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Need for change in work culture

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The picture below of a switch box at the 4th cross junction, RMV extn, Sadashivanagar (near Sri Mallikarjun Kharge's house), possibly of the high-mast lamp installation adjacent to it, was taken yesterday. It is right on the footpath, and at a level where even school children can readily access the open wires. And, that is a potential hazard, particularly in the current monsoon season.

If it is indeed of the high-mast lamp installation, it is perhaps the responsibility of BBMP's street-lighting contractor for the area. But, there are enough such instances coming directly under BESCOM too, like the one in the picture below (taken close to the Koramangala BDA complex), which are clearly indicative of the casual attitude of the work force as well as the staff, in general, whether of the contractors, BBMP, or BESCOM.

Through regular interactions with the public, through Facebook and even PRAJA, Mr Manivannan was constantly working towards changing that culture (check here). One hopes his successor, as also the chiefs of other organisations, follow the example and work towards zero tolerance to such callous attitudes.

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