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Race Course to shift to Chikkjala

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The Race Course (BTC) might get land and some tax concessions to shift to Chikkajala (on Bellary Road) toward the Airport.

This is a wonderful piece of news and amazing if it indeed makes the Turf Club move.

The land should be used to set up a magnificient southern Bench of the Supreme Court with enough gardens.

I hope BSY will try to outdo SM Krishna. 


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Public space more democratisation is the need of the Hour ?

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It is about how a govt can outdo all other govts before by throwing open a debate on what we can get in place of the Race course

One thing is the delay of the race course itself moving out now and the GoK giving it lands

the Freedom park was done through an architects competition and it is the biggest new addtiton to a public space in Blr. SMK govt started it in 2003 and four govts later it was inaugurated

There is a crying need for democratic choice to decide  what happens to public space. 

Many things could happen in the space instead of one big builiding

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Not a 100 storey building please

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Some talk is there of building a 100 storey building?  For what?  seshadri road is crowded enough without any big commercial activity there

Something like  Central Park with lots of trees (for all the trees that were cut on account of NM and road widening), a bandstand/amphitheatre for music, a walking track would be great.   85 acres of greenery will help a lot.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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the more important question

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Wherever the race course may go, the more important question is what is going to come in its place. Hope not some monstrosity, whatever. Check:

Whatever is to come up, the process should follow the one set for the Freedom Park.

Muralidhar Rao

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