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Power and water connections only after BBMP approval

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Aspiring house owners, beware. It would be best to stick to the sanctioned building plan, as even the smallest deviations in the form of setbacks in front, rear, left or right side of the building, height of the structure or number of floors, could leave the building in darkness and without water. In a bid to crack down on violators and plug loopholes, the three civic stakeholders - BBMP, BWSSB and Bescom - will coordinate to enforce the law.

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This is indeed a most welcome development. In fact, this was very much a part of the process until almost a decade back. However, with liberalisation, instead of giving up their roles as players, and concentrating on facilitation and regulation, the Boards (as they were then constituted) started looking at themselves as ‘profit centres’, and the checks and balances of the earlier regime, just crumbled, bringing in in its wake the chaos of the present day. For more on that, click on my old blog post

The way to subvert this is to resume building after the sanction has been obtained, and the connections given. This can easily be checked with the co-operation of the vigilant public, provided the BBMP means business. Hope they do.

Muralidhar Rao


Deviations allowed

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It is possible to regularise, albeit with penalty, deviations upto about 25% for commericial and nearly 50% for residential. This provision exists within the RMP and Akrama-Sakrama is quite different. Although i welcome BBMP's new found courage and vigilance - they have miles to go before they can even scratch the surface. In the street behind my home, a close relative of our dear gowdru has left, rear, front, right, centre, horizontal, vertical, you name it, violated royally. If the BBMP takes stringent action on those violating law makers, then even citizens will follow. After all, [i]yatha raja, tatha praja![/i]
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one reaction ...

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... I heard was - now I have to go 'pay' at three places instead of one. That aspect apart, this seems like a positive move, welcome indeed. However, an equally tricky issue is deciding how to deal with existing violations. A clear message needs to go out soon. Ministers (Suresh Babu and Ashok) said they are at it (as per recent news reports), hope to hear something soon. Please - don't do any one time penalty like thing. There must be an annual "violation surcharge" along with property tax.

Utilities cannot be denied as per law

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According to the Karnataka Rent Act, 2001, a landlord cannot cut the utilities supply to the tenant in case there is a landlord-tenant dispute. It is illegal and a penalisable offence if the landlord cuts utility supplies in case of a dispute. Similarly, BBMP has no locus standi to prevail upon BESCOM and BWSSB to deny utility to residents. BBMP is not in charge of these two any way. BBMP's act will be in violation of law. The maximum BBMP can do it fine building plan violators or demolish those buildings. It can simplify building plan sanctions so that there is no room for bribes. comment guidelines

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