Final version of BPS concept paper - any fresh ideas?

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Time to move past the draft stage, and finalize a first version of BPS concept paper. We can then resume the "advocacy exercise" with BMTC and BBMP. Starting this post to collect new ideas that would add to what we have already summarized in the draft version (see last project post).

Another document we have to produce is a short summary of the paper, a presentation in 10 slides or less. Since many bureaucrats/technocrats may not have the time to read it all, a quick ppt is a must.

BPS Concept Paper July2011 pre-final v1.pdf1.51 MB


cost summary

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Tough one to do, but a cost estimate section will be a good addition.

Haji Ali bus lane example

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Should reach out to mesn to get a case study from them on Haji Ali bus lane.

Pictures, all from mesn website

Lane image:

July version uploaded

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A new version of BPC concept paper has been uploaded, July pre-final version 1. Basically, a community reviewed version of March draft, no significantly new content. If required, we can do a version 2, but right now, better to finalize the current version and float it around for public consumption.

BPS Concept Paper July2011 Prefinal

I noticed a positive thing

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I noticed a positive thing this morning on Chord Road. There are bus bays at the bus stops. Usually they are useless as there are autos parked there and people are in the middle of the bus bay and so the busses are forced to stop somewhere in the middle of the road and end up blocking the lanes. This also further jams the situation when more than one bus

This morning there was a police man at one of the stops making sure that people stay on the footpath and the bus bay is clear. What an improvement ! Usually this stretch can be quite annoying because of the jam but today it was a breeze. I hope they continue this practice and in fact extend it to all the bus bays. It would certainly go a long way in reducing congestion.