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Autorickshaw,taxi malpractices damage Bengaluru image irrevocably

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About Autorickshaw/taxi  coolie malpractises that damage the city's image, we the citizens were very pleased to hear of transport minister's initiative to control Auto Rajas ruling the city roads  and tarnishing the city image by their rude
behaviour, fleecing commuters by tampered meters and refusal to ply. Strict action has to be ensured by regular penalties instead of specific drives for meter tampering because such drives will just unify these already unionized ruffians who will call for strikes and make the government backoff.

The only way to control them is to WITHDRAW the auto driver license and Autorickshaw permit for 3 or 5 violations. It should be easily trackable with the new generation of computerization. If necessary the government should issue a set of strict instructions regulating driver behaviour with passengers-also linked tothe driver permit- so that any violation should cost the operator's license. This has become very necessary due to the drivers arrogance compunded by their unions.

As a global city Bangalore's image should be brought on par with the rest of the world where such tactics would result in serious penalties. comment guidelines

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