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Electric Supply - A Chronicle

Here is an attempt to chronicle media reports related to our electric supply scenario. Let us update this list as we see related articles in the media.


19/July/08 - DH: Power crisis may worsen

The power situation in Karnataka which is already reeling under severe energy shortage, may aggravate further if the rain god fails to turn benign over the next two days...

21/July/08 - DH: Load shedding put off

The government had earlier said that it would make an announcement in the Assembly on load shedding on Monday.

However, according to Power Minister K S Eshwarappa, the Cabinet sub-committee on power would meet either on Monday evening or on Tuesday morning to decide on the issue. “This is in view of reports that many parts of the State received rains on Sunday.

25/July/08 - DH: Get set for 4-hr load-shedding

The State Government, which announced 20 per cent load-shedding on Wednesday, has finalised timings as well as duration of load-shedding for different categories of consumers all over the State.

31/July/08 - DH: Read last but one para

“Just 10 days ago, we were facing a drought-like situation in 139 taluks and the low reservoir levels prompted us to announce load-shedding. Today, the Almighty has answered our prayers with incessant rains across the State. We will soon tide over the drought and power crises,” Yeddyurappa said.

8/Aug/08 - DH: Load-shedding is back

Escoms are resorting to load-shedding as the state was facing a daily shortfall of 15 million units

Speaking to reporters, Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa said the inflow into Supa, Mani and Linganamakki had dropped as there was a lull in rains

10/Aug/08 - DH: Govt may lift loadshedding

Thanks to the monsoon, which has become intense in the State from past one week, the Government is contemplating on lifting unscheduled load shedding.

14/Aug/08 - DH: Load shedding to be lifted

The Cabinet Sub-Committee on Power headed by Minister for Power K S Eshwarappa, which met on Wednesday, decided to withdraw unscheduled load shedding in the State.

According to Eshwarappa, the decision was taken in view of improvement in water levels in the hydro-electric reservoirs.

28/Aug/08 - DH: Free power to farmers approved

The State Cabinet on Wednesday ratified the budget promise of providing free power for irrigation pumpsets upto 10 HP even as it set a two-year time frame for farmers to repay their power dues, in order to be eligible for the scheme

28/Aug/08 - DH: No load-shedding from Sept

There will be no load-shedding in the State from September 1st onwards...

The power utilities are being geared up to meet the existing demand for 115 million units (mu) per day

The State Cabinet on Monday took the crucial decision to direct the power generating companies to accomplish the task

1/Oct/08 - DH: Load-shedding back, no respite till rains

Speaking to mediapersons on Tuesday, Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa cautioned that the duration of load shedding will be further extended if the State fails to get rains in the next few days.

The power supply situation is back to square one.

4/Oct/08 - DH: No more load-shedding in two weeks: Minister

Briefing newspersons after a seminar on the power situation in the State, Eshwarappa said that this followed the allocation of 150 MW of power by the Centre to Karnataka. Stating that the prospect of rains in the coming days is bright, the minister said, “So I can definitely say that there will no power cuts after 15 days elapse.” 

14/Nov/08 - DH:More dark days till December 31

The much weakened power supply situation in the State is expected to remain so till December 31, since no alternative arrangements could be made to improve supplies.

31/Dec/08 - DH: Dark Monday in many areas

Residents were in for a rude shock as power supply to their localities was snapped off at 12 midnight and when the power supply was not restored even on Tuesday morning, fears of complete shutdown compelled people call up local electricity offices.


7/Feb/09 - DH: Load shedding back in State

Unscheduled load shedding is back in the State, including Bangalore. While one to two hours unscheduled load shedding is imposed in Bangalore, it is between three to four hours for other places in the State...

11/Feb/09 - DH: Brace for dark summer

...The State government has already tapped almost all sources, including co-generation and private producers, to buy power. And, with the existing water level in reservoirs, there is no hope of the State’s own power generation going up. Presently, the State is producing between 90 and  100 mu of power, sources said...

3/Mar/09 - DH: More Load Shedding Likely

The KPTCL and Bescom might go in for more load shedding from Tuesday. An indication to this effect was given by Bescom Managing Director Tushar Girinath.

4/Mar/09 - DH: Power Games in the Poll Season

The States latest response to the electricity crisis might just jeopardise the power generation during the coming monsoons. Reason: The government has asked the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL) to increase the production from the hydel reservoirs, a short-term move which the corporations fear might backfire if the monsoon fails. With polls round the corner, the government can’t be seen as bungling on the power front

5/Mar/09 - DH: Load shedding: Dark days ahead

Load shedding has crept in quietly in the last week, but there has been no official word on it. The demand was expected to go up in March and this shortfall was also expected, but contrary to expectations, no power from other states came through to meet the demand.

