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Ejipura Main Road tormented and ready to fall

Its been 3 years since I have been living in Ejipura. The transition I have seen so far of the main road starting from Ejipra Signal ending at Vivek nagar PS, is Terrible... earlier when I used to travel conditions were bad but not worst. As of now, the condition is as follows:

  1. Potholes number has increased.
  2. No Tar Road from past three years.
  3. During monsoon the roads are flooded, and we are unable to use this road for commuting.
  4. Its a risk of life traveling on this road, as the potholes are water filled and one is not aware when anyone could come across a huge stone in between the bad road to fall pray to accidents.

I am not too sure what went in to the MLA's head while he got all the lanes converted in Tar Roads, but left the main road of Ejipura untouched.

Its horranduos to sit here do nothing about it. Anyone reading this could u please send some details of initiative already been taken for this, so that I can involve myself and be a part of it please.


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Paging Anusree

Honey, Koramangala isn't that far away. Anusree got started with something similar (see and had a meeting with an RTI expert last week. Get in touch with her.

Start something, and share it all here. More will join.

Here is what you can try. Don't do much just ask questions. Write to BBMP, send them some pictures of the road, and ask them when was the last time they tarred it. Ask who tarred the road and how much money was spent on it. Post the reply you get. If they don't respond, you may have to file RTI applications. Not very hard to file those as well, post your questions here, we will tell you to how to do it. Rs 10, one printer, and 30 mins for a trip to post office is all you'd need :)

All the best.

BTW, welcome to Praja.

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from what i found out...

...the reason they haven't tarred it yet is because, pipes are being laid through the stretch. The funds are ready and tarring should commence as soon as pipes are laid. Current condition of this road is truely pathetic. I don't know why it is taking so long for the pipes though.

 And Honey, be warned... unless the residents take up responsibility and do some monitoring the tarring will be done in 24 hours and it would break out in worse condition within weeks. There are certain quality assurances the contractor gives regarding thickness and material used etc. We need to find out regarding this and be ready to atleast ask some questions around if not take a pole or screwdriver and measure it. I have formed a team of few of our neighbors concerned about the roads in Ejipura. Speak to your neighbours as well and join us! call me @ 9886994367

BTW, my post was regarding Rama Temple road which starts from Yo!China (80ft peripheral road) to 20th cross ejipura main road.

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