BCIC submits Commuter Rail proposal to Railway Minister/Board!

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Namma Railu project team will like to thank BCIC for submitting Commuter Rail proposal to the railway ministry at a pre-budget interaction with the industry groups earlier this week. Please refer to the business standard report today (Nov 26): BCIC seeks clarity on PPP. Relevant snippets:

Sumitra Iyengar, Chairperson, BCIC Infrastructure Committee, in her presentation said members of the chamber were willing to participate in various PPP projects like modernisation of select railway stations in Karnataka and agreed to submit project proposals in this regard.

Also notice the specific mention of Commuter Rail, IDS& Sanjeev had helped BCIC with a 1-pager on Namma Rail proposal, as well as given over the full Namma Railu report.

BCIC also submitted a Project Feasibility Report for introduction of Commuter Rail Service in Bangalore on the lines of MRVC, Mumbai and MMTS, Hyderabad. The officials welcomed the proposals and assured the Chamber that they will look into the matter positively.

Let us keep at it. We are exploring doing another round table event, this time with Railway Board members and Central Ministry as invitees. Also trying to reach a few local MPs.



Need support from more ...

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MPs and MLAs or areas surrounding Bangalore that would be the main benificiaries of Namma Railu, other industry groups, and first and foremost state transport minister - need to reach out to all of them (report has already been mailed to all) and push for Namma Railu in this year's railway budget itself !!

Can anyone find if there is any provision for citizen submitted proposals as well for Railway Budget preparation? We will setup a "petition" here to send one shot proposal from all Bangalore and public transport lovers here.

Movement forward

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Interesting to note, BCIC has taken the proposal to Railway minister and the Railway board where the State Govt hasnt been able to move beyond the TOR we had submitted. I am happy Industry is willing to help the peoples voices heard at the right places while the true representatives sit on it.

Thanks to BCIC, Minister for Railways Smt Mamata Banerjee has handed the proposal to Shri Vivek Sahai, Chairman of the Railway Board to take it forward. Shri Sahai earned accolades for deftly handling the Mumbai Suburban train operations in the wake of 26/11. I am sure he understands the challenges of running a Commuter Rail system and will find a way to collaborate with industry bodies in making it happen. IR needs to look at ways of being more agile to handle the challenges of large cities and become a transporter of choice.

The next steps will be to convene a meeting with the DRM/GM of SWR where BCIC will update them on the proceeds from this meeting and discuss the stakeholders and composition of the SPV and how private parties can help IR move it forward by investing in any applicable areas that IR will care to define for them.

Request all concerned organizations to support this initiative to get a good quality commuter rail facility covering 200+ kms of the BMR region in the next 2 years. This is bound to complement the world class Metro/Mono rail system that is already coming up to serve the city.

Commuter rail inching ahead ?

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Good to hear that BCIC is also pitching in for Commuter rail.

Industry benefits too

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Good to hear that BCIC is also pitching in for Commuter rail.

Indeed, and Industry is also a big a beneficiary from this. Long distance movement will mostly be for work and carrying out commerce in lucrative urban markets. By providing access to lower cost living locations within timely reach, the availability and cost of labour will increase the productivity and expansion of the businesses. In fact the other organizations ike CII & FKCCI should also be throwing their weight behind this endeavour.

Good thing happening

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We thanksfull to BCIC for taking this Commuter Rail to Railway Minister & Board.

We should put pressure on the State Govt  to push for Commuter Rail.  Chairman of Railway Board is also experienced  in the Suburban Trains,   he should personnally take interest to get the Commuter Rail for Bangalore city & its suburbs.

FKCCI & CII as mentioned IDS should  pitch in so that Industry workers gets maximum benefit in the process.

Praja Community should!

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Can anyone find if there is any provision for citizen submitted proposals as well for Railway Budget preparation?

Certainly Praja as a community could pettition the Railway Board with proposal on NR, signed by the members.

SB's suggestion for another roundtable conference with railway officials, ministers is a good suggestion. I would suggest adding industry representations to that event.

Now that govt has got some reprieve, efforts should be to follow up with IDD and Chief Secretary.

One more campaign should be to send a memorundom to all the 28 Loka Sabha MPs and all the RS MPs for their support.


Things moving on paper!

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It's heartening to know that things are moving on papers, which signals promising long term prospects for Namma Railu.

On the ground, however, I am confused about the existing commuter services (YH1 etc). When I recently happned to be at Carmelaram station, I saw the notice announcing timings of the HY/YH series "cancelled". I mean there is just a big cross mark on that notice to indicate that it is no longer valid.

Does anyone know if these services are still running? Has anyone been on one of these recently?

Services are running, further demand for more service

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YH-1 /  YH-2  & HY-1 / HY-2 are running with full patronage, now they need to increase the rakes for these services.

Also it seems their are demand for more services between Yesvantpur to hosur at different times as only thre services are running.

If yo ucan check with ticket counter at Carmelaram station & also possible post the photo of the same.