7/Mar/09 -  DNA: Govt should implement the dual pricing policy

SL Rao, chairman, Institute of Social and Economic Change (ISEC), who headed the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, feels that the power crisis in Bangalore is a result of various issues that is bogging down the Bangalore Electricity Supply Commission (BESCOM). He spoke to DNA on the topic.

8/Mar/09 - DH: Officials worried whether hydel power can pull through summer

The State Government might have found a solution to power woes by directing to increase Hydel power generation to meet the growing demand, but the KPCL officials and experts in Power department are worried whether the hydel power can pull through the summer as the State is drawing nearly 40 million units per day from them and this has led to the decrease in reservoir level.

8/Mar/09 - DH: Lok Sabha polls: Government scared to suggest increase in electricity tariff rates

...Scared of suggesting increased tariff rates of electricity during election time, the Government sought and received an extension till June to submit its report as ‘they had not finalised the requirements, because of the supply of free power to farmers.’...

10/Mar/09 - DH: Power crisis worsens

...According to statistics provided by Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa on Monday, the State is presently facing a shortage of nine million units (mu) of power per day. While the present demand is 142 mu, the supply is only 133 mu. And the situation will worsen in the coming days, as the demand will go up in April and May.

Official sources said the total power availability per day was much less than what the minister had claimed. The State now  has just around 110 mu of power for supply. This was the reason why the power utility had been forced to resort to unscheduled load-shedding,  sources said....

 21/Mar/09 - DH: Round-the-clock power supply soon

The government appears to be in no mood to receive shocks from the electorate due to paucity of electricity. It has made plans for round-the-clock power supply to every household till the Lok Sabha elections are over...

23/Mar/09 - DH: Voltage Surge Damages Appliances

 Electric and electronic appliances in more than twenty houses were damaged due to high voltage in Malleswaram on Thursday.

April-May/09 - Surprisingly, no related news. Elections over. Expect to hear something soon...

Didn't take too long... See this one. 19/Jun/09 - DH: Power Situation In State Grim

Water level in most of reservoirs low; 2 units at RTPS not functioning

Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL) MD S M Jaamdar said, “The level of water in all the reservoirs is extremely low. If there is no rainfall as expected, then it will be extremely difficult for us to produce power at the end of the month.”

 22/Jun/09 - DH: Power project mired in tussle

The completely underground 220KV cable ring formation to provide quality power for the City is unlikely to be realised any time soon.
The reason: The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) are locked in a tussle

23/Jun/09 - DH: Karnataka seeks more power from Central grid

To overcome power shortage in Karnataka, the State government on Tuesday requested the Centre to allocate additional power from central generating stations.

    ... K S Eshwarappa said that due to uneven monsoon, the gap between demand and supply varied between 15 to 20 per cent, leading to increasing peak hour shortage in the State.


24/Jun/09 - DH: Yeddyurappa turns to rain god

A receding water level means that irrigation would suffer badly and power generation would be hampered. “Low water level in reservoirs is a matter of concern now. I hope the rain god will save us and provide copious rains in coming days,” Yeddyurappa told reporters here.


24/Jun/09 - DH: Karnataka steps up power generation, stores water

"We have made considerable efforts to see there is no power shortage. We have consciously stored water (in excess) in the Kali and Sharavati (reservoirs) in anticipation of shortage", Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa said.

"We expect rains in the next one week...15 days. After that the problem will get resolved", the Minister said.

Meanwhile Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has turned to the Almighty, praying for bountiful rains. "It's all God's desire. We have to pray to God. We have not done injustice to anybody. I have faith in God. I have belief there will be rains (soon)", he said.

25/Jun/09 - DH: Power tariff revision: Panel constituted

The State government has constituted a committee of officers to prepare a proposal on revision of power tariff.

The committee is expected to finalise its proposal in a couple of days and present the same to the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission for its approval.

29/Jun/09 - DH: Power situation improving in State

Even as people are putting up with inconvenience due to the unscheduled load shedding, Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa on Sunday claimed that the power utility is not resorting to unscheduled load shedding and the power situation is easing day by day.

29/Jun/09 - DH: Poor rains will halt hydel power generation

Karnataka Power Corporation Managing Director Jamadar has said that the generation of hydel power in the State will be stopped in another week if the poor spell of monsoon continues.
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