Bangalore - Ramanagaram MEMU Services

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Commuter Rail
This will help thousands of commuters on this Mysore / Kengeri - Bangalore - Whitefield segment.
Big relief for the commuters once the services start. Thanks to Railways little kindness for Namma Railu - Bangalore suburban rail 
Timings of Bangalore ( SBC ) Ramnagara ( RMGM ) MEMU
66536 RMGM 06:15 SBC 07:35
66538 RMGM 13:30 SBC 14:45
66540 RMGM 18:45 SBC 19:50
66535 SBC 08:45 RMGM 09:45
66537 SBC 16:00 RMGM 17:00
66539 SBC 20:20 RMGM 21:20
People can take 8AM train towards Whitefield  from Bangalore City  and return evening does not help Whitefield commuters back to Kengeri side.  


Few more services on Ramanagar with one more MEME rake

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We need few more services  between Ramanagaram - Bangalore. Specifically in the evening arround 6Pm, 7PM  from bangalore city towards Ramanagaram

I don't know for how long we

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I don't know for how long we have to be happy with this kind of piece meal service.

Train to clear Chamundi Express rush

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Regular commuters of Chamundi Express, a daily train between Bengaluru and Mysuru, can heave a sigh of relief. To clear the extra rush, South Western Railway will run a diesel electrical multiple unit (DEMU) special train from Bangalore City station to Ramanagaram from Wednesday.

At present, there are no trains on the route between 3.30pm and 6.15pm.“It is a welcome move.Travelling on Chamundi Express during rush hour is a harrowing experience.,“ said T Archana, a techie in Bengaluru.

“The train was announced in the last budget.Most office-goers prefer it because it starts from Bengaluru just after office hours. With the new train, the rush in Chamundi Express is expected to reduce,“ said Anup Dayanand Sadhu, senior divisional commercial manager, South Western Railway, Bengaluru division.The special train will run for six days in a week except on Sundays.

Train No. 06540 will leave Bangalore City at 4.30pm and reach Ramanagaram at 5.40pm. The train will stop at Krishnadevaraya, Nayandanahalli, Jnanabharathi, Kengeri, Hejjala, Bidadi, and Ketohalli stations. Train No. 06539 will leave Ramanagaram at 6.35pm and reach Bangalore at 7.50pm.
Give what ever name,  finally its Suburban Rail for Bangalore.  let GOK keep preapring reports  and pretends that its interested in suburban rail.




Timings could have been optimal

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Does the timing of 4:30pm suite daily office passengers? It would have been better had the introduced this train by 5:30pm to really give relief to Chamundi express passengers. Also, one train in the morning between 7:00am and 9:00am would have been perfect. Today's newspaper report says that railway authorities would look at the usage to increase the frequency and life span of this train. I hope that the timing is beneficial and more people use it.

- Srivatsan

creeping approach

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This whole "creeping approach" to Namma Railu, about the viability of which even a 5th standard student will readily vouch, is far from satisfactory.

What is worrisome here is if all of this is a ploy to eventually declare the operations unviable because of poor ridership, and therewith scuttle Namma Railu. I can't make any other sense of these one-off operations, that too at such odd timings. I hope and pray I am wrong.

Muralidhar Rao

ghost train..praja campaign?

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hope this doesnt end up like the ghost train that runs empty at odd hours to called connecting BIAL..

Ramanagara line is more active..but again awareness needs to be created for about a praja campaign to get to localities to spread the news..we can get leaflets printed and distributed..

Timings looks to be bit early but will help majority

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As city station, this train will leave by 4:30 PM,  so by the time it reaches Krishanadevaraya Halt sttaion, Nayandhalli, Bangalore University ( University students ), Kengeri and Bidadi, many people will be able to board the train.

Return also, will help office people returning back to Bangalore from Channapatna, Ramanagara, Bidadi ( Industrial workers ) & Kengeri to Bangalore city.

As the train will reach Bangalore by 7:30 ( may reach late by 7:45PM ),  will help many intercity passengers ( even poor people ) who travell to other cities  from Bangalore city.

