Bangalore Suburban Rail station collections

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Commuter Rail

Kengeri railway Station with four Platforms well developed, used by 10000 people daily.  Its 300 / 500  meters from Mysore road  but without connectivity by road.  Even simple elevated FOB from station to Mysore road will  make big difference : 

Looking towards Bangalore city side :


Looking towards Mysore side, left side we can reach Mysore road which just 300 meters.







Nayandahalli Railway station

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Nayandahalli Railway station is on of the well developed station on Bangalore Mysore line, but very poor approach to the station. Its hardly 500 Meters from Mysore road, but one has to search out this station. Either SWR or BBMP did not put any board on Mysore road showing the directions to this railway station. This station has 4 platforms with proper FOB, reservation counter. More then 2000 people make use of this station mainly Garment workers. Lot of land SWR has here where not used and its along the tracks.

Main Entrance with ramp  :


Looking towards Mysore side,  good station, huge  potential for suburban rail station.  Liked simple station building on platform side

FOB of this station 

Land available at this station for further tracks to bypass the station



Poor station, well connected to Mysore Road : Jnanabharathi

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Jnanabharathi Railway Station :Jnanbarathi Railway Station ( Halt Station ) which just few meters from Bangalore University and adjacent to Mysore road. This is very badly neglected and surprised even their is no board from road side if some one wants to reach this station. Also small opening towards University campus. How can be these public transport safe for women when thousands of students of this university wants to use this station, no ramp exists to reach University main road. SWR, BBMP, University Authorities and Students of this University have failed to set these things right. Best located railway station on Mysore road but badly managed railway station.  

One side Mysore road,  other side Jnanbharathi Police station with campus small opening can be seen in the photo. Ideally,  Railway station should have been located just entrance of the University on Mysore road another 50 Meters, skywalk connecting  Mysore road, Railway station and Police station should have been planned

Mysore road can be seen here from the station








New Halt station : Krishna Devaraya on RPC layout.

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The lights at Jnanabharathi

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The lights at Jnanabharathi station are not working. Let them fix that first.