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RTI Club - 2010

Project number:3375
Opened by:silkboard
Opened on:Friday, 30 April 2010 - 6:25pm
Last modified:Sunday, 2 May 2010 - 1:14pm
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This is an attempt to "assembly line" the RTI filing process (expressed back here). Idea is to do a few things

  1. Provide support to projects and campaigns hosted on Praja in a cause-agnostic way. Projects can create an "RTI request", and the club will help file them.
  2. Provide a relatively easy avenue to those who want to "do things" beyond discussions, but don't have easy outlets for their enthusiasm. An "assembly-lined" RTI filing process will create a few easily-doable roles, some of them may be 100% online as well
  3. File RTIs as a group, which cold be helpful when individuals may be "afraid" to file the applications in individual capacity

The Club will put some measures in place to prevent misuse of the convenience on offer here. Rules will be built as we go, though be sure that RTI requests from projects & campaigns hosted on Praja will be preferred over individual requests without enough context.

Wish us luck, and look forward to support from all. First job will be to design the so called "RTI assembly line" :)

[PS: Project created by admin on behalf of silkboard]

Want to know how a govt dept prioritizes things?


Happy I'day to all. Got a proposal for an RTI gig. Would take IDD (Infrastructure Development Department of Govt of Karnataka, currently headed by Mr V Madhu) only as an example, but we could pick any other busy government department as a target. The idea is to find out how the dept decides on the priority of projects it has on hands.


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Test this with Commuter Rail project

Water index has all the momentum, but Commuter Rail project does not. Shall we 'test' this club with some RTIs for that project?

Let me start the "tech" part - will raise an "RTI request" inside that project.

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