With Additional sttaion Krishanadevaraya at RPC Layout,  this train will be instatnt hit ( may take another week  for people to start using )

Already Syed, Amith, Siraj & Myself had information session at Ramanagara Ghosia Engineering college last year.

Also Global vilage IT companies,  with helpof Amith,  we tried to reach to them.

Once morning service also starts from Ramanagar to Bangalore,  then on Mysore line,  more people will use the trains.


People are indifferent

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People are indifferent Sanjeev. Nobody can help the Bangaloreans who have an attitude of indifference and inertia when it comes to matters concerning civic issues.

state has a bigger stake

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The recently introduced special Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) train service from the city to Ramanagaram has been eliciting poor response, much to the dismay of railway authorities. Unless, there is more public patronage, the service runs the risk of being stopped on its tracks.

- - - As per information available from the time the train made its first run on June 9, till July 20, it has witnessed a mere 45 per cent seating occupancy in the onward direction. The return trip at 6.35 pm from Ramanagaram to the City station, which reaches at 7.50 pm, saw an occupancy rate of around 28 per cent.

- - - The DRM said they will wait a little more to see if the service picks up or if the train timing needs to be revised so that more commuters can make use of it. Divisional Operations Manager Soundararajan said the DEMU service will eventually be withdrawn if this trend continues.

- - - Additional Divisional Railway Manager Sunanda Arul felt the service had just commenced its run and must be given more time to become popular.

Officials were also contemplating giving it wide publicity to help it get a better crowd.

For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here

This was quite the worry I had expressed on 10th July (scroll up to read the post captioned "creeping approach"). Now, actually, a 45% occupancy for a just commenced, poorly advertised, not-so-properly timed service is not bad by any standard at all.

However, more importantly, the one-off service is not quite the same as a "commuter service". The idea of the (cost-effective, fast and frequent) commuter service is to incentivise relocation of sections of the population to the out-lying townships, in order to de-congest the city. The state has the biggest stake in achieving this outcome, and consequently, it needs to play the lead role (more than IR) in making it happen.

If the scheme is implemented to its fullest scope, you'll see the trains running to full capacity within a matter of months, even with realistic pricing of tickets. In fact, it can be a money spinner for IR too.

Muralidhar Rao

If one has to say 45% as poor response ???

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Reporter making claim of  9th June itself is worng. It started  on 8th july and now its just  13 days completed.  I feel reporter should have sense in reporting the figure in such short time and  in other way should have brought out what improvements needed for this train.  Why they want to give negative publicity ??? 

What about the 45% of the commuters are using this train,  has the reporter taken any views how its helping them ???   which station has maximum patronage of commuters for this train ???

In any standard, this 45% occupancy is good response considering just 13 days over.  We can not have blockbluster on 1st day opening like move.

May be standards  for the full occupancy is crowded train with no place for standing ???

Just  give one to two months time,  things will pick up.  Already  similar negative story was carried for Yesvanthpur -Hosur train  during 2010 just after one month saying no techies are using. Has the same reporter willing to write how good response  now  days for the Yesvantpur -Hosur train and  how many times the train has come  late by one Hr ???

Will this reporter from Indian express report what occupancy after  Two months of service ???



Yes State has biggest role but wants to build flyover /METRO ???

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Last 5 years,  GOK did not have even single meeting with  Railways by either CM or Chief Sec with any railway board memebers on the Commuter rail except writing few  odd letters once in 6 months.

Thats why now every citizen of Bangaloreans will  pay heavy price  for  road congestion, Fuel cess,   METRO property cess, Toll roads to enter Bangalore,  no funds to fund  either footpaths, skywalks.

This is price citizens of Bangalorew are paying thru their nose without any pinch ???

Bosch inaugurates Bidadi manufacturing facility

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The company has acquired 97 acres of land in Bidadi for the construction of the new manufacturing facility and will invest nearly Rs 600 crores for development of the facility in both phases.

3 km from BIDADI Railway Station,


Already Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts,  Motherson Automotive,  MICO  and Ingersol Rand R&D Center, Coco Cola Plant  exists close to Bidadi Railway Station.

