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BBMP's RTI system - when?

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About two years ago, when BBMP website was revamped, they had promised an online complaints/grievance management system. The "coming soon" notice stayed on the website for about six months, and then was replaced with simple email ids for complaints and suggestions. Similarly, there has been a pending promise for an online RTI system.

Find it here, see the image on bottom of this page

So the question is, when? We have got a lot to ask, know and track of BBMP, this system should certainly help. A few cities have such system (Hyderabad, Kalyan-Dombivil come to mind,  I had checked them out in detail last year). Waiting for BBMP to build us one soon. Meanwhile, here is the text of BBMP's promise:

"The BBMP is deploying RTI a software application that will streamline the system of gathering RTI requests(form, phone or internet), assign a request tracking number for citizens to check on the request status, and to route the requests automatically to the appropriate BBMP information officer for a response to the RTI query."


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Why not file a RTI asking those questions?

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 I am not surprised with this kind of public relation fiasco. I encountered the same problem while I was putting together content for Gyan pages on RTI information. I found that many public utility agencies like BSNL websites doesn't have any menu item on RTI. This was supposed to be a must menu item on their website. I had filed a complaint with BSNL's Principal Chief General Manager, Karnataka Circle about non-availability of RTI info on their website. I am happy that this email complaint worked and now the BSNL site has the info on RTI. ""

 I think Praja has a work cut out for ensuring that every govt agency displays the RTI section on its website and with a prominent Menu/Link from its home page. My suggestion is to get a list of agencies that doesn't display RTI info on their website. Then file complaint with each agency. May be a follow up personally to see that they act on our complaint.

 w.r.t BBMP's online RTI filing, why not file RTI asking those questions?


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Some sample questions for BBMP

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No need to file and RTI to know about their RTI system, we can get the status of the system with just a few phone calls. But I had some other questions I wanted to ask to BBMP:

  • How is BBMP functioning without having elected counsilors? Is any work getting impacted due to delay in local elections
  • Is the new and updated  property tax system compliant with JNNURM guidelines that require a non-discretionary property tax system to be in place? If the answer is no, then will that impact Bangalore's JNNURM projects?
  • When political parties recnetly organized rallies in the city (JD-S, Congress, BSP) and they put up huge amount of horadings in the city, did they pay any fees to BBMP for displaying advertising on its property?
  • Does BBMP have a number on how many Kalyana Mantapas in its area are not compliant with parking Byelaws? If answer is yes, then how many of these non-complaint Kalyana Mantapas have been served any correction notices?

Anyone interested in asking all this and more. Don't want to do anything more than ask these questions.

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The china model?

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How is BBMP functioning without having elected counsilors? Is any work getting impacted due to delay in local elections

The one man team of Mr S Subramanya is running the show. The idea being more things will get done with less people interfering in the process. It raises other questions, but how much has been done that could have been done with the councillors present is questionable. I would have thought if he had a free reign we would have motored along a lot faster. Doesnt look like the one man show is showing too many benefits but hey he get his chance to make mistakes without anybody piling on him in the council.

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BBMP elections

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It is such a shame that we dont have an elected city council for more than 2 years now - all this for our vibrant democracy. There was a court order sometime back that ordered the government to declare the election "results" by Feb (not sure of the date). Unless there was a ruling from a higher court that overruled this order (which i am not aware off) we can expect some contempt of court cases against the Chief Secretary and the CM.

I was interacting with a few prospective corporators of my ward regarding the delay in the council elections. The main reason for the delay it seams is the pressure from city MLAs. I am told once the council is elected, the corporators will get to control almost all of the JNRUM funds and these MLAs will be completely left out. As a results they are trying to push the elections as much as possible.

Also the minimum amount that an prospective candidate has to pledge to the party and the local MLA to get a seat is in excess of 50 Lakhs (!!!!!!!).

Imagine the amount of money that he will have to skin from the development works to compensate for this. Sad state we are in.

If you guys want me to file any RTIs - i am always ready - i still have a few postal orders lying with me :)

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We need an elected representative

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I too strongly feel the one man team is the most ideal form - but this one man should be accountable to the people of the city. What i am suggesting is we have system where we elect the Mayor directly and he is responsible for everything and anything that is concerned with the city. He should be give enough freedom to select his team and set his rules (something like how it happens in New York or in most major US cities).

A bureaucrat is only answerable to his political masters and not to the public (that is how it is now). He gets no incentives by following people's request or demands or opinion. Had the BBMP council been in place, i am sure BBMP wouldnt have had the guts to cut down so many trees - after all the elected representatives should listen to the public opinion (atleast that is the basic idea).

I dont expect overnight changes - but, for the states to avails funds under JNRUM scheme they are supposed to bring in some reforms on these lines.

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How will this system work?

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Would an easy to use and open system on the internet may mean lots of frivolous requests for information? It will be nice to have a process to have applicants registered in such a way that their local addresses are verified before they file their first request. Perhaps, BBMP can ask them to submit a a copy of property tax receipt.

I dreamt up a few more things:

  • 10 recent RTI applications
  • The ones pending for longest time
  • A search through all past RTI application requests
  • Most frequently sought information
  • Could be overkill, but may be open each RTI application for comments from other registered applicants (hey, don't apply like this, instead ask like this, or hey, I already have this info)
  • If not above, a place for applicant to respond and say if he/she got the information he was looking for. I think it will be a big cost and effort to have al RTI replies available (someone will have to scan and upload documents and pictures) comment guidelines

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