Co op Hope Gone: Will Bangalore deliver - Bus Day?

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Summary: Copenhagen failed in spite of the fact that world leader came to the summit. They did not agree to Cooperate on the hope of saving the planet. But the big question is for Bangalore, will Bangalore deliver on its part.  Will Bangalore contribute to prove its point? Will Bangalore deliver where leader of world failed? Will Bangalore make Bus Day a success?

Details: The world has realized the need and hence more than 80 world leaders met in Copenhagen to save the planet from sinking. The world has gave it a try but failed. World realized that there are poor and rich in the sinking boat as well. Well it’s done and failed. This is a day of disappointment in the history of our planet, when we have ignored the outcry of the nature for our selfish motivations. 

On the other hand, are we(citizen of Bangalore) also responsible for climate change? Do we also have a responsibility? Yes, because we share the sinking planet. Hence Bangalore will try a most effective way of saving the environment. Bangalore will try public transport for one day on the occasion of Bus Day. But what is so special about bus day?

Bus day is suggested by few enthusiast citizens (members of Praja as well). The idea behind Bus day is to observe the changes which can be brought in the city in following respect

  • Environment
  • Traffic Situation
  • Health of individuals
  • Perception

What we have to do on "Bus day"? Do not touch your private vehicle for one day. Do not bring them on the roads for one day. Use public transport for one day. Walk a little more one day. Tolerate waiting time for one day. 

Who all are participating in "Bus Day"? It is an event for all citizens of Bangalore, corporations existing in Bangalore. In other words all the individuals, companies, govt organizations, auto rickshaws, BMTC, Bangalore police and everyone who lives in Bangalore and feel good about the climate of Bangalore. 

What is the responsibility of these participants? Everyone has to either use or help others to use public transport.

  • As an individual keep you car out of site for one day and go and catch public transport.
  • Companies to allow employees to take office bus for that day free or nominal cost. 
  • Auto Rickshaws to take fair fare
  • Traffic police to take care of pedestrians on the day

and lot more ways in which one can think of making it successful. 

How "Bus day" can be a success? Bus day will be success if we feel that roads are not congested. If we feel air is fresh. If we feel there is no honking. If you can see whole lot is changed around you. If you cannot see the smoke rings around street lights in the night. If we can see winter fog instead of pollution fog which we see every day. In the night sky if you can see the stars clear and bright.

What is next after bus day? Bus day is special day for all the citizens of Bangalore. It is the day for everyone to observe what is good or better happened around him. Every one to plan, to estimate the needs of the people to bring the change for all the days of year. BMTC to observe how many potential people are interested in service and what is their needs? Traffic police to take note that how traffic movements were and are they showing improvement in commuting time? Has the pollution level decreased significantly to help environment? One has to also see how much of fossil fuel has been saved on that day and what was the financial impact? In all, a well round analysis of the day considering all the potential changes triggered.  This day is to realize what is there to gain in this alternate path, like

·         Stress level of the day for citizens

·         Behavior to your family in the evening after the office

·         Freshness in the surrounding

·         Difference in commuting time

·         Do you need gym or walking to bus stop is suffice

Who will decide success of bus day? Who all are the judges of event? We, all the citizens of Bangalore, will decide the success. If we feel we had better day than the usual then we will think of having Bus Day every day.

What if, if we fail? There are good chances that BMTC or traffic police may not be able to serve as much as required because of more demand. One will be late for office because bus came late. There can be many reasons to fail on the day but think once again can you cover up for others. Yes, number of buses cannot be increased for one day, but can we take congested bus to make our roads less congested for one day. Remember we have to contribute then see the success. Not like Copenhagen, where world shown the concern about the need and benefits of the initiative but for contribution everyone is looking at others. We are not politicians, we are citizens of a city of garden, we are the citizen of city where once upon a time no one needed fan, we are concerned citizens of the Bangalore and hence we will contribute with best of our ability.  

An earnest request to all the judges(us), do not behave like the world leader, whose shortsightedness will put another hole in the sinking ship. Please consider beyond the daily gains of 15 mins to years to fresh air to breath. Please do not overlook the benefits of the coming years.  We all know there are poor and rich in the city but please do not forget that our planet belong to all of us. Please consider Bus for Bus day.




Bus Day Details are here!

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Very nice post. Here is the link for the Exclusive campaign on Praja.

Pls post all the discussions on Bus Day here.




Lets do it, I am game

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Have moved this post to the bus day project. Nice post Bharat - didn't realize this was for bus day (subject didn't give us the clue).

I am game Bharat, we need a simple planning expercise to reach out to large companies, esp the ones closer to good bus routes. BMTC is helpful enough to do their part, we just need to help with some marketing for the event. comment guidelines

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