Running MEMU Train  services from Whitefield or Yesvantpur to Ramanagar in the morning and evening will give option to   industrial workers  at Bidadi one more mode of  public  Transport.  Will help College  students and other govt employees. on the way Kengeri, Bangalore University,  Bidadi, Hejjala, Ramanagar

Both Toyota and Bosch employees should come forward and  demand  strongly to provide good MEMU Trains ervices on Bangalore - Kengeri - Bidadi - Rmanagar

Whitefield Ramanagaram Makes More Sense

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Sanjeev, Yeshwantpur is not a major bottleneck for commuters, it is lot closer to Majestic and there are many ways to get there. Already Reach 3 Metro is also active and once Phase 1 Metro is fully online, it will be even more easily accessible.

What pains the most is Whitefield. It might take another 5-10 years to get Metro till whitefield. It will be real pain to reach Whitefield with the ever increasing IT working population using private transport especially large single occupancy cars. It makes more sense to have Whitefield / Malur / Bangarpet - Ramanagaram MEMU.

Let IR move some of the trains originating in SBC to Yelahanka or Yeshwantpur.

There was a debate on Metro or BRTS between Silkboard to Hebbal. BMRCL is asking DULT to hold on BRTS since they plan for Metro in that reach in Phase 3. This would be too late to implement, since phase 2 is going to take 5 more years, phase 3 might take another 10 years. BRTS is a low hanging fruit which is more sustainable. Just taking the example of Delhi which had not implemented BRTS, but just bus lanes, we will never come out of Jams in Eastern Bangalore.

Various company managements

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Various company managements in Bangalore-Mysore corridor (from Kengeri - Bidadi) should put pressure on the Govt. to start these services at an appropriate time which suits most of their employees (peak services between 7AM to 10AM and 5PM to 8PM). Companies can run their transport services between station and office premises.

- Srivatsan

Bangalore - Ramanagar DEMU Service is picking up

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Already more then 300 people are using the DEMU services even though time is littel early.  If they introduce the morning services from Ramanagar to Bangalore and also extend the train on both side  Yesvanthpur and Channapatna,  this service will become hit and will help 1000 of people commuting by train.


SW Railways to start morning service to Whitefield

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A good news for the suburban railway campaigners and those working in Whitefield. South Western Railway (SWR) will run a service between Krantivira Sangolli Rayana (Bengaluru City) station in Majestic and Whitefield. The train, which would depart from 8.45am from KSR Station, will reach Whitefield by 9.40am.

SWR officials said that train service between Ramanagaram and Bengaluru will be extended to accommodate this trip. Currently, there are three trips between Ramanagaram and Bengaluru. The first trip that starts at 5.20am from KSR station to Ramanagaram returns to the city at 8.45am. This train will be rerouted/extended and will reach Whitefield at 9.40am.


New MEMU Services which r announced by D V Sadanand Gowda

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Timings have been changed for 3 services of Ramanagara   Timings are good as compared to earlier announced.

2 more services added towards whitefield and Kuppam.

These trains will be carrying average 1600 commuters after 3/4 months time and will carry per day 9000 to 10000 passengers. 

So Bangalore Suburban Rail passengers numbers are growing.

MEMU evenings not helpful for whitefield office commuters.

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New MEMU not helpful for  office workers working in Whitefield area in the evening. Something like the train 66541 which leaves Whitefield at 10:30 and reaches KSR at 11:10 should be planned in the evening, something like leaving Whitefield at 5:30 PM and reaching KSR at 6:10 PM.

It leaves Whitefield now at 4PM which  is of very little use

Modifications required with respect to timings

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Curious to know why train# 66536 which leaves Ramnagar@6:50AM reaches Bengaluru @ 8:40AM? Journey around 1hr 50 mins. Is it an oversight or due to non-availability of rakes? 

Also, it would be good have an evening train from Whitefield to Bengaluru with a connecting train to Ramnagar. For Eg:, if a train from Whitefield reaches Bengaluru by around 19:45, people can use train# 66539 to board towards Ramnagar.

- Srivatsan



- Srivatsan

Time tweaking and punctuality is required

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Refer to today's report in ToI:




- Srivatsan