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PT - In sync and last mile

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Public Transport

[offtopic comment from G1 Bus priority project]

I strongly agree that all system should work in sync inorder to be successful and susatinable. Few drawbacks found in Bangalore PT is buses are numbered and destination is in the local language which makes difficut for the major population of Bangalore city who are non kannadigas. Inadequate frequencies and issues of last mile connectivity encourages people to use their own vehicles inorder to avoid the hassles and tension of reaching the place on time.

When is PT system becomes dominant mode of transportation for all classes?

  1. When the transport system offer a wide variety of choices of frequencies and last mile connection easily accessible. Share autoes and circular services one which is in system in cochin would serve the purpose to a greater extent.
  2. As Srivatsa mentioned until and unless the tax payment to be made annually and charge hefty fees for using personal vehicle, people will never stop using personal vehicle. People would not mind to walk a maximum of 750 meters when you have all other system in place. That will promote health aspects also for Bangaloreans.

We need to find out some strategies to make traffic evaporation of private vehicles atleast in major areas where BMTC has good connectivity so that people are discouraged to use the vehicle. Does our system willing to follow/implement the Shangai experience where people have to auction their number plate at exorbitant charge?Until we have a system where you are forced to shed/use some strategy, sustainability will be a problem!

Manju George


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About last mile options...

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Manju George: everything is inter-linked & has to be developed in tandem --- an efficient, fast moving PT system, charging for parking /congestion with higher costs for private vehicles, creation of inconveniences for private vehicles such as journey delays due to signals, restricted paid parking, etc.

Unless public transport becomes the dominant mode of travel for all classes of people, solutions for last mile travel with shuttle services (minibuses or vans) will not pick up since viability questions arise with too few or no users. BMTC's experiment with shuttle services have so far been mixed - some have succeeded (such as the whitefield shuttles), but others have failed since there are no restraints for using private vehicles.

The only way some solutions can be found is by weaning much larger proportion & all types of people to get to use public transport. The more the number of people that use PT systems, the better the chances for last mile solutions.

However, as IDS mentioned, PT systems can generally never offer door-to-door services like individual private transport does, & one will have to walk some distance at both ends of the journey. comment guidelines

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