a km each & we have several attendants on each, also the public using these streets is more orderly than the cabs /vans, tempos, trucks & pvt co. buses that take over large parking spaces on many main roads.

 The problem with no

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 The problem with no attendants & just a sprinkling of cops is that people will cheat whole scale,

My experience with the attendants has been because of them I still dont know how to use those machines on brigade road. Whenever I park I look for these guys(mostly because I dont have coins). The only time I tried to use it myself one of the attendants came running with change to help out. If there are attendants you put the human element back who get an opportunity to cheat the system. WIth no attendants you put the entire onus of swindling in the hands of the citizen who can be monitored by the inspector.

I'm not sure 10 dedicated parking inspectors can manage 400 Kms of road 

I have assumed one inspector can cover 4Kms in one hour, it may be optimistic, maybe its lesser kms per inspector. Maybe its 20 inspectors but depends on how much enforcement you want to do? Initially it may be more and move to examples every day. Need to get some data from the cops themselves.

There are definitely resource constraints with the police, so maybe we can look at parking inspectors being from the BBMP and funded by the proceeds of the parking revenue. It has to be a self contained system may be on PPP mode instead of running behind the traders association. The problem with PPP mode is that the same mafia will pick up the contracts & start bypassing the machines. 

Maybe a meeting with both Traffic police & BBMP will throw some light on how they have been pursuing this.

Placing the onus on citizens

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Placing the onus on citizens should have worked in places like comml st, but the presence of attendants speaks a lot about how unethical & lazy people are, even the upper classes that go shopping there. In the absence of an attendant, most will avoid paying citing various reasons, if challenged.

The real point is that whatever the method of managing parking, on most streets it will have to deal with unruly elements as a routine & a citizenry that will wean away from any form of payment. Parking slots with only machines & none attending, except a few cops or checkers that may seldom pass by (& might also accept bribes) will encourage this well established trend.

Empowering assns is nothing but a mode of PPP. It has the added benefit of these assns having interests in managing parking on their roads better with some incomes, & has better chances of succeeding.

High Cost of Free Parking

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Excerpts from the foreward to the book by the subject title by Donald Shoup, Yale-trained economist and UCLA planning professor:

Off-street parking requirements are devastating American cities. So says Donald Shoup in this no-holds-barred treatise on the way parking should be.

Free parking, Shoup argues, has contributed to auto dependence, rapid urban sprawl, extravagant energy use, and a host of other problems. Planners mandate free parking to alleviate congestion, but end up distorting transportation choices, debasing urban design, damaging the economy, and degrading the environment. Ubiquitous free parking helps explain why our cities sprawl on a scale fit more for cars than for people, and why American motor vehicles now consume one-eighth of the world's total oil production.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Shoup proposes new ways for cities to regulate parking, namely, charge fair market prices for curb parking, use the resulting revenue to pay for services in the neighborhoods that generate it, and remove zoning requirements for off-street parking. Such measures will make parking easier and driving less necessary.

To access the book, click here

Muralidhar Rao

Coupon/Permit parking

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 Parking permit is the cheapest implementation option as it doesnt involve hardware. The challenge in parking permits was the ease of duplication, for example I made the alongside permit in 5 minutes online. One possible option of preventing a stolen or duplicate permit from being used is to use the checksum-like method to verify. If the month-year & the running serial number displayed in the permit was stored along with the license plate  number at the time of issue in the BBMP office, the parking inspector needs to enter all of that information on his blackberry to get the result back from the server post the checksum-like computation if the permit was indeed issued for that particular car. If the color coding of the month-year block changed randomly each month it will help prevent usage of outdated permits on a quick visual check. The color coding of the parking text background or the entire permit itself can be changed if a zone based parking charging is adopted.

The biggest hole is that stolen or duplicates will be known only if the blackbery toting cop decides to enter all these numbers for the car he picks and he cant go around picking all cars all day for the cars parked. So it can only be a random check.

Stolen permit misuse can be prevented by the owner notifying the BBMP back so the permit can be tagged as invalidated and sent to the cops so they can watch out for the number.

What are the options to identify duplicates? Is the hologram any help? People even duplicate barcodes what good is the hologram?

