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regarding peripheral ring road (PRR) - between Dobbaspet & Hosur


I came across a news item that a peripheral ring road is being planned between Dobbaspet & Hosur.

benefits to construction workers


I came across a news item in the DECCAN HERALD dated February 13, 2011 regarding benefits that are due by law to construction workers and which do not require any expenditure  on the part of the contractor or agency.

In fact, it is a win win situation for both the construction worker and the contractor

oasis of greenery waiting to be saved

Praja related


Large Tract of Green Land Waiting to be saved from being gobbled up

Integrity / Honesty Index

A lot of views & opinions are discussed and many novel suggestions made in Praja on various topics and issues; these are most welcome & moreover most of them are found to be very good in their intent and quality; however it needs to be introspected, if Praja members themselves practice their  own views & suggestions; in other words I&

Parking Space

I am posting this as a blog entry as it will be a very good suggestion if implemented. We see lot buildings sprouting everywhere in Bangalore. Henceforth BDA / BMRDA / BBMP and all Municipalities & Panchayats should ensure that any building is constucted so that sufficient parking space is available. for example:

Inter Modal Transit Terminal / Satellite Bus Terminus at Peenya

Public Transport

while the construction of an Inter Modal Transit Terminal or Satellite Bus Terminus at Peenya is welcome, i fail to understand why the parking space is only for 257 cars and 813 two wheelers

Cemented Roads

Laying of cemented roads: In order to have long lasting roads, all roads should be cemented roads. Only a thin layer of bitumen or fine cement should be used for surface smoothness. Such cemented roads will

Ideas for Bangalore - 2

Development of parks & gardens on either side of Devanahalli Airport Road:

Ideas for Bangalore

Segregation of Residential & Commercial Localities: The recent Cabinet decision for mixed zoning is highly deplorable. Occurrence of commercial activities in residential areas and vice versa will spoil the peace, tranquility and greenery of our lovely city and state lead to tremendous noise and dust pollution and disturb the peace of the neighborhood.This decision should be IMMEDIATELY REVOKED.

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