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CAF PIL on Bangalore Master Plan 2015

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Vijayan Menon, resident Bangalorean and an urban planning citizen enthusiast, forwards us the documents related to the Public Interest Litigation(PIL) filed by the Citizens Action Forum(CAF), the Koramangala Initiative(KI) and several residents of Bangalore, challenging BDA's Draft Revised Master Plan - 2015. Also included is the Report of the Advisory Committee on the Draft Revised Master Plan -2015, also called the PSS Thomas Committee Report, which was set up to analyse citizens feedback.


Background (based on Mr. Vijayan Menon's email):

The BDA first made its draft master plan(prepared in consultation with SCE Crocean of France) public in July 2005 with the view of soliciting public feedback and any objections to the plan. Based on the objections and feedback received by September 2005, the advisory committee headed by PSS Thomas submitted its report to the government by the end of that year. BDA published the final draft master plan in 2007 and since June 2007 the revised master plan has been in effect in Bangalore.


Since the draft was first proposed in 2005, a citizens group, primarily made up of members of the KI, have been involved in:
  • citizen feedback to draft masterplan. KI organised some 1000 odd objections
  • direct presentations of apprehensions to PSS Thomas Committee. Incidentally the PSS Thomas committee report was essentially an indictment of the masterplan..similar to KI's point of view.
  • following up with GoK on this at CM level
  • petition to governor with 3000 odd signatures on changes required in masterplan from a residential area perspective.This was after the plan was notified.
  • and then, finally, the PIL under the aegies of CAF.

Attached are files pertaining to the PIL as follows:

  1. Main plaint
  2. Annexures to plaint..which actually is more interesting!!

The annexures are of a few kinds.

  • Cabinet notes on how the masterplan was filed
  • Analysis of masterplan from the point of view of
    • variance from governments own statements( cabinet papers) to final papers.

The PIL has taken an interesting turn , though it is still very early days. The court has:

  • passed an interim that all changes /approvals done in the erstwhile greenbelt will need a specific sanction form the high court
  • verbally has said that if there are issues of an urgent nature that needs attention during the overall hearing , to be brought forward
  • that the zoning ( residential issues) will be taken up very soon by the court
  • GOK/BDA/BMRDA to file objections without delay.
According to Mr. Menon, things are expected to heat up in the coming few weeks.The green belt decision is going to turn the hornets nest, because here we are actually talking of huge monies.

  • Annexures on Changes from draft to final masterplan:
  1. Permissible commercial and industrial activities in mainly residential zones: Comparison of provisions of the DMP and RMP on commercial, and industrial use in residential areas, with comments and analysis.
  2. Mainly Residential Zone: Comparison of provisions of the DMP and RMP on main land use, ancillary use, ancillary use percentage, ancillary use as main use and FAR in residential areas, with comments and analysis.
  3. Commercial Axes in residential areas: Comparison of provisions of the DMP and RMP on ancillary land use, FAR and incidence of commercial axis in residential, with comments and analysis.
  4. Transportation Zone in residential areas: Comparison of provisions of the DMP and RMP on the implications of transport zone on residential areas, with comments and analysis.
  5. Mutation Corridors in residential areas: Comparison of provisions of the DMP and RMP on main land usage, FAR and incidence with comments and analysis.
  • Annexure Comparing Experts Committee’s recommendation, BDA’s response, Actually mandated by Revised Master Plan.


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CAF folks - any further ...

... action on this? Does this have anything to do with the recent BBMP announcement that new water/electricity connection will only be given to 'byelaw complaint' buildings? comment guidelines

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