The best part about a permit system is it can be rolled out immediately to many areas without

 waiting for street hardware commissioning but the worst part is you can have unlimited parking with people hogging space. Meters can be time limited and provide opportunities to all. Meters can also provide data on parking slot inventory for people to look up on availability. Permits may also not allow short visits by guests from outside the parking zone unless they can purchase hourly parking which a machine will allow. A mix of permit & metering in different zones (residential vs commercial) may be ideal.

DULT parking policy

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Draft Parking Policy for BMR


I believe, BBMP made the tender for parking machines for the 37 streets identified in this report. The off street parking facilities are also being built per this report. This report leaves out some nitty gritties we are trying to address in this thread and also need to find out how the practical challenges on the implementation & enforcement side can be ironed out. A parking authority is required as an SPV which is also addressed here. The zones are also addressed adequately. Will form a good baseline report to build on.

Parking permit is the

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Parking permit is the cheapest implementation option as it doesnt involve hardware.

Presuming that you forsee this as an implemented in residential areas/ or office spaces (areas with low vehicle turnover). Not sure if the economics would work out for a high-turnover parking scenario.

The biggest hole is that stolen or duplicates will be known only if the blackbery toting cop decides to enter all these numbers for the car he picks and he cant go around picking all cars all day for the cars parked. So it can only be a random check.

One way to avoid that would be to have an RFID equipped parking pass in combination with a hand-held scanner armed parking cop (kinda Open Road tolling in reverse). As the parking cop drives/rides past, the system would 'alert' them to parking permits where the checksums don't tally. Foreseeable problems:

1. 2-wheeler parking is much denser than 4-wheeler parking...making finding the errant tag a bit more problematic.

2. Undeniably, an RFID based system would drive costs up so this would make more sense in areas the where parking is more 'valuable' (Residential areas bordering commercial areas?)



RFID parking tags

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 One way to avoid that would be to have an RFID equipped parking pass in combination with a hand-held scanner armed parking cop

Good thought, it would require Active RFID tags and not passive ones, the power requirements for the tag will rely on the range of readability required. With power requirements it may become an onboard unit and not a paper hang-tag anymore. What will be the cost per unit? Who are the vendors? Looks like Singapore & Vietnam have tried out season parking using RFID tags. One advantage the onboard units can double up for cordon congestion pricing.

Should probe this option more for possibilities. It may become easier to communicate with parking machines for payments as well.

RFID vs EM scanners

185 users have liked. would require Active RFID tags and not passive ones

Realized I misspoke when you highlighted the need for power systems ... my intent was to suggest an Electromagnetic system based scanner (seen in anti-shoplifting systems). Switching to a magnetic system could make them much smaller and obviate the need for power.

All you need is to activate these annually. Drive past with a scanner and you would hear a periodic beep-beep-beep for all those that scan correctly. Any non-beeping permit would be your require investigation. At the end of the year, change the color of the pass. 

Question that remains though is how effective is the range of these magnetic systems?



Automation & against

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Thanks to some groundwork here is something that will validate what we are trying to solve

If you want to get an idea of BBMP’s losses every month, consider this: The Public Utility Building has space for 80 cars and 100 two-wheelers. On the other hand, neighbouring Brigade Road has parking slots for 85 cars and has an automated parking system. It contributes Rs 2.25 lakh revenue to the BBMP every month. But PUB, with more parking slots, has paid less than Rs 25,000 per month for March and April.


This despite the fact that offstreet parking is easier & less expensive to automate than on-street one. 

Parking policy status

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The major responsibility, however, has been placed on the BBMP which according to the policy statement will be in charge of carrying out necessary studies for a consistent framework including area level planning and development proposals.


The BBMP is also expected to fix parking prices 

I hope this is only the minimum rates, maximum rates should be left to the parking service povider.

Parking pass rollout

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We are also planning on introducing monthly passes to vehicle users, which allows them to park vehicles on any street in Bangalore. Passes will be issued by the Palike. Commuters can avoid paying money to people who collect money illegally


Sounds good, pay & display is the way to go. I wish they graded the pass by zones & issued different colored ones. simplistically the zones can be approximately concentric rings extending outwards from CBD area, with CBD parking being charged more & the outermost ring being charged less. Or you can define zones by parking volume where even if the area (like the IT parks) are on the outer reaches it has higher parking/traffic volume & hence charged like CBD

Alternatively the pass can be prepaid electronic like the metro cards which can be tapped on meters at the end of the street to deduct charge based on the zone.

