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Bangalore CBD HoHo Shuttles - Route Map

At the meeting of the Bangalore Chamber Infrastructure Committee, we had the presence of Dr. Ashwin Mahesh and Mr. R.K. Misra of ABIDe. The Ho-Ho shuttle bus was discussed and also the Big10 services. I will request Pranav to add more to the contents of the meeting.

Did state illegally give BIAL forest land for commercial purposes

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A potentially explosive report in today's Deccan Chronicle

Albert Brunner to step down as CEO of BIAL

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After 7 years, Mr. Albert Brunner will not be extending his contract with Bengaluru International Airport Ltd. (BIAL) which comes to an end in early 2009, and will step down as Chief Executive Officer.

Sanity Check: A Namma Metro link to Bengaluru International Airport

About 40 days ago, I had raised the issue of a "Sanity Check" on the proposed High Speed Rail Link (HSRL) to Bengaluru International Airport. The issues I raised were :

  • Sanity Check 1: Who is the target customer of the HSRL ?
  • Sanity Check 2: Convenience
  • Sanity Check 3: Close integration with Namma Metro and BMTC
  • Sanity Check 4: Affordability
  • Sanity Check 5: Financial Viability

Parliamentary committee recommends UDF witdrawal, reopening HAL

In what is sure to be a shock, to both the BIAL and HIAL consortia, the Deccan Chronicle reports, the parliamentary standing committee on transport, tourism and culture, on Thursday October 23, recommended immediate withdrawal of user development fees (UDF) being charged by Hyderabad and Bengaluru airports.

Kingfisher and Jet announce alliance

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Sanity Check: Bangalore international airport rail link

Metro RailPublic Transport

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The Karnataka state government is tripping over itself trying to expedite the High Speed Rail Link (HSRL) to the new Bengaluru International Airport (BIA), conservatively expected to cost Rs. 5,200 - Rs. 5,700 Crore by completion date, somewhere by 2012.

Fuel Populism killing air traffic

Fuel populism killing air transportation

India, the world's largest democracy, has a sorry record in sound and bold economic administration. Populist measures abound, and nothing is sacred or immoral in the perpetual quest to obtain and then secure the "gaddi".

Fuel pricing in India is a prime example.

Hard work at BIAL results in significant improvement

On Friday, 20-June-2008, I took a flight out of BIAL airport. As my pictorial essay shows, the hard work, by the stake holders at BIAL, is showing results, in the form of significant improvements.

Getting to the airport

Free Indian Aviation from its Colonial Past

Public Transport

I thought as a lull, I will resurrect an old story, that I am sure should get some of our "nationalistic" juices flowing in a non-BIAL direction.

Decongesting Bangalore City Centre


In today's Devana Yelli? seminar organised by Bangalore Mirror, the general consensus in terms of connectivity to Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) was getting TO Hebbal flyover, once beyond it, things are rather smooth.

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