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New Airport in Palace Ground, J C Nagar !


I must thank all the participants on Praja blogs for providing me all the information on airports, terminal capacity, runways, ATC and more ever the information regarding how to obtain the regulatory licenses from GOK, GOI, MoCA, AAI, DGCA, BBMP, Environment and Police departments. Your esteem knowledge has helped me in preparing a project proposal for starting a new airport in Bangalore.

I have identified a central location in Bangalore to build a new airport right in middle of the city. Some of the highlights of this location is as follows:

  • Location - Palace Ground
  • Access to Palace Ground - It is well connected by well laid roads and railway lines all around it
  • Existing flat ground for Tarmac and airside operation - I am refering to Polo ground that already exists.
  • Existing mud path running from one end to othe other end and it is well hardened suitable for developing into a Runway.
  • TV Tower to be used for ATC operatiopns - Why should govt be involved in TV broadcasting business (It is Socialism)
  • All the access roads around it are being converted into signal free with "MAGIC Boxes".
  • Police Commissionerate is just in the Backyard of it for security operations at the airport
  • Existing railway line can be used for dedcated railway connectivity from City Station, R K Puram, Whitefield, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore East and Cantonment stations.
  • BMTC already runs its fleet all around its periphery
  • For Cargo, use the existing Postal depot located on right side of the Jayamahal Road just before the underpass.
  • The upgraded Cantonment Railway Booking facilities can be made use for Ticketing and Checkin.
  • DGCA I believe is very lienent in granting airport license. Example is BIAL.
  • Customs Clearance can be done in its offices at Infantry Road and goods to be picked up from the Postal Depot. Like in BIAL, customs papers are processed in HAL and then goods are picked from BIAL.
  • Since HAL ATC operators are right now are not fully occupied, would do the major work. Doordarshan employees can be asked to do the required on-site operations from Doordarshan kendar and its tower. Later on they would be certified as qualified ATC personnel.
  • All the Major 5 Star Hotels are in close proximity.
  • For medical emergencies, nursing homes and hospitals are located in all its 4 corners.
  • For convenience, my autorickshaw/taxi industry friends have agreed to run helicopter service from Vidhan Soudha for our busy law makers.

These are some of the highlights of this new airport plan. There is only one bottleneck in my plan. The no airport within 150 km of BIA rule. But after the AAI's report and recomendation to start the HAL airport commercial traffic, my sources tells me that it is only matter of days before this rule is struck down from BIAL CA agreement.

Friends let me know if I have missed anything in my plan for the new airport. Since you all have expertise in aviation and it allied industry, I look forward to your esteem suggestions and advice.


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Don't take it seriously...........


 Don't take this proposal seriously. Just a humorous post to draw the attention to our poor regulation infrasttructure in India. nothing more than this.


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Thank god! Its a joke:)

You can never believe some of our esteemed patrons may start lobbying for it to happen :)) ROFL
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Oh my god, there are BMTC Bus stations too in the competetion

BMTC too have applied for airport licences to run airports on the back yards of their bus stations :)


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New aiport at JC nagar.

hi SS,

Not humor, but black humor!!!! In very bad taste. I assume you are an expert on airports. I am willing to take you as the partner and you be the CEO a.l.a Mr.Brunner!!!


You are not aware, that Kingfisher's New A330 is already there at HAL airport for the past ten days as BIAL had problems in accomodating the aircraft for long duration.

So much for a big and fantastic INTERNATIONAL??? airport and its capacity.

Some more airlines have approached HAL for night parking as BIAL has refused parking.

BIAL  at the moment have given night parking for almost the same number of aircraft as HAL airport plus three or four more.

No night halt for smaller aircraft, for lack of parking space.

NOW who should you be mocking??? think hundred times before you try some humor.

You dont understand that, new infrastructure is being created to close down the existing ones.(thanks to the 150 km clause)

BIAL is not only saturated on the landside but on the airside too.

Use this forum to push to reopen the HAL airport instead of mocking it!!!


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Yuvaraj ..........Mocking HAL !


 FYI, I am not an Aviation expert or nor I claimed to be one. My expertise is in different area. Also I do not claim to be one with lot of connections with AAI, HAL airport personnel etc. Therefore you can disqualify me for the post.

 Coming to your basic claim of mocking HAL, I urge you to read the original post once again. There is nothing in the post that mocks HAL airport or any of it. The post is all about poor state of "Regulation" in airport infratstructure.

Actually if you read carefully, you would agree that if the MoCA/DGCA/AAI had done their job honestly, you and me would not arguing whether B'lore got the airport it needed or not.

Here when I refer AAI/DGCA/MoCA, I am referring those Babu's who have been placed on position to safe gaurd the public interests. It is not referring to ordinary souls in those departments who slog day and night for all the misadventures of their officers and their ploitical bosses.

So pls read the original post once more.

 W.r.t lobbying for re-opening HAL, I have a different views. I would rather spend my energies to see that BIAL scales upto the needs of the Bangalore that you have described with such minute details. If you think re-opening HAL is the solution for Bangalore's aviation needs, pls go ahead and continue your fight. My best wishes are with you. Really I don't mind if HAL is re-open or not. I am fine with either case. But I am not fine with BIAL not expanding to the needs of Bangalore.


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Hi Yuvaraj, 

The IT bird will shortly be in the air most of the time and probably AMS will be seeing it very often ->  And just a side note(specific to the A330 case, you might be aware that UA 777s came into the possesion of AI, before before sitting in the desert..can't rember whether it  was in Arizona or the Mojave desert). Have you considered the cost aspect of parking this currently non operation jet in a major operational airport like BOM/DEL/BLR?

>Some more airlines have approached HAL for night parking as BIAL has refused >parking.

Interesting that BIAL is refusing overnight parking, could you please point us to a link that carries that story? I would like to learn more.

And, just fyi.. pick any 2 major airports A and B; if A(total parking stands) > B(total parking stands) but A(night parking) almost = OR lesser than B(night parking); A doesn't become "saturated" based on just that(and would be quite a suprising statement). What matters is whether A or B have adequate parking bays to handle number of flights into and out of the airport adequately.  (Note - I am considering a similar mix of aircraft in A and B)

All you have to do is ask Wink ..if you need HAL to be reopened..and probably petition the court, aviation facts don't seem to matter anyways.

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I got to see your post about my humour on Syeds post. Well I agree with Syed. I was not mocking anything here its just to highlight how our system can turn tables with out logic. I am not lobbying for anything here. My only interest is in Bangalore with a world class international airport that supports our states and citys growth.

You have to know one point - that I never spoke about HAL or BIAL it was just the way our esteemed govt agencies behave with a humourous twist.

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airport at JC nagar


Sorry, I was only trying to point out some facts.

Anyways I think we should stop this airport threads and probably concentrate more on the urgent things required in bangalore like, security, civic problems, traffic management etc.,

Praja appears to be the most read blog about Bangalore. Many government agencies are reading the blogs and some are likely to consult us.

Let Praja be what it is meant to be 'PRAJA'.

We should keep up the good work being done on this blog.


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