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BBMP works - Are they really complete in all aspects?

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I stumbled on these photo reports from BBMPwebsite  with photos showing the sites before and after BBMP has taken action.

I am just dumb founded to find that BBMP has considered these works to be completed. Man somebody who is giving a certificate of completion for these works deserves a Noble Prize fro defining what is complete? Have these officers lost their consciousness and morality to blatantly lie and fool openly the citizens open who pays for his or her salary? It seems this report smacks of all the BIG noises we are hearing about governance, Changing city to be like Singapore?

Is it the case of officials doesn't know what is to be considered complete or this is just a case of system rot that has become order of the day in corridors of municipalities, corporations,legislature and parliament.

Isn't it time to stand up and say, ENOUGH is ENOUGH?



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SB, You are right, we love discussions sans any reason/facts!

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 You are right. We love to discuss endlessly. It doesn't matter whether it is for low profile basic necessities or high profile endeavors like ABIDe. But I don't think you, me or anybody to that effect can do anything about it. We can only hope for some benefits from those ideological laced discussions.

You are right, at times many important threads go un-noticed. I am not sure whether it is due to members feel not the kind to pend time or just we have no time to spend on such issues which are dicey.

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Complete is dependent on the problem stmt

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I am just dumb founded to find that BBMP has considered these works to be completed

Your surprise basically summarizes the efforts. A broken slab was replaced with an unbroken one. Never mind that the unbroken one was of dinemsions that could trip the pedestrian. Same with the other cases. How can we expect anything else from our wonderful BBMP? What solution do they need that is not in the common sense books?

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More BBMP "solutions"

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 Here is another set of problems being solved. Decide for yourselves if the definition of the problem was correct? and if the solution to the defined problem actually made a material difference to the overall utility of the place or even put a permenant stop to the problem.

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What a Scoop !

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Tremendous revelations & great pictures of how the BBMP & it's many contractors work in tandem.

One also needs to question the general public for creating such heaps of garbage,  violations & misuse of public spaces - all it takes is one person throwing a loose brick or an empty soda can & others follow - soon, the garbage pile is "established" & thrives with more collection/s each day !

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