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Traffic signals on Bellary Road

Hi all, As most of us have experienced, there is a huge jam on the junction of D Rajagopal that is a left towards Sanjaynagar from Bellary Road. Because of the existing traffic signal, traffic on both ways, from BIAL on Bellary Road and to BIAL on Bellary Road is stuck up for a long time at this signal. However, this junction is used by Vehicles coming on D Rajagopal road that take a right on Bellary Road towards Mekhri Cirlce and Vehicles coming on Bellary road take a right into D Rajagopal Road towards Sanjayanagar. This junction and signal is crucial since it acts also as a connection between Sanjaynagar and Gangenahalli (Ganganagar) and also RT Nagar. I have suggested closing the existing signal and putting two "Oval" turns like the ones in Windosor Manor junction and the Golf Course on either side of Bellary Road so that the above existing objective of providing connectivity between Sanjaynagar and Ganganagar will be achieved as well as substantially reducing the jams because of the signals. If this works, then “oval” turns could be placed at other signals throughout Bellary Road and NH-7 Let me know your inputs. I know it would be more practical to show a simulation, but I do not know how to generate one. I would appreciate it if someone could help me. We could then contact Shri Krishna Byregowda who is the area MLA to work on this. Please see the picture of what i propose here.
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Bellary Rd - U Turns ?


Hullo MCadambi,

I think your idea is to provide U-turns on each side of the T-Junction, is'nt it ?

If the U-turns are too close to the T-Junction, there will be lane conflicts as vehicles exiting or entering the smaller road will change lanes & obstruct free flow along bellary rd.

Also, is there enough road width to organize this on both sides of the T-Junction ? I think the gate is not required as ambulances can use the U-turn like any other vehicle.


Reduce jam at Traffic signal

Hi Naveen,

The primary objective is to reduce the notorious jam on Bellary road during evening peak hours - this the time prime time during which employees return from ORR through Bellary Road into Sanjaynagar and people flying out of Bengaluru in the evening take Bellary road to BIAL.

Any innovation / change that could achieve the primary objective would be welcome. 

Uploaded some alternative suggestions

I've uploaded some alternative routes for vehicles coming from ORR that want to go to Sanjaynagar as well as for vehicles coming from Mekhri Circle that wish to take a right into CBI Road (Ganganagar).

Basically, vehicles coming on ORR can continue on ORR and cross Hebbal Lake to take a left turn near the railway tracks into D Rajagopal Road as i have highlighted in one of the pictures.

For vehicles that come from the City, they would have to take a left turn, go up the Mekhri Underpass instead of below it. Wait at the signal and go onto Jayamahal Road in order to take a left to connect to RT Nagar main road which leads to CBI Road. 

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"Oval" turns may not work here


The "oval" turns that you are suggesting may not be possible towards the Mekri circle side, the road is too narrow on this stretch. There are defense establishments on either side of the roads and it is extremely difficult for the state government to acquire land from them. Also the "oval" turn on the other side will end up being too close to the CBI cross magic box pass and may lead to more havoc.

I am not sure but BBMP may be planing a magic box or some thing else for this junction also. Some time back they were clearing the area behind the Nirmala Toilets at one of the corners  and probably they will also be demolishing the toilets. Presently everything looks out of order in this region, i am hoping BBMP are working with some concrete plans. 

And this area comes under Hebbal constituency - Mr Katta Subramanya Naidu


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Windsor manor oval gets choked very easily.

While driving towards Hebbal on Saturday evening, I got stuck at the Highgrounds junction and the jam was till the windsor manor oval (circle whatever you call it). The oval was in a total mess, with cars jammed all around. I dont think circles/ovals are a good idea unless the circle is quite big.

With the amount of traffic on bellary road, a oval or circle at the Sanjay nagar junction is not ideal. Even though I dont like magic boxes one bit.. still I think that kind of a solution would be good for this junction.

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bellary rd

cadambi i think in the long run decongesting bellary road is important. need to find alternatives or distribute its load. hebbal fo is 2 lanes wide. there is no point in widening north bound half of bellary road beyond 2 lanes. if the sanjay nagar intersection is closed, is there a possibility to make north bound half of bellary road totally interference free? can the buildings between sanjay nagar and hebbal with fronts to bellary road use back side roads(light red) for access? is it possible to make bda, cauvery jn and mekhri circle and hebbal jn be the main access points to the area west of the bellary road? if the SN jn is closed, can the more robust industrial grade mekhri circle can be used for south bound vehicles heading west by using the BEL rd?
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Windsor Manor "Oval" @ 7:30 am

This is a photo update at the Windsor Manor "Oval" at 7:30 am, i will do an update at 9:00 when i drop off my son to school, I have seen this U turn getting cloged during peak hours.
TS, smiling at the curves? :-) would you suggest a wider U turn or this is OK?
Making things signal less is great but i notice that what we are doing is just re-distributing the bottlenecks and possibly with cascading effects.
Windsor Manor "Oval"
Windsor manor oval
Windsor Manor "Oval" Traffic merging at the Jn
This is just after the U turn where traffic merges from kumarkrupa road towards BDA Jn
-- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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curves are always nice. but as bangalore guy said, it is does not have enough holding capacity so chances are it will end up blocking both the north and south halves of the main throuhfare. from the pics it seems like it can hold about 1 bus on the south curve + 2 buses on west arm and 1 bus on the north curve. also that gray small bus seems to be cutting into the outer lane on the north road. so it will block north bound traffic south of the loop. what is the load on kumarakrupa road? will short cycle signals help?
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Very few alternate routes

TS from Bellary road, there are only two access roads to Sanjaynagar - Rajagopal Road (from the Ganganagar Signal) and Bhoopsandra Main Road (from under the Hebbal Flyover). The Rajagopal road is more frequently used of the the two raods and is very narrow at the entrance (near bellary road junction).

