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Tarkovsky, Highway And Art

just thought we could take a ride with tarkovsky on the roads of tokyo and while at it get some fundas on cinema.

if not interested in fundas... the complete actual highway scene from tarkovsky's solaris is here.
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roads just 2 lanes

impressive video..probably 70' can be seen all it needs is 2 lane roads without junctions for smooth traffic..they have done everything with flyovers and tunnels..however having that for at grade roads should not be difficult with the design of proper exit and entry points and managing pedestrian traffic..

As said before, traffic around ulsoor lake, though 1 lane only, moves quite smooth with allour excited first time road users too!

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2 lanes

agree, two lanes is a lot of capacity. but talking of lanes, as naveen said in his blog, heterogenity is the defining characteristic of our society. and we need to deal with it. for example, 12 feet lanes work in homogenous environments, should we do 6 feet lanes so that they serve as better guides for our bikes, autos (4.5 feet wide) and small cars(5.5 feet)? buses can legally be allowed to occupy 2 lanes. would it be a more meaningful lane marking scheme for us?
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Design philosophy....

Really great and thought provoking video that!

I think in general, here are some of the aspects that should constitute and influence road design philosophy. BTW, its not an original, meaning, I don't claim to have created it and some might have been borrowed. Please feel free to add.

1. Less number of lanes with no junctions is better than more lanes with junctions

2. Traffic flows like air. If there are obstructions, the flow is disturbed (rules of aerodynamics apply to traffic flow)

3. Narrowest part of a stretch determines the through-put of traffic on that stretch (rules from packet network)

4.  The overall speed of the vehicles is a function of the slowest vehicle in the system

I'll add more as and when it strikes me... 

-- navshot
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japanese cars..

traditinally cars in india have had a japanese influence..their Keijidosha class of cars share the same wheel base as our zen/wagonr..hence learning from how japanese do it would have been easier..

However we have now graduated into fullbodied cars..where our local hatchback, indica, is much more wider.. So I am afraid we cannot look at that angle! 

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Discovery Channel Programs

When i was abroad, i used to watch couple of programs like Kings of Construction, Mega Structures etc on Discovery. These programs used to show major construction in major cities like Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Metro constructions etc.. It highlighted the problems faced and the time duration taken for project and so on. These programs used to be telecasted in prome time so that people could watch and appreciate. But in India prime time programs in Discovery are Ganges, Discovering India and so on .. We donot need as we all seen it and would be covered in other programs and regional channels. Is this a conspiracy, to mask such programs from prime time so that Indian people donot get see whats happening in other countries. If some one from Discovery channel, is reading this post, can they answer this question????? As you have highlighted media in this post, this came to my mind. This video posted is very good. I think if Dicovery channel teelcasts the above programs mentioned then you would be able to see more of them.... comment guidelines

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