On-street parking, viable only if driven by technology

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Your mobile beeps, an App alerting you about a parking slot round the corner that has just been vacated. One touch, and you have paid and reserved that space to be occupied within the next 10 minutes.

Networked to a central server, feeding real-time data accessed by mobile devices, thousands of car and two-wheeler parking slots could just turn ultra tech-savvy. But only if the parking policy - currently on the drawing boards -- adopts the technology, a version of which is to be launched soon in the City by a leading parking management system.

Faced with inadequate off-street, multi-level parking lots, the policy on the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) agenda would have to rely heavily on finite on-street parking spaces. But this can work only with a technology-driven, dynamic system far advanced than the rudimentary ones now in operation on Brigade Road and Commercial Street.

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“The mode of parking fee payment should be flexible, through card or cash; the machines should be networked to a central command system to make the collection systems transparent and monitor usage patterns,” explained N Sathyanarayanan from the Central Parking Services (CBS).

Parking network

CBS currently manages parking slots for 10,000 cars and 8,000 two-wheelers at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA), Baiyyappanahalli and SV Road Metro Stations besides several malls, IT firms and corporate hospitals. The BIA parking lot handles 2,800 cars, the capacity of which is expected to increase by 10 per cent after the ongoing Terminal-1 expansion. On completion of Namma Metro phase-1, 12 more stations will have parking lots.

The Palike could look at the CBS network and its soon-to-be-launched Mobile App as a pilot, for city-wide applications. “The App will have GPS connectivity and will link to parking lots from different zones.

We already have a connection with the City traffic police B-Trac server, where they send a query to our server and pull out information from the database. The information then flashes on the B-Trac website. Right now, this link has only limited functionality without an App,” said Sathyanarayanan. The CBS App will be part of a comprehensive upgrade of its server, to be ready in 15 days.

Monitoring usage patterns

By adopting a networked parking system with a central command, BBMP could remotely monitor usage patterns. Tracking parking slot use based on zones, roads and days of the week, the Palike could fix differential rates. The technology allows this, although a move to fix such a differential system for peak hours and weekends in the parking policy was turned down by the State government.

Recently, the government had approved a parking policy for Bangalore along with other city corporations in the State. The Palike had earlier given its nod for the policy with a few modifications, after the Directorate of Urban Land Transport submitted a draft. The Transport Training Institute and Consultancy is now expected to come out with a parking action plan by this year-end.

Kolkatta paid parking underground on PPP mode

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Very much impressed by the way project and revnue sharing linked to recovery of expenditure. 

Also it has used  space below road.


Any one has experience about this.


With BBMP elections over, street paid parking will it come back

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With BBMP in very much need  of funds,  Street Paid  parking should help Corporation to  get some financial relief and will help people to use more public Transport.

Same time,  Advertisment revenue for BBMP  should jump in multiple times  if the  Commissioner acts in  good interest.

BBMP tender which was called in Dec 2014 when will it happen ??

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BBMP tender which was called during Dec 2014 yet to take shape.

Delhi Municipal Corporation Bans Paid Parking at Over 70 Malls,

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Paid parking at around 75 malls and hospitals falling in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) area has been banned following growing complaints of high fees being charged for use of these facilities.

The decision to ban paid parking was taken today at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the civic body.

"The decision was taken in view of the complaints that private parking facilities at malls and hospitals charge high fees, in the range of Rs. 50-100, for parking of vehicles," said Radhe Shyam Sharma, Chairman of SDMC's Standing Committee.

The malls and hospitals normally take the benefit of FAR (Floor Area Ratio) relaxation in the name of free parking facilities which, however, they do not usually provide to the visitors, he said.

The decision was backed by the MCD Act, which necessitates prior permission of the civic body for carrying out any commercial activity under its jurisdiction, the officer added.

Their is conflict of interest and parking fees need to regulated with roads free of parking comment guidelines

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