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Bad News : ATC not ready, new airport will take off 2-4 weeks late

The Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) has hit a major air pocket. The inauguration of the new airport — scheduled for March 30 — will be delayed by 2-4 weeks as per recommendations of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
“The airport will not open on the scheduled opening date. Even the civil aviation minister has agreed to the postponement,” said ministry sources.
The new inauguration date will be announced within a week. “Another meeting is expected on Tuesday in which the DGCA and the Airports Authority of India will present another report,” the sources said.
In a report to the ministry on Monday, the DGCA said certain safety norms at the airport are not up to the standards, especially those of the ATC tower. The new airport is expected to handle 480 movements a day in summer and close to 550 a day in winter.
A senior official in Delhi corroborated this: “Several things are not in place yet, the most important of which is the ATC. Hence, the airport cannot be operational. The commissioning has been postponed by 2-4 weeks depending on how much time the developers take to finish their work.’’
“Certain equipment required for the proper functioning of the ATC has not been put in place. Once this is done, one would need more time to test it,” said DGCA sources.
The decision is the outcome of a joint inspection conducted on Friday by the officials of the ministry, AAI and DGCA. The officials were not fully satisfied with the infrastructure, particularly the ATC tower.
BIAL officials were unavailable for comment. BIAL CEO Albert Brunner is out of the country. PM Manmohan Singh, who had agreed to inaugurate the airport on March 30, is said have changed his schedule.
The 33-month timeframe for the airport to be completed was decided keeping in mind that the airport would become operational for the summer season.


Courtesy : Times Of India dt 11-3-2008.

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I was very disappointed by

I was very disappointed by hearing this news.....very bad
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Vested Interests

It looks like the forces are in action full time here. The lobby behind the HAL airport continuation seems to be pretty strong. I may sound pretentious but HIAL has never ever seen such comments from the ministry. Is it the congress backing working overtime on such things? Unfortunately, the state cannot put a point across in the current political context. It does not take 33 months for the ministry to notice that there are only 25 ATC's instead of 70 and make this point a show stopper at the nth moment. Not sure where all this is going

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BIAL CEO, Mr. Albert Brunner refutes these delay news ......

March 11, 2008

Bengaluru International Airport to commence operations on March 30, 2008

In response to media reports on the postponement of the airport opening date of Bengaluru
International Airport, BIAL has confirmed that it will begin operations on March 30, 2008 as

BIAL demonstrated airport readiness with the successful flight trials conducted on March 7,
2008. During the trials, BIAL had committed to delivering the new international airport to the
city of Bangalore on March 30, 2008, while the inauguration is scheduled for March 28, 2008.

“We have not received any information validating newspaper reports,” said Albert Brunner,

About Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL)
BIAL is a Public Limited Company under Indian Companies Act formed to build, own and
operate Bangalore‘s Greenfield private sector-owned and operated airport – the Bengaluru
International Airport. Private promoters hold a 74% stake in BIAL while the State holds the
remaining 26%. Spread over 4000 acres, with an investment of Rs 2470 crores, the Bengaluru
International Airport will have the capacity to handle eleven million passengers in its first
year of operation. The airport will handle a future passenger capacity of up to 50 million.

For any clarification, please contact
Anjana Kher Murray/ Monica Mascarenhas Prabhu
Bangalore International Airport Ltd.,
118, Gayathri Lakefront, Outer Ring Road,
Hebbal, Bangalore - 560024, India.
Phone: +91 80 2354 0000
E-Mail: or

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Ridiculous that these issues

Ridiculous that these issues are coming up at this time. The ATC issue, connectivity issue should have been thought about long time ago. This is not a kid's high school project thats going on. The newspapers too seem to be on an overtime, reporting these drawbacks now.

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bial source

thanks syed for that. the link is broken can you repost the link? no mention of any of this on bial website too.
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What trials?

Is BIAL's expected traffic limited to 4 flights in about an hour??

Landing newspersons, officials who i am sceptical went to baggage claim, IMO doesn't fit a real world scenario. Lets say for argument purposes this covered arrivals, what about departures?, have they exercised the systems involved in departures?

