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mandayamr's Statuses

mandayamr Is there any site where one can comment on the state of a National Highway by section? Idea is to use the feedback for benefit of all users 12 years ago
mandayamr May be of interest to many Praja members - http://www.itsworldcongre.... My company Logica is there too. 13 years ago
mandayamr Instead of the numerous "No Parking" boards that are put up on the roadside, would it be cheaper to paint a thick red line to indicate this? 13 years ago
mandayamr @silkboard - because, am not sure about the chances of survival & breeding for those sparrows in a polluted Bangalore 13 years ago
mandayamr Would it be ethical to breed sparrows in large numbers outside Bangalore, and to gift them to Bangaloreans who want them around their home? 13 years ago

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