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Debris created after ganesha festival

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I was passing by last week by yedyur lake after the ganesha festival and the imerge of the idols.

the debris that had created was huge.

a few years ago , only few were keeping the idols in the public,

today it has bcome competetion sort to keep bigger than each other locality,  area, and each other street and so on.

If this continues we will be having every street one giant sizzed ganesha , and blocking the traffic during the festival, and then the procession, then the debris then the cleaning  of the lakes.

added to this the high decibled speakers during all these days.

i agree we have to offer our prayers , think of god , do celebrate.

but these things are crossing limits, i read an article that most of the old age people in pune leave and stay from the city during the visarjana.

 sometimes clashes with groups during procession.

forseeing these happening in bangalore ,if we let this happen in our city  to continue we might also have to leave the place during these days.

are the permission needed to keep them, if it is with permission, at least

let permission be given to be kept only one in one locality with unity among the people.

we are dividing people my allowing them to keep one in each street.

my humble request  to the praja members to look into this issue and how we can bring in a little more decipline in our people to carry on , without much disturbance .

we can also request the size to be maintained and eco friendly ganesha only will  be allowed in immersion in the lake.

i have put my ideas so somebody will give serious thought on how to bring into effect these things.

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