I am not for HAL to co-exist as an international aiport, it could possibly take the domestic load but then there needs to be a lot of international flights for BIAL to break even, which is not the case currently.

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BIAL Refutes the media anouncements.........

Try this link .........


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It is POLITICS & UNION's Strong arm tactics

The reported delay attributed to ATC not being fully ready is pure politics and strong arm atctics of ATC staff who do not want to move to the new airport (BIAL). Don't believe it........Then read this from news item appeared in DNA India.......

DNA India Reports.........Various sources have been expressing doubts over the preparedness of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the new airport, saying that the Airports Authority of India (AAI), which handles the ATC at Indian commercial airports, would need more time for commissioning it.

However, SpiceJet Ltd executive VP, flight operation, J S Dhillon said that generally 15 days were enough for the calibration of ATC equipment at any new airport.

“Generally, it does not take more than 2-3 weeks for the calibration of equipments installed at the ATC. In my view, it (postponement) has nothing to do with the readiness of the ATC but the reluctance of the airport staff to move to the new airport, which is very far from the city,” said Dhillon.

Corroborating his view, a GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL) spokesperson said that the ATC at the new Hyderabad airport- Rajiv Gandhi International Airport - was ready in about three weeks of the handover of the ATC tower to the AAI.

“AAI took over the tower in the third week of February. They purchased all the equipments and recruited manpower at the ATC,” said a GHIAL spokesperson.

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BIAL Website Home page has been updated..........

The home page for BIAL Website has got updated. Looks nice.

Also there were few new photoes. 

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BIAL goes on offensive

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I see some plants...nice.

What's up with the small propellor plane, i bet that could have landed at Jakkur airport or any flat ground. Not sure what systems they tested when this plane landed...hehe

I know, i know i am being too sarcastic. In all seriousness this is a really big step in the right direction, i just wish it wouldn't have taken 16 years for this to happen but it's finally here.. Yipee !!!



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something more ...

there is something more than what we are all thinking is going on. it is very very curious that things have to come to the this. last week of oct BIAL announced the dates. and only in the second week of march does it come out that ATC equipment has not arrived, and required number of ATC's are not trained? yuvaraj mentioned that there was no parallel hiring. but was it bial's deal? wasn't the 13% stake holder AAI supposed to be incharge of the atc? i want to know who was responsible for the deal bial or aai. the date itself is not a concern, but the fact that somebody out there is pulling strategic punches is problematic. one thing is apparent, shifting to bial rocks a whole lot of boats.
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ram somaiah

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It is politics mixed with our legacy of government jobs

Don't believe it...........Then read this article from TOI............

Political cloud over take-off
14 Mar 2008

Anil Kumar M & Anshul Dhamija , TNN

BANGALORE: There is a strong political hand overlooking the opening of Bengaluru International Airport (BIA). The Centre, on Thursday, officially communicated to Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) that it should consider an opening date after May 10 - which coincides with the planned state elections.

State Congress leaders are believed to have pressurised the Centre to postpone the opening date. By way of a response to the Centre, the BIAL issued a press release on Thursday, proposing May 11 as the opening date.

Karnataka Congress leaders met the prime minister a couple of days back, urging that HAL airport be retained for a few months till connectivity problems with respect to BIA are resolved. Meanwhile, the party high command is personally overseeing developments and is in touch with the civil aviation minister.

If connectivity issues are resolved soon, Congress expects to use it as a political weapon against JD (S) and BJP. Congress would like to argue that their joint government merely proceeded on setting up BIA without doing anything about how to reach it.

Delimitation is also weighing on the minds of the state party leadership. Bangalore urban district will have 28 assembly constituencies as a result of this exercise, against 16 at present. A botched opening can backfire for the party, just as a successful exercise can enable it to score over its rivals. The fact that BIA, unlike its counterpart in Hyderabad, will charge user fees from domestic passengers from Day One does not inspire political confidence.

A blame game is also being played out at the Centre, between Congress-led UPA and BJP-led NDA. Congress is blaming NDA for inking deals for the new airports at Bangalore and Hyderabad with private parties. "In future we will not enter into deals where we have to close down old infrastructure," a source close to the civil aviation minister said.

