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Yeshwantpur Hatia Express Should be made a daily train

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HTE YPR EXPRESS(12835/12836) shld be made a daily train, considering the rush in the train. This is a bi-weekly train and runs twice a week. This is the only train which runs from Bangalore to Ranchi, which is the capital of Jharkhand. There are lot of ppl from Ranchi, Rourkela and sorrounding areas who generally commute by this train. However as its a bi-weekly train the tickets (Sleeper) are always sold out one month before the journey date and the AC tickets are sold out 2-3 months before. The tatkal tickets gets finished within 15 mins of opening the counter. General people never gets a chance to get a ticket if they get to travel urgently. Agents are making a lot of money from the innocent people as its not possible to book the tatkal tickets by themselves.

I think Indian Railways should make this train daily which will normalize the rush in this train. This will help the normal citizens travelling through this train. There is no other option to travel to this area except this particular train. Hence I feel the Indian Railways should consider this suggestion and take some action on it. comment guidelines

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