A possible solution would be to widening the Rajgopal road and build a Magic box uderpass at the junction. Near the junction on one side of the Rajagopal road is the Airforce campus and to the other side the UAS campus. On the UAS campus side there are buildings very close to the road so you can not widden the road on this side. There is quite a lot of land on the other side in the Airforce campus. If you talk to any BBMP/PWD official - the first thing they will tell you is, it is almost impossible to acquire land from the defence establishments. But they should give it a try.

The UAS (university of agricultural sciences) college is like a buffer zone between Bellary road and Sanjaynagar. Some time back there was a talk to create a road link between Anandnagar junction on Bellary road to Central Excise Layout (in Sanjaynagar) cutting through the UAS college campus. But nothing happened. The campus is very a very peaceful area, i am not sure if the college would agree to this.

Another solution would be to upgrade the roads leading the Sanjaynagar from ORR (Nagashettyhalli to ORR road). There is a railway crossing on this road and the road itself is not in a good state though. The road from BEL road to Sanjaynagar is pretty good.

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Bellary Rd - Mekhri to Hebbal


The stretch between Mekhri underpass to Hebbal flyover is a distance of appx 3.2 km. Road-widening works are in full swing on the stretch from just past D Rajgopal rd T-Jn to almost Hebbal (2.3 km).

Mcadambi - I think, as part of these road works, the T-Jn problem may be sorted out by BBMP with probably a magic box arrangement since land issues should not be a problem, except for the south-west corner (defense area).

The stretch between D Rajgopal rd to Mekhri is appx 0.9km. With defense areas along the full stretch on west side, & also a short stretch at Mekhri, it may not be widened - this stretch is presently only 4 lanes wide (2+2), & will turn into a bottle neck in the south, as will the Hebbal flyover in the north.


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Windsor Manor "Oval" @ 9:30 am

Ts, would you support a smaller bean like shape supported by some sort of outer guide line so that the traffic merges more smoothly like what is done at the NTI "U-turn" Quick update on the BDA jn flyover and the NTI U turn seem to be smooth, the BTP is still experimenting with the traffic flow thru the magic box that is causing some pain. Reg the traffic from Kumarkrupa road merging into bellary road i guess a short signal will do some good. -- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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SJN access to bellary road


Access to sanjayanagar from bellary road is inevitable. BEL road to SJN is also an issue: there are multiple roads, but all are small roads. for example, buses can't use BEL road to access SJN. If we have to, some private properties would have to be destroyed. Same case with ring road connection. As ritesh said, there is a railway level crossing, and the road is narrow - again some private properties would have to go. I think we have to live with a magic box at the mouth of D ragagopala road to SJN from bellary road.


-- navshot
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Hebbal MLA


FYI, sanjaynagar, RTnagar and bellary rd in between these till hebbal comes under hebbal constituency and MLA is Katta Subramanya Naidu.

-- navshot
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bellary rd option sjn

hmm... thanks navshot for the info.
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bellary road

sorry rithesh missed your name in the last post. thanks for that explanation. i think cadambi is on the ball in trying to divert vehicles from north and south. one way of the improving the bellary road is to strengthen the roads around it, so that unless it is absolutely required should deviate from that route. when the underpasses were being built, they had some alternate routes to divert the traffic. how was it holding up then? can those diversions be made permanent? any ideas on the volumes that we are talking about here? and when you say narrow, just how narrow? about 7-8 meters atleast they have no?sticking my neck out here but with that if the volume is about 4-5k pcus/hr roads like that should be able to handle. do you think, proper full 12 ft/lane 2 lane wide roads with well done intersections(not up/gs etc, simple signalized rounded arc intersections) are possible? i am going to try to look it up. i know mekhri circle does > 15k. but how much of that is actually moving in and to local areas (shaded region)?

Greatest good for the greatest number

In developed countries, the principle adopted behind political economic desicions is "the greatest good for the greatest number". Applied in our present context, atleast more than 32,000 people use Bellary road every day to go to the airport and northern wards like Yelahanka, Sanjaynagar and Bhoopsandra.

But a very small number of vehicles need to take a right turn from Bellary road through D Rajagopal Road to reach Sanjaynagar. But there are alternatives for this. These vehicles can continue along ORR to take a left near Raheja Apartments which connects to the same D Rajagopal Road.

Therefore even we close D Rajagopal road signal, it would not make any difference to those using it, where-as it would make a BIG DIFFERENCE for people who need to use Bellary road. 

CBI Junction

Many users here mentioned that Bellary road near Air Force Training Command is not big enough for "Oval" turns like the one in Windsor Manor.

IMO, the existing "Oval" turn itself is a blessing compared to the signal that existed before the former sprung up. Assuming things were maintained at status quo when the signal existed, it would have created chaos.

Sad to say, but it is only because of cars the oval turn gets chocked. We in Bengaluru are now paying the price for not controlling the population of cars. I am atleast glad fuel prices have increased now.

We cannot make our roads just to accomodate new cars. We have to keep in mind that the primary objective of roads is to provide safe, effecient "PUBLIC TRANSPORT". 

That aside, i feel the road is quite wide at CBI Junction which is quite suitable for a oval turn for vehicles that need to use Bellary Road in order to turn into CBI Road to access RT Nagar.

There are alternative roads to entre CBI Road through taking a bypass through Jayamahal Road as i have shown in one of the pictures. comment guidelines

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