Meanwhile, the ostensible reasons being offered for a delayed opening are quite different. Stating that facilities within the ATC tower are not complete, the Centre has dashed off a letter directing BIAL to "consider a suitable date after May 10 for the airport opening". The earlier inauguration date for BIA was March 30.

"As ATC services will not be available by March 30, the date has to be put off," the letter said.

The civil aviation ministry, which only the other day said the airport opening would be put off by four weeks or the last week of April, seemed to change tack. It pointed out that construction of ATC facilities - control tower, technical block, office accommodation of AAI personnel and issues like electricity supply, house-keeping, air-conditioning - prompted it to ask the BIAL to fix a date after May 10.

BIAL made its frustration with the ministry’s actions amply clear: "We are clearly disappointed with this delay, especially as our employees and all our partners have been working tirelessly to launch BIA on schedule on March 30. This delay is beyond the control of BIAL. To mark the successful readiness of airport infrastructure, BIAL will hold an event to showcase the new airport on March 28."

While all central government agencies responsible for the performance of key functions at the airport had confirmed their readiness for March 30, Airports Authority of India expressed reservations about ATC being ready by that date.
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This was expected

I just cannot believe how public work and infrastructure has become a mockery with our system. All for elections.. huh - what more .. if the elections are right around 2nd week of may it may get postponed again to wait until some body gets majority to form the govt.
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Updates on Flight Calibration !

IA: Flight calibration to commence today
By Rasheed Kappan, DH News Service, Bangalore:
The much-awaited flight calibration process will finally commence at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) in Devanahalli on Saturday.

A fully equipped Dornier aircraft owned by the Airports Authority of India arrived at the airport on Friday, preparing the ground for the highly crucial calibration procedure.

Over the next two days, the fully equipped AAI aircraft will fix the parameters and carry out the calibration process for the navigational aid and landing procedures.

Six hours flight

“Two to three technical officers from AAI will be inside the aircraft testing the various equipment. If everything goes well, the process will take six hours of flying. It would have to be tested for various distances and heights, around the runways and in circles,” a top airport official explained to Deccan Herald.

The calibration flight is equipped to measure technical parameters related to the Communication, Navigation, Surveillance — Air Traffic Management (CNS-ATM) equipment, all attached to the ATC. After the flight, the equipment is placed in hot standby mode for a thousand hours. Only on completion of this period (about 42 days) is the CNS-ATM fully operationalised.

This was one critical reason why the launch of the Airport was postponed, since the original launch date of March 30 gave barely anytime for AAI personnel to get familiarised with the ATC equipment.

AAI will carry out a second round of the calibration flights if required, after the parameters are readjusted. Once the calibration is assessed and found to be perfect, different airlines will be asked to carry out their trial runs. Only then will the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) promulgate the landing charts for the new airport, and testify the preparedness of BIA’s ATC, highly placed sources said.

It is learnt that the AAI was confident of completing the entire process by May 10, in time for the airport’s revised launch date of May 11.

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ATC problems continue

Flight simulator at new airport not ready yet
V. Sridhar, The Hindu
*UPS unit will take three to four days to arrive
*Controllers need 45 days’ training on simulator

The flight simulator at the new airport at Devanahalli remains idle as the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit that powers it has not yet arrived. Sources at BIA told The Hindu that the UPS unit may take another “three or four days” to arrive.

This means that the controllers at Air Traffic Control(ATC), which acts as the brain of an airport, will have to wait a little longer before they can use the equipment meaningfully.

The air traffic controllers reiterated their contention that they would be ready to handle operations only 45 days after the simulator starts functioning.

A senior controller said the simulator was critical at the new airport because it “is unlike any other airport in India.”

He pointed out that each controller has to be “rated”, which is location-specific. This means that every controller, however experienced he/she may be, has to be rated at the specific location he/she will man after training.

“Since the Devanahalli airport is brand new, there are currently no controllers who are rated at this location.” Since there are no flight movements yet at Devanahalli, training on the simulator is the only way they can learn, he said.

