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BBMP Charter!

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I am in search for an official document that has the charter that is entrusted to BBMP. I did some search on the internet and other forums including BBMP website. But none could point to official version or even near it. Then my email pursuit resulted in an reply from our friend 'Jansevak' aka Ritesh. Here is what he could relate to BBMP's charter.

  1. Collection and removal of garbage.
  2. Removal of accumulated water on streets, public places due to rain and other caused;
  3. Health immunization services;
  4. Improvement of slums including its clearance wherever necessary in accordance with the established law;
  5. Redressal of public grievances pertaining to the Ward Committee;
  6. Maintenance of essential statistics; 
  7. Organizing people’s participation with regard to the functions allocated to the Ward Committee;
  8. Numbering of streets and premises;
  9. The timely assessment and collection of property tax, advertisement tax, fees, rents and other sums due to the corporation; 
  10. The utilization of budget grants and compliance of audit reports; 
  11. The maintenance and repairs of roads; 
  12. The execution of public works;
  13. The issue of the license under Chapter XVII of the Act and the relevant bye-laws;
  14. The maintenance of sanitation and public health;
  15. The prevention and control of dangerous diseases;
  16. Issue of birth and death certificates;
  17. Issue of permission letter for burial/cremation in the grounds belonging to the Corporation;
  18. All Urban Poverty Alleviation Programs of the State and Central Governments;
  19. Tree planting in the Corporation properties;
  20. Maintenance of parks, tanks and other Corporation properties.
  21. The Corporation may issue such direction to the Ward Committees in discharge of its functions and Ward Committee shall carry out such directions.
  22. The Corporation may call for extract of any proceedings of the Ward Committee or any return, statement of account of report relating to its functions, modify, and cancel as the case may be.

Looking forward to pointers from our veterans to get that official document which has the official charter given to BBMP. comment guidelines

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