The controllers said that several features peculiar to the new airport made their task more difficult.

For instance, one controller, posted here recently after a stint in Mumbai, said the air traffic at the two other airports in Bangalore — the HAL airport and the Indian Air Force station at Yelahanka — were likely to leave little “room for manoeuvre” while handling air traffic at Devanahalli. He said “adequate training on the simulator will ensure that we are better prepared.”

if this was so serious and so many protocols were to followed what the hell where they doing all these days?
so how did they learn all this and more at HIAL? since the ATC is rated the same for both, how come procurement of one went smoothly but not the other? whats going on? why is the AAI dragging its foot like this?

I also want to know, just how many flight movements go on at yelahanka/day. and if you take commercial aircrafts how many will go on at HAL.

also, since there is "little room for manoeuuvre" does it mean a full fledged airports at HAL and BIAL is a serious safety risk?

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More ATC problems (Updated)

Controllers apprehensive about air safety at Devanahalli airport V. Sridhar Safety standards are up to international standards, says BIAL There is only one lift to the 20-storeyed tower Controllers say the runway lacks central lights For an airport that was to commence operations in March, now postponed to May, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility ought to have been up and running. Instead, on a mid-March morning, just six weeks away from the date of commissioning of the airport, chaos reigns at the ATC facility at the international airport in Devanahalli. Whiling away time Highly skilled controllers, instead of working at their consoles, are counting tables and chairs and discussing the blinds that should be put on the windows to prevent light from falling directly on the screens that will monitor traffic at the airport. That the BIAL missed the March deadline is well known, but has it also cut corners? Controllers are apprehensive about air safety at the new airport. For example, there is just one lift to the 20-storeyed Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. A senior controller posted at the new airport since December said that in the event of its breakdown controllers would have to climb 20 floors. This could “disorient” a controller. “How can he respond appropriately in an emergency,” he asked. Controllers with heart ailments and other health disorders would find it impossible to make the steep climb. He pointed out that the ATC at the new airport at Shamshabad in Hyderabad is equipped with two lifts. ‘Standards met’ In response to a specific question posed by The Hindu about employees’ apprehension that a single lift at the ATC may compromise safety, Albert Brunner, CEO of BIAL, said, “Care has been taken to ensure that safety standards are met as per international standards.” He said the various buildings within the airport “have been built after taking approvals from the respective authorities”. Runway lighting Controllers at Devanahalli also said the runway lacked central lights, which are embedded along the centre of the runway, to aid visual navigation by pilots as they land or take off. These are considered state of the art in new airports and have been provided at the Hyderabad airport. They also complained that the non-availability of turning pads at the ends of the runway, which aid manoeuvring of aircraft, was another example of “cost cutting”. A senior controller told The Hindu that the approach control area of the ATC, which is the area from where controllers guide approaching airborne aircraft, is about one-fifth the size of the facility in the new airport at Hyderabad. It is expected that controllers may have to handle at least 420 movements a day (each arrival or departure of an aircraft is considered a “movement”). There are just two rest rooms, one measuring about 50 sq. ft and another measuring about 150 sq. ft, for the more than 30 controllers at the airport. While the first room has barely enough room for one person, the second can accommodate three cots. Each controller is entitled to four hours of rest after a shift, pointed out one controller. “This is a high pressure job. That has escaped the attention of those at the helm,” he said.
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blame game

BIAL blames AAI for delay at new airport The Hindu The CEO of the BIAL, Albert Brunner, said that the AAI is responsible for the delayed installation of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility at Devanahalli. In response to questions posed by The Hindu, he said, “It is the responsibility of our partner, the AAI, to select, purchase and install the equipment.” Unlike in Hyderabad, where the ATC was already being handled by the AAI, in Bangalore, the services were being provided by the HAL, Mr. Brunner pointed out. Time for training He said the ATC controllers, employed by the AAI at Devanahalli, “will need to have enough time for training to get familiarised with the new conditions”. In response to a query about whether the BIAL considered operating out of HAL as a limited-period measure, Mr. Brunner said, the decision to stick to operating from Devanahalli was taken “after having considered all options”. Capacity In response to apprehensions that the new terminal may not have adequate capacity, especially in comparison to the new airport at Hyderabad, he said the terminal “can handle a peak hour demand of approximately 2,733 passengers”. He said, “We can easily handle an annual traffic volume of approximately 12 million passengers.” Mr. Brunner said the master plan for the new airport had been developed “to fulfil the need for an operationally efficient and passenger-friendly airport for Bangalore”. He said, the modular structure of the building is meant to accommodate the growing number of passengers expected in Bangalore.” The capacity can be “extended in various, easy steps,” he said. He said the airport’s “simple and repetitive structure with generous span allows for the airport functions and commercial areas to be laid out efficiently and flexibly.”
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BIAL disaster

Cant believe these FU#*#*#*# cannot build a safe airport for the Silicon Valley of India. Why is that when we do projects for Americans, we do it "on time" with utmost care and respect, but when it comes to our own people, our own projectm, we dont give a shi* ? We dont give a SHi* about the safety of the Air passengers "OR" the Air controllers who are the most important staff of the airport ? 2 friggin bathrooms for 40 people ? which moron decided on that ? One elevator ? When I visit Bangalore, if I were to get in some sort of disaster, I pray that i die. If I am injured and still alive, I will be going after the Designers of BIAL.
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Be decent

Dear sap501us, we appreciate your concern on the airpost infrastructure. But we would be glad if you could use a more acceptable language next time. Praja users come from various backgrounds and decent language is the best way to communicate well with all of them. Thanks in advance. -Admins
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Dont't get frustrated or Carried away ..........


 Let's not get frustrated with the glaring inadequecies in BIAL's design and infrastructure. We should be glad that ATC and its operators will get reasonable time to fine tune their equipments and operations before the airport starts.

Also if there are any shortcomings or inadequecies, it is not the end of the road. These can be corrected or build new ones if it requires. Yes it costs. But that's life. It is public which pays for the mistakes and casual attitude of the officers in authorities.

Mind it, AAI is also a 13% shareholding partners in the BIAL venture and if the ATC design was in adequate AAI should have taken BIAL CEO Albert Brunner for task. 

If we really care, it is time we file for all information from AAI under RTI act. It costs Rs. 10 (Ten Rupees Only). Here is the info on how to file for information under RTI.



Contact details of PIO (Principal Information Officer) of AAI:

T. Premnath, G.M (Public Relations)

Corporate HQ,

Airports Authority of India

Room # 331, 3rd Floor,

R G Bhawan

Safdarjung Airport


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Its sad to note that BIAL did not take care of some basics like a larger terminal - 71000 Sq ft terminal is too small for an International airport of this size. I can still recall how Mr Brunner had defended the size of the terminal itself with time constraints. If hyd did it in the same time why could we in Blore not have it? Design I still think can get a face lift.. thats a whole different topic. I am curious to see how does the airport look from above? If some of you get a chance to tour it "terminal to tarmac" tour please take ariel view pics and post them on here.

I still think BIAL can fix the ATC issue in terms of adding more elevators and bigger bathrooms - if they had build a multi story ATC like it is in most of the big airports the issue of space would never have been a problem. - Its still not impossible. I am sure if they cover the whole pillar (which looks like iron railings as is) with some design elements it will add to the aesthetics of the tower and also make it more functional...

Hope there are enough restrooms inside the terminal for our passengers and their friends :) also I would wish we all use them sensibly and take ownership to cleanliness as our first priority.
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Sample of RTI application ....


Below is a contents of RTI application which I would be submitting to AAI for the information on process / facts on ATC operationalization at HIAL. That would give an idea whether BIAL lived upto the requirements or not. Also I would be submitting a separate application for BIAL. 

Please feel free to use as is.


To:       Shri P. Premnath,

General Manager and PIO (RTI)

Corporate Headquarter

Airport Authority of India

Room # 331, 3rd Floor,

R G Bahwan

Safdarjung Airport

New Delhi - 110003


Date:   March 212008


Sub:     Information regarding the clearance and operation of ATC at new international airport of Hyderabad at Shamshabad location.


Dear Sir,

In few days, the new international airport at Hyderabad city is going to be functional commercially. It is indeed a good news and beginning of a new chapter in civil aviation in India. It has come to my attention thru the news media that there are discrepancies in requirements that were applied for operationalising of the Air Traffic Control centers at new airport in Hyderabad. In this respect, I would like to use the Right to Information Act to ascertain the following w.r.t New International Airport in Hyerdabad at Shamshabad location:


  1. What is the shareholding percentage of the AAI in new airport project of Hyderabad?
  2. What is the role of AAI in the new airport?
  3. Who will man the ATC in terms of AAI employees or private contractors?
  4. What was involvement of AAI in design, construction and approval of ATC buildings and infrastructure?
  5. Are there any standards and requirements for ATC facilities in terms of square footage, Lifts/elevators, No. of toilets, dormitory etc?
  6. If yes, did the new airport comply with all the standards and requirements?
  7. How many times the AAI did inspect the new airport facilities including ATC buildings during and after completion of construction?
  8. Did AAI give any written approval to the new airport indicating that the facilities confirm to the AAI requirements?
  9. When did the project executor GMR handed over the ATC building to AAI?
  10. Who was responsible for procurement, installation, testing, calibration and final approval for commercial use of ATC equipments and accessories?
  11. When did the orders for ATC equipment were placed and when did they were received at the site?
  12. Who was involved in the installation of above said equipment?
  13. When did the installation of above said equipment start and when was it completed?
  14. Does the new airport have enough controllers who are “rated”? How many?
  15. When the ATC controllers got recruited/transferred to new airport location?
  16. When did they start training and when did all of them got “Rated” at new airport?
  17. In absence of air traffic at Shamshabad airport, how did the ATC controllers got trained? Did they use any simulators?
  18. If answer to the above question is yes, how many hours/days they trained on simulator before they were certified/rated for operation.
  19. Are there any standards and requirements for training on simulators in terms of minimum hours / days for the ATC controllers?
  20. Are there any standards and requirements for “Hot-Standby” process for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance-Air Traffic Management (ATM-CNS) system? If so what are they?
  21. When did the process of “Hot-Standby” for ATM-CNS system period get started at new airport?
  22. When did the above said process get completed?
  23. When did the ATM-CNS get fully operationalised?


A detailed answer to each of the question would be highly appreciated and would help ordinary people like me to discount any fears or apprehension of any compromises in Aviation security and safety of airline passengers by AAI.


I request you to kindly look into this matter. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Thanking you and I remain,


Yours Sincerely,


<Your Name>

<Your Address> 

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samshabad is in delhi?

'Fly-in and out' airlines error..this time made a mess of landing at the HIAL..instead headed to Delhi for what ever reasons and then to Mumbai! 

Sounds comical but what about the plight of few hundred passengers..some/most travelling from/to across US. They dont land and so do the people who had to flyout!

This is a learning for us in Blr now..BIA should be very careful to keep all folks informed!

Btw the pilots may then wonder where to land..Jakkur/Yelahanka/BIA landing strip! :P 

narayan82's picture


BIAL should be closely monitoring what HIAL is doing wrong..this way we can avoid the same mistakes and make it a smooth transition - anymore hiccups can do un wrong... If you look at HIAL Vs BIAL - HIAL is greater in square feet - this is because the main terminal building also includes administration and airline offices. At BIAL these offices are in the adjacent buildings.As I understand. Hence even though there is such a large difference in square feet floor area - the no. of passengers each hold are almost the same. again have alook at BIAL's master plan as opposed to HIAL's - BIAL is a lot bigger - and in figures it is 10 million people more. The horizontal seperation is the main reason why...
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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ATC-still no signal

AAI flights develop snag at BIA
Rasheed Kappan, DH News
With the radar simulator not yet in place to train air traffic controllers and the calibration flights developing snags, the Airports Authority of India and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation are engaged in a race against time to meet the May 11 rescheduled launch date for commercial operations at the Bengaluru International Airport.

The simulator equipment was to be installed by March 5. The deadline was extended to March 20. But till Monday, there was no indication when the critical radar simulator facility would be ready for training. “At this rate, the May 11 deadline would be ‘touch and go.’ The controllers will need at least 45 days’ training on the simulator,’” a top airport official told Deccan Herald.

Sources said the software for the radar simulator had not even reached Devanahalli. Training would be easy in a running airport, not in a simulated environment. Thus the need for 45 days, explained an airport source.

Calibration process
Meanwhile, the calibration process for various Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment at BIA was hit after the AAI aircraft reportedly developed a snag. The Dornier aircraft had carried out several flight sorties on March 13 and 14, but the pilots left after the snag. “There are some gaps. The process will take some more time. There is also a problem of getting pilots,” said an official.

While the calibration for the Doppler High Frequency Omni Radar was completed, the process for the Instrument Landing System was pending, sources said. Once the various ATC equipment are calibrated, they have to be switched on and kept in hot standby mode for 1,000 hours to help the personnel get adequately familiarised with the process.

Hyderabad incident
A KLM Dutch airline pilot’s difficulty in finding the new Shamshabad airport in Hyderabad on Sunday has brought the air safety issue back in sharp focus. The pilot had reportedly failed to get the NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) about the closure of the old Begumpet airport and the Sunday launch of the new Shamshabad airport.

In the light of this episode, DGCA would have to make sure that it gets adequate time to issue a worldwide AIRAC-NOTAM, a standard requirement to alert pilots globally about a new permanent aeronautical facility, much before BIA becomes commercially operational.

No airport can be commissioned before this notice becomes part of the Jeppessen Chart, a very critical document mandatorily carried by pilots worldwide.

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Airport security

BIA to be best guarded airport

Bala Chauhan, DH

Not just hi-tech, but also the best secured airport in the country, is what the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) is aiming to become...

The HAL airport, which is presently being used in Bangalore, is rated as a hyper sensitive airport in India because of the perceived security risk. The tag will continue when the transition will occur, from the HAL airport to BIA in May this year. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which looks after the security aspects of the international airport is making sure that every aspect of security is taken care of and the protocol laid down by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) followed in letter.

The CISF will have three times as much manpower at the BIA. The current strength of the para military force at the HAL airport is around 330 personnel. This will be hiked to 1,000 armed and trained men for the BIA.

“We will draw the additional forces from the reserved strength of other airports and later, those vacancies will be filled up through recruitment process. We have asked for highly skilled and trained manpower, who will also be part of the quick response team (QRT). We also have a tie up with the National Security Guards (NSG),” said a senior CISF officer.

The security at the BIA is being discussed and monitored by the BCAS, the CISF and the airport operator — the Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL). “The BIA will have the latest explosive detectors including liquid explosives, hi-tech CCTVs, scanning machines, hand and door metal detectors etc. We will also have the latest communication gadgets like the print monitoring and receiving system (PMRS), through which messages will be relayed from the intercom to walkie talkie and vice versa,” said the source.

Entry of people besides passengers and airline and ground staff will be restricted. “Only a select part of the terminal will be open to visitors with tickets. We are getting the latest equipment to screen the baggage. There will be 13 baggage inspection systems; eight in the domestic and five in the international. Waiting time for the passengers will be reduced to a great extent. Presently there are six baggage screening counters at the HAL airport,” the officer added.

The apex governing body for airport security — the  International Civil Aviation Organisation, to which all countries are signatories has standard and recommended practices.

While the standard practices have to be strictly followed, the ICAO leaves it to the country to pick up from the recommended practices, which may be suitable to it “For the BIA we have taken up some of the recommended practices by the ICAO,” he said.

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Trumpet exchange 95% complete Engineers of Larsen and Toubro (L and T) said that about 95 per cent work of the trumpet interchange flyover loop on the road to Devanahlli is complete. “The deadline to complete the work was originally scheduled for March 28. It will now be ready by April 7. The road asphalting work will also be over in time, well ahead of the airport opening. The postponement of the airport opening has given us a breather,” they said